Jordan Peele’s Candyman Starting Production in August

Production on Jordan Peele’s take on Bernard Rose’s 1992 hit film Candyman begins in August. The original film is beloved by horror fans to this day and is considered a contemporary classic. Two sequels followed, but they weren’t regarded in the same manner as the original film, which starred Tony Todd as the titular villain. There has been little to no backlash towards the new project, but this can be credited to Peele’s involvement, since he has garnered a reputation in the horror genre due to his two successful film’s Get Out and Us.

Based on Clive Baker’s short story “The Forbidden,” the film follows graduate student Helen Lyle as she and her friend explore local myths and legends for a research paper. After doubting the existence of a legend called Candyman, Helen’s skepticism leads her to discover that he is more than just a myth. Candyman received critical acclaim for numerous reasons, particularly for tackling social issues and its love story. Peele will be penning his take on the classic film, producing it through his Monkeypaw Production company. It is being called a “spiritual sequel” to the original, but what that means is still unknown. Todd, who initially had mixed feelings about the project, will be participating as well.

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According to the Chicago Tribune, production on Peele’s Candyman will commence in Chicago next month. While the original 1992 film had some scenes shot on Los Angeles sound stages, Peele’s take will only be shot in the Chicago area. Specific filming locations were not revealed, but production is expected to begin mid-August and end in the fall.

No official plot details have been revealed for the film, but it is going to tackle the rise in toxic fandom and probably a multitude of other relevant issues. Candyman, a former slave, was an artist that was lynched by an angry mob for his relationship with a white woman. How exactly the toxic fandom will tie into the legend of Candyman is unclear. With Production set to begin in a few weeks, expect more details to be revealed regarding what the movie will be centered on. However, Lakeith Stanfield will reportedly play a character named Anthony, a name shared by a child who was kidnapped in Barker’s classic film. Perhaps Peele’s take will feature the same character trying to research the legend and avenge the death of Heather Lyle, the woman who saved his life.

With production set to begin, horror fans will have their first look at the new Candyman sooner rather than later. Peele is undoubtedly the right person to get a shot at expanding on the mythos of the titular villain, as the content of the original is right up his alley. His involvement is a big selling point for the project, and hopefully, he can resurrect the myth of Candyman properly.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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Eric Trigg

Ghostbusters 2020 Director Teases The Return Of The Ecto-1

Ghostbusters 2020 director Jason Reitman teased the return of the Ecto-1. Arguably one of the most instantly recognizable vehicles in cinema, the Ecto-1 was first unveiled in the original 1984 Ghostbusters. Constructed out of a transformed station wagon, both its siren and appearance instantly send Ghostbusters fans back to the 1980s.

With the somewhat recent announcement that the Ghostbusters would once again be setting off into the ongoing battle against supernatural forces, die-hard fans of the films are hoping that this third entry in the franchise is worth their time. Almost 30 years have passed since Ghostbusters II followed up on the success of the first film, and although a third film was repeatedly promised by co-creator Dan Aykroyd, numerous setbacks throughout the years (including the apparent reluctance of Bill Murray to get involved) have made the possibility of Ghostbusters 3 seem very remote. As all Ghostbusters fans also know, an attempt at taking the franchise in a different direction with 2016’s female-led Ghostbusters wasn’t much of a success.

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Now with Ghostbusters 2020 on its way, fans are once again feeling like perhaps they will get the sequel they’ve been hoping for. Jason Reitman, son of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II director Ivan Reitman, has been tight-lipped about exactly what this new Ghostbusters film will bring. Aside from some recently announced casting decisions, not much has been seen or heard about Ghostbusters 2020. Now, however, thanks to Reitman’s Instagram account, fans have a glimpse at the celebrated original Ecto-1, along with Reitman’s quip of, “You guys ready to get rolling?”

View this post on Instagram

You guys ready to get rolling?

A post shared by Jason Reitman (@jasonreitman) on

The image could be Reitman’s way of announcing that principal photography on Ghostbusters 2020 is about to begin, though this has yet to be officially confirmed. This isn’t the first time that fans have been teased by a look at the Ecto-1, either. Back in January, the film’s first official teaser arrived, showcasing bits of the famed Ghostbusters vehicle from beneath a tarp in a disused barn. Though it was strange to see the Ecto-1 outside of New York City and in a far more rural environment, it’s worth noting that Reitman’s Instagram account listed his location as Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has earlier been reported that Ghostbusters 2020 will be filming in June, in Calgary, meaning that filming has likely now officially kicked off.

Based on what little amounts of information we do have on Ghostbusters 2020, it’s clear that a new generation of Ghostbusters will be taking on the task of busting ghosts. Unfortunately for die-hard fans, what this means is that once again, the return of the original Ghostbusters in their own film is not in the cards. Still, Reitman’s connection to the series is far deeper than any fan’s could ever be, meaning that he carries with him the pressure of delivering something that is a fitting and suitable upgrade to a franchise that has entertained so many.

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Trailer Park Boys: 10 Things You Never Knew About Julian

He’s rough and tough and acts as protector of the trailer park where he lives. This is Julian, one of the main protagonists of Trailer Park Boys. The well-loved character is played by John Paul Tremblay, and he is best known for his close friendships with Bubbles and Ricky.

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As tough as he is, he is also the ‘brains’ of the park and this makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is able to problem solve, and there are many problems to be solved where he and his friends live! Here are 10 things ardent fans might not know about Julian from Trailer Park Boys:

10 The Initiator Of The Mockumentary

Unless viewers have watched the whole series from episode 1, they might not be aware that Julian is the character who began the whole mockumentary, or from his perception, ‘documentary’, of his life in the trailer park. What happened was he received a premonition from a seedy fortune teller forecasting he was going to die soon. Thereafter, he became a little paranoid, wanting the film crew to follow him around, documentary-style. Needless to say, nothing happened but the camera and crew remained… and the mockumentary continues…

9 A New Years Baby

Julian arrived with all the bells and whistles of the dawn of the new year in 1968. He was born on 1 January as the oldest of three boys.

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The date of his birthday is a bit like his character – upfront and front of the line. Julian is arguably the protector of the trailer park where he lives and among his friends, could be considered the ‘alpha’ male. For this reason, a birthday on 1 January is suitable for the unconventional leader.

8 A Tough Upbringing

How did Julian come to be in the trailer park and what made him as tough and edgy as he is? He had a difficult start to life, having been brought up by an abusive father, who was often drunk and was somewhat of an alcoholic. At five years of age, he forced Julian to shoot his own dog for having an accident on the family’s carpet. He abandoned Julian when he was just six years old. This makes for a story as unglamorous as the trailer park which Julian calls home.

7 Dance Like No-One Is Watching

Not every man warms to the idea of being compared to screen legend Patrick Swayze, and Julian is one of these men. His pet peeve is being compared to the slick-moved ’80s actor, who is known for his brilliant steps in Dirty Dancing, a movie best-loved by the ladies.

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Julian’s friend Bubbles likes to remind him of how he loved Dirty Dancing as a kid, and how he would imitate the actor’s slick dance moves as a child, when he thought no-one was watching.

6 Hobbies And Interests

If Julian had to list his hobbies and interests, drinking would more than likely appear as a list-topper. Viewers might have noticed that he is never without a drink in his hand. Still, the strong, muscular character would argue – quite convincingly – that he doesn’t have a drinking problem. Not like his father. In his opinion, he is far from being an alcoholic. Rather, he is more of a professional drinker; and when asked which drink he’d prefer, it’s usually rum and coke which feature top of his list.

5 Single But Not Ignorant

While he has been seen with numerous ladies and seems to attract them, despite his personal flaws, Julian is still single.

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He does, however, have lots of experience with the fairer sex, having had his fair share of flings. Viewers might be interested to learn that during high school, Julian had a relationship with Ricky’s girlfriend, Lucy. The brawny character seems to have had quite a history and it’s always interesting to learn what a colorful history his has been!

4 Criminal Tendencies

Much as Julian is in denial about his drinking problem, he seems to excuse away his criminal tendencies. He sees himself as the responsible one of his crew, and in many ways, he is looked up to by the other characters in the series, especially Bubbles. Still, he is what one could call ‘a career criminal’. He has been arrested as many times as his friend Ricky, and fans of the show would have realized that you won’t see Ricky commit a crime without Julian by his side.

3 A Big Heart

Many people think of Julian as being the toughest in the trailer park in Sunnyvale where he lives. It takes a true fan of his to know that really he is a softie with probably the biggest heart in the trailer park. As a child, he became a father figure to Bubbles, who was left without a family, and he continues this fatherly role towards the character. He also looks out for the others in the park. They look up to him because while he has big muscles, he also has a big heart.

2 A Checkered History

Julian has dated all kinds of women: the good, the bad, and the ugly. He has dated both a con artist and a policewoman – opposite extremes. Ironically, the said con artist lured him in by pretending to be a Christian missionary. She influenced him to help her steal dope plants and to this day, Julian berates himself for his ‘poor judgment’. He met the policewoman while she was inspecting the park and through their relationship, Julian’s friends were pardoned for some of their offenses. The relationship with her was ended when she arrested him! Definitely a dating history worth writing about.

1 Moral Fiber

Despite his controversial story, his criminal history, and his shady dealings, Julian does appear to have some kind of moral fiber. He clearly knows right from wrong, which is why others often seek him for advice and regard him as a father or authority figure. To give an example, in one episode where the trailer park residents were in trouble, he was the one who bought back the repossessed trailers of residents and organized for them to be fixed up. This was at no personal gain to himself and purely out of a sense of moral responsibility.

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Midsommar Director Confirms Director’s Cut With Extra 30 Minutes

Ari Aster has announced that a director’s cut with 30 more minutes is on the way for Midsommar, his sophomore feature, following last year’s widely successful psychological horror-thriller, Hereditary. The film has been regarded as one of the year’s scariest films.

Written and directed by Aster himself, Midsommar stars Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh as a couple who take a trip to Sweden to visit their friend’s hometown. At first, it seems that they are there to enjoy the annual mid-summer festival, but they eventually end up caught in the practices of a pagan cult. Pugh stars as Dani, a young woman who is struggling to find acceptance in the world as she joins her boyfriend Christian (Reynor) in Sweden with the rest of his friends. Aster has stated that at its core, Midsommar is a breakup film, but it’s easy to forget that once the viewer becomes ensnared by the insanity taking place in the Swedish village. And those that desired more from the film to make sense out of its bonkers ending may have something to look forward to, as Aster has announced an extended cut is on the horizon.

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During a recent Reddit AMA, Aster revealed that he was in the process of putting together a director’s cut, which would include thirty extra minutes of footage. The film’s first cut was three hours and forty-five minutes, which he trimmed down to its current theatrical release. He didn’t discuss what exactly would be added to the extended version, but it’s possible it can include sequences that bring clarity to some of the questions that left many moviegoers confused. After being asked about the potential of seeing a director’s cut, Aster responded stating:

“Working on extended cut now. Won’t be 1 hr 20 mins longer, but will be at least 30 mins longer.”

An extra thirty minutes watching Pugh take audiences on a very emotional trip into madness is just what horror fans need. Indeed, Midsommar is probably going to be remembered as this year’s most deranged film, but it is also beautifully structured and awe-inspiring to watch unfold. What Aster includes in the director’s cut is up to him and it probably won’t take away from how the film has been received, but it could strengthen the rift that exists between moviegoers and critics.

Once the director’s cut arrives, it will be interesting to see the conversation it sparks, if any. It is not yet known when fans can expect the director’s cut to arrive, but it could release alongside the theatrical cut, as a physical and digital selection. Those who thought Midsommar was disturbing enough as it is may be fine with the original, but for those that want to see what could have potentially been included, Aster seems more than happy to deliver.

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Source: Ari Aster/Reddit

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Dead To Me’s 10 Most Badass Feminist Quotes | ScreenRant

If you haven’t already indulged in the brilliant dark comedy-drama Dead to Me, this list might just change your mind. Starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, this drama is hilarious, tragic, suspenseful, and full of woman-awesomeness. The series follows Jen Harding (Applegate) after her husband is murdered in a hit-and-run. At a grief group, she meets Judy Hale (Cardellini), and the women then become each other’s rock. The show follows their growing friendship while Jen battles anger and grief, and Judy struggles with a dark and shocking secret. If you’re not already convinced, this powerful duo slays every episode with feminism, woman power, and sisterhood. These are the 10 best feminist quotes from the series – and we can’t thank creator Liz Feldman enough.

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10 Well, I think it’s an actual thing. I mean, not if a Republican is asking…

“Well, I think it’s an actual thing. I mean, not if a Republican is asking; but you heard a heart beat, and you fell in love with that heartbeat.”

Jen Harding delivers this brilliant quote that practically encompasses the entirety of the pro-choice movement. After Judy confesses that she feels grief after her five miscarriages, Jen steps in to remind her that her feelings are more than valid. This quote demonstrates how pregnancy and loss are a real, emotionally-tolling experience for a woman, and she has the right to feel however she chooses. On the other hand – no one can tell a woman what to do with her body, and as far as any government official is concerned, a woman’s body and reproduction is her own damn business.

9 For protection, you know? I’m the man of the house now…

Charlie: “For protection, you know? I’m the man of the house now.”

Jen: “I don’t know where you’re getting this patriarchal sh*t from, but you are not the man of the house, you are a child.”

Jen Harding strikes again when her son asks her for his dad’s gun. When cleaning out her late husband’s study, she is disgusted by the fact that he has a gun locked in his safe (extra points for anti-gun Jen), but Charlie asks to keep it.

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Jen is quick to shut down her 14-year-old son’s patriarchal belief that his father’s death means that he’s now in charge. No honey, Jen is in charge, and she’s the woman of the house.

8 And you expect me to believe that…

Charlie: “And you expect me to believe that?”

Judy: “Well, you’re playing a game where the women have watermelon boobs but can somehow run 80 miles an hour, so, I don’t know what you believe.”

Judy Hale joins this list with her dry, humorous stab at 14-year-old Charlie while he’s playing a popular video game. Although this quote is sure to make you laugh, it definitely tackles a deeper problem with popular culture, media, and society’s representation of women. Judy’s remark might make you wonder why exactly all women in video games wear almost no clothing, have huge boobs, and yet still fight like it’s no big deal? Maybe we all wish we could have watermelon boobs AND run 80 miles an hour, but the reality is, we can’t have everything.

7 There was something that Steve said that really bothered me…

Jen: “You know, there was something that Steve said that really bothered me – he said you were nuts.”

Judy: “Oh, yeah, it was practically my nickname.”

Jen: “No, but that’s not okay. Men call women nuts and crazy way too often just to undermine us.”

Steve and Judy’s relationship is perfectly written to demonstrate a man’s power and desire to undermine a woman, and Steve checks off all the boxes of a first-class douchebag. In conversing with Jen, Steve is quick to call Judy nuts, and we see this as a recurring theme throughout the series.

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However, Jen is just as quick to ensure that Judy knows that this is less than acceptable. While Judy helps Jen with her grief, Jen helps Judy find her backbone and learn that Steve has nothing over her.

6 I get that you’re upset, but don’t be a woman who blames the woman

After (slight spoiler) Jen finds out that her late husband, Ted, had been sleeping with a younger woman, Jen is quick to call her names and insult her. Judy reiterates that all women are stronger together, and it is no one’s fault but her husband’s – he was in a committed relationship, not Bambi (her name makes it a bit tough, we get it). Media is more than guilty of pinning strong women against another, but Dead to Me isn’t having any of that. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “we all know now, we all got crowns.”

5 Judy is not coming back

Jen: “Judy is not coming back. I mean, it’s not like you ever let her live in this house to begin with.”

Steve: “You don’t have a f***king clue what you’re talking about; you barely know her.”

Jen: “Maybe, but I get her.”

After Judy feels trapped in her relationship with Steve, she can’t seem to find the strength to get out. Jen steps up to lay down the law to Steve, and we’ve never seen such a more powerful display of female friendship.

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Jen helps her friend when she needs her, but also stands up for Judy’s character and for their relationship. Women get women on a whole other level – and we’re loving that these two are supporting the hell out of each other.

4 Repeat after me: I am not broken

But you need to stop the self-talk that there is something wrong with you, with your body. Stop shaming yourself. Repeat after me: I am not broken.

During a group grief therapy meeting for women and men who have experienced miscarriages and infertility, this powerful quote embodies everything we want all couples struggling to know. This scene is exceptionally powerful, as the entire group joins in to chant “we are not broken!” This is a pivotal moment for Judy, where she finally regains power and confidence, and stops blaming herself for her infertility and her relationship problems. Getting pregnant can be incredibly difficult, and Dead to Me is there to show you that you aren’t alone.

3 No, that’s not what this is. Get off of me…

Andrew Peters: “God, you smell so good.”

Jen: “No, that’s not what this is. Get off of me.”

Andrew: “Relax, it’s fine.”

Jen: “Get the f*** off me!”

Andrew: “B!tch! What the f*** is wrong with you?”

Jen: “No means motherf***ing no.”

In this scene, Jen is searching for the culprit that hit her husband. While sitting in the car of a possible suspect, checking out his story, he pulls the moves on her. Jen tries to get out of the car to no avail, and this perv delivers the infamous “it’s fine” spiel. Helpless, Jen punches him in the face, to which he blames her for her actions.

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Jen gets out and slams the door, reminding the dirtbag that no means exactly that: hell no. Jen’s strength and assertion is what everyone needs – to remind victims that no MEANS no, and to remind anyone who might be confused that yes, no MEANS no (and everything but a yes is also a no).

2 You won’t be a single mom, you have me.

You won’t be a single mom, you have me. We can be like a three-child mothering team.

Our two new favorite besties are at it again, supporting the hell out of one another. After Judy worries she might be pregnant, alone, and homeless, Jen reminds her that she doesn’t need a husband – all she needs is a friend. Women are often guilty of competing with one another, but Jen and Judy are here to remind you that it’s just another patriarchal ploy, and that women supporting women are pretty unbeatable. We all do better when we help each other, regardless who you are or how you identify. This sappy but hilariously uncomfortable scene will remind you of that.

1 Yeah, but it’s like, you know, I went into the house. I got into the car…

Jen: “Yeah, but it’s like, you know, I went into the house. I got into the car…

Judy: “No, stop it, you’re being like ‘I asked for it’.”

Jen: “No, I know I wasn’t asking for it. It’s just I’m pretty sure I broke his face…”

Judy: “Wow! You are a tough broad.”

This final quote on the list encompasses everything into one: friendship, women power, and ain’t-taking-no-shit badassery. We don’t have to say again that no means no, but Dead to Me will also remind you that NO victim of sexual harassment should blame themselves in any way. Not only that, but women are pretty kickass best friends, and they’ll support you even if you punch a scumbag in the face (this list is not condoning violence). However, we’re all pretty pleased that Jen broke the guy’s nose. This show is calling all women and men who want a little comedy, some dark twists, and a powerful women team that no patriarchy can stop.

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Eternals: Millie Bobby Brown Shoots Down Rumors Of Being Cast

Millie Bobby Brown has shot down speculation that she has been cast in The Eternals. Although it wasn’t her first foray into television, the teenage actress became a household name courtesy of her breakout role as the super-powered Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The third season of the nostalgia-filled science-fiction series recently dropped in its entirety on Netflix, once again drawing in record-breaking numbers. In recent years, Brown has also made the jump to the big screen, most recently starring in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Marvel, meanwhile, made its big screen return earlier this month with Spider-Man: Far From Home. The latest MCU outing is not only a standalone Spidey sequel but, directly following up Avengers: Endgame, also closes the last chapter of Phase 3. Even before the film’s equally record-breaking release, however, fans had already been looking ahead to the future of Disney’s billion-dollar franchise. Though the official slate has yet to be revealed, a number of Phase 4 films are already known to be in various stages of development, including a Black Widow prequel, Marvel’s first Asian-led film Shang-Chi, and the highly anticipated introduction to The Eternals.

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One of the rumors most prominently circulating is that Brown had reportedly been cast. Live-streaming on her personal Instagram, however, Brown addressed those reports directly. Between bouts of singing the theme from The Neverending Story and discussing her range of Converse, the young actress was asked about her potential Marvel role. Here’s what she had to say in response: “OK, guys, this is the problem. Everybody thinks that I’m going to be in a Marvel movie. Not that I know of. My family and I have no idea. So, I just want to let everybody know that I’m not… as of right now.”

The Eternals will reportedly begin filming in September. With Chloé Zhao already attached as director, and a cast that looks set to include Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden as Ikaris, the film could span thousands of years, even prior to the present MCU. As such, it would present a perfect opportunity to explore Thanos’ past. The most recent word is that Salma Hayek is also in talks for a role. Disney and Marvel Studios also remain eager to bring Keanu Reeves on board, be it for this film or another.

Brown has been rumored as being attached to the MCU as far back as the simultaneous filming of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. It was believed that she may turn up in a cameo or a post-credit scene setting up The Eternals. With the film eschewing the usual Marvel formula, however, it never came to be. Regardless, fans still hoped that she would ultimately join the franchise. As such, hearing her shoot down the idea will no doubt be a huge disappointment to many.

There is a chance, though, this could be another classic case of Marvel’s penchant for secrecy at work. After all, the young actress also cast doubt on the possibility of Stranger Things season 4 – despite the fact that many of the cast are officially contracted through a fourth adventure. With Marvel set to host a panel at SDCC, official details regarding their Phase 4 slate and official casting announcements – for The Eternals and beyond – may only be a short wait away, whatever the case regarding Brown herself ends up being.

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Source: Millie Bobby Brown

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John Atkinson

James Bond Racing Cars Are At This Weekend’s Grand Prix

James Bond racing cars are at this weekend’s British Grand Prix. As any Bond fan can tell you, M16’s greatest spy isn’t afraid of high speeds. Whether these take place in a car, on a boat, or in a plane, 007’s ability to make split second decisions at breakneck speeds is as much a part of the character as are his license to kill and suave demeanor.

In fact, from the very first James Bond film  – 1962’s Dr No – a specific make of vehicle has been highlighted, though it wasn’t until 1964’s Goldfinger that audiences were able to get their first glance at James Bond driving a gorgeous and potentially lethal vehicle of his own. Since that time, Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 has been the car most associated with the secret agent. Beloved by fans and referenced in a variety of films far beyond the Bond franchise, the DB5 has gone on to make an appearance in seven different 007 films, clearly making it Bond’s vehicle of choice.

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As a result of the ongoing relationship between Bond films and cars, the official 007 Instagram account has just posted photos of one of the two cars that will be joining this weekend’s F1 British Grand Prix at England’s Silverstone circuit. The cars are both Aston Martins and each will feature the 007 logo, as well as Bond number plates on the back of their rear wings. Check out the photos of the cars below:

Both 007 inspired cars have the seal of approval of Eon Productions and will be part of the Red Bull racing team. The Bond additions to the cars are being done to commemorate the 1,007th F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. That being said, the publicity certainly won’t harm the already highly anticipated release of the still unnamed Bond 25, which is set for release in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, there’s no word of Daniel Craig popping by to give the cars his blessing – most likely due to the fact that he’s still busy filming Bond 25. Still, for those die hard Bond fans who also happen to love Formula One, these 007 additions are sure to be a highlight. After all, it isn’t every franchise that gets its own vehicle at one of the most respected professional racing events in the world.

Oddly enough, the inclusion of Bond at a world-renowned racing event doesn’t just feel completely appropriate, but the name Silverstone also sounds quite at home with Bond as well. Considering that the forthcoming Bond 25 has gone longer than most films in the series without an official title, perhaps this is the weekend where inspiration truly hits and an official title is revealed. That’s likely a stretch, but at least this weekend will definitely have something James Bond related for fans to take in.

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Mike Jones

Space Jam 2 Casts Don Cheadle In Mystery Role | ScreenRant

Space Jam 2 casts Don Cheadle in an unknown role. After years of lingering in development hell, a followup to the 1990s touchstone, Space Jam, is finally on the way. With a July 2021 release date in place, the film is currently in production under the direction of Terence Nance. Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is also a prominent member of the creative team, producing Space Jam 2 and co-writing the script. LeBron James headlines a cast of all-star NBA and WNBA players, which includes Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and several other famous faces from the sport.

Obviously, much attention was given to the basketball players appearing in Space Jam 2, but the movie is making room for traditional actors as well. Star Trek Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green joined the film in March, playing LeBron’s onscreen wife. And even though Space Jam 2 is in the midst of shooting, there are still some roles left to be cast.

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According to Deadline, Cheadle has joined the Space Jam 2 cast, though details about his character are unknown at this time. Cheadle was last seen on the big screen in this April’s Avengers: Endgame, where he reprised his role as James Rhodes/War Machine for the seventh time (including an uncredited appearance in the Captain Marvel post-credits scene).

Though most viewers these days will recognize Cheadle for his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his career spans several decades and a wide variety of roles that showcased his range as an actor. Cheadle was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Hotel Rwanda, and he has several other awards nods to his name thanks to an extensive résumé in both film and television. Cheadle’s demonstrated a penchant for both drama and comedy over the years, and is comfortable handling just about any material given to him. So, he should prove to be a natural fit in Space Jam 2, which will likely be more of a light-hearted film. As for characters he could play, Cheadle might be a member of LeBron’s social circle, a sports agent, or someone else entirely. With his talents, it’s hard to guess at this juncture.

Using the original Space Jam as a template, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Cheadle filling a role similar to what Bill Murray or Wayne Knight did in the first film. That being said, it’s a bit premature to call Space Jam 2 a carbon copy of its predecessor that’ll rehash the same story beats. The film is envisioned as a reboot of the property, not a sequel, and Coogler has demonstrated an ability to inject fresh life into sports movie franchises before (see: Creed). It wouldn’t be surprising if Space Jam 2 mixed things up and put its own spin on the concept, while still paying respects to the first film.

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Source: Deadline

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Chris Agar

Lion King 2019 Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Low After Early Reviews

The Lion King debuts to a Rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes after the first reviews are published. In the last handful of years, Disney has had great success producing re-imaginings of some of their most beloved animated classics. Most recently, Aladdin became a major box office smash, surprisingly moving past the $900 million mark worldwide. Others, like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, proved to be sizable draws themselves and demonstrated there was an audience for these retellings. To the shock of no one, Disney has plenty more on the way.

Up next is a new rendition of The Lion King, a remake of the 1994 animated classic that remains a beloved and treasured installment in the Disney canon. Directed by The Jungle Book’s Jon Favreau, there’s been plenty of hype and anticipation surrounding the project, particularly after the all-star cast was announced. The Lion King is poised to be one of the biggest box office hits of the year, evidenced by the trailer breaking viewership records and marketing continuing to drum up excitement. And while The Lion King is sure to be a commercial success, it’s not going to go down as a critical darling.

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Today, the Lion King review embargo lifted, and after the first wave was published, the film has a Rotten score on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. As of this writing, it stands at 58% with 87 reviews counted. A critics consensus has already emerged:

Though it can take pride in its visual achievements, this reimagined The Lion King is a by-the-numbers retelling that lacks the energy and heart that made the original so beloved-though for some fans that may just be enough.

This development is a little surprising, since Lion King social media reactions released earlier this week painted a more positive picture. On social media, most appeared to be in agreement that The Lion King was an astounding technical achievement and praised the efforts of the actors involved (most notably Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumbaa). One common critique of those bite-sized reviews was that the photorealistic animals (obviously) couldn’t emote like they do in the original animated movie, but overall people seemed to enjoy it. The full reviews are more mixed, however. Everyone is quick to acknowledge the incredible visual effects that were used to bring the story to life, but for some that wasn’t enough to make up for the film’s shortcomings. An argument can be made that The Lion King is an exercise of style over substance.

That’s been the fate of many of these Disney remakes; even the ones that go down as being financially successful are largely seen as hollow retellings that lack the magic and imagination of their animated counterparts. The business incentive behind this endeavor was always clear, but from a creative standpoint, Disney’s in a tough spot. It’s always difficult to remake an acclaimed film, since there’s little (if anything) to improve upon. The best movie remakes are the ones that take an intriguing premise with potential and make the most of it after the initial attempt was underwhelming (Ocean’s Eleven, etc.). The Lion King will make money this summer, but it sounds like rewatching the original would be a more rewarding experience.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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Listen to The Lion King 2019’s Circle of Life Song in New Clip

Fans can now listen to The Lion King‘s new version of “The Circle of Life.” With just a week left until the film’s debut, the public is getting even more hyped up for the latest Disney classic remake, especially with the House of Mouse teasing by releasing snippets of the iconic tracks from the original film. After “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” and of course, the pleasantly contagious “Hakuna Matata.” the chorus of the movie’s iconic opening song is now available to listen to online.

Jon Favreau brings everything he learned from working on 2016’s The Jungle Book and utilizes it in The Lion King. The contemporary take assembles a star-studded voice cast, including Donald Glover as Simba, John Oliver as Zazu, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Scar, John Kani as Rafiki, Billy Eichner as Timon, Seth Rogen as Pumba, and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala. Meanwhile, the legendary James Earl Jones reprises his role as Mufasa. The 1994 animated movie is beloved, and the pressure to justify this retelling is immensely high. Now, with just a few days left before it hits theaters, fans can start to get a taste of this major undertaking, as they can now watch a part of the movie’s opening scene, complete with “The Circle of Life”

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Debuted at the end of The Lion King‘s red carpet premiere official live stream (via Movieclips Trailers) is a never-before-seen clip for the film. It’s a snippet from the opening scene where Rafiki presents a baby Simba to the rest of the Pride Lands, while the other animals rejoice at his arrival. As in the animated film, this scene is set to “The Circle of Life.” Watch the full video below:

Since it’s a photorealistic version of The Lion King, the new movie doesn’t have the heightened reactions that the animated version had.  Fans might also notice a bit of a difference in the new version of the track as Lebo M. teams up with Lindiwe Mkhize, instead of Carmen Twillie who was part of the original version of the song. Hans Zimmer is still behind the slightly different arrangement. Nevertheless, seeing the scene is still chill-inducing, especially as “The Circle of Life” hits its highest notes.

Like the song, fans can expect tweaks in The Lion King – be it with a slightly different song arrangement or additional material. Favreau’s film is confirmed to run for 118 minutes – 29 minutes longer than the animated version, backing up the notion that it won’t be a shot-for-shot remake, and making it clear the director took some creative liberty to add his own twists to the classic. All that being said, some things will be intact, including the core of the story – Favreau himself has said that time and again. Another one is the opening scene. Despite minimal changes to “The Circle of Life,” the sequence was too iconic that changing aspects of it could prove detrimental to people’s experience of watching this modern take. If anything early reactions have been generally positive, a good sign for those still skeptical that this take could ruin such a beloved Disney property.

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Source: Disney (via Movieclips Trailers)

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