Kim Kardashian Thought She Miscarried During Pregnancy With North West

Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up with the Kardashians revealed that she believed she had miscarried during her pregnancy with her first child, North West. Kim has decided to open up about her scary moment and the troubles she faced while carrying her firstborn.

Kardashian first got her first look into fame by acting as Paris Hilton’s personal assistant. Now, the famous family has been known for its wildly popular reality television show that airs on E! network. The family has not only grown over the years in sucess and wealth but also with significant others and babies. After metting Kanye West, the couple welcomed their four children together, 6-year-old North, 4-year-old Saint, 2-year-old Chicago, and 7-month-old Psalm.

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Recently, Kardashian opened up to fans about how she had been told that she had miscarried North early on in her pregnancy according to E! The mother of four gave birth to her eldest child, North in June of 2013 and now is letting fans in about how her first pregnancy actually went. According to the reality star, while she was having a routine checkup, she was told the baby had no heartbeat. She spoke about the memory with her attorney, Laura Wasser for the All’s Fair podcast. The KKW Beauty founder told listeners that she had just stopped using birth control and was looking into freezing her eggs.

The reality star had originally gone to a fertility doctor with her sister, Khloé Kardashian, and learned that she did not have a high egg count which understandably upset her. During this time of uncertainty, she found out she was pregnant with North even though she planned to freeze her eggs as all her doctors were encouraging her to. Kardashian educated her fans by saying that when you are on the pill its purpose was to suppress the production of eggs which is why her count showed as so low. Kardashian also shared that at the time she became pregnant she was legally married to her ex-husband Kris Humphries. Due to the stress, Kardashian started to heavy bleed and feel intense pain were at the same time the doctor reported that she had miscarried. After she was sure that she had miscarried, she had a second visit on Thanksgiving 2012 and the doctors reexamined her and told her that they had found a heartbeat after all.

Fans will recall that Kardashian had a terrible pregnancy as she had preeclampsia and delivered North six weeks early. North weighed only four pounds and Kardashian also developed placenta accrete which is when the placenta grows inside the uterus. Many women have died from the same issue during childbirth as you can start to internally bleed. After going through a second rough pregnancy the lawyer to be was told she should look into surrogacy. Fans are thankful that Kardashian shared her traumatic story as it has already helped so many women who are currently going through the same issue. Fans can look forward to more of the famous family as Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 18 is expected to premiere later this month.

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Kobe Bryant & Gigi Bryant Laid to Rest 2 Weeks After Helicopter Tragedy

NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gigi Bryant were laid to rest two weeks after their tragic helicopter crash. The world is still in mourning after losing a true sports hero and his beloved daughter that hadn’t even had a chance to fulfill her greatness.

On January 26th, nine people tragically lost their lives during a helicopter trip that went wrong in Calabasas, California. Nine people lost their lives in the crash, Kobe, Gianna, Christina Mauser, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, and the pilot Ara Zobayan. At the time of the accident, the group was flying to a basketball camp that was being held at Mamba Sports Academy which was owned by Kobe.

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The LA Lakers legend was laid to rest with his 13-year-old daughter as confirmed by E! The funeral was a private affair that included family and close friends and came just two weeks after the devastating helicopter crash. The family wanted privacy to mourn but there will be a public memorial held on February 24th at the Staples Center, located in downtown Los Angeles, which will allow NBA fans to pay their respects. Since the accident, grievers all around the world have paid tribute to the NBA legend. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal has shared that he had no words to express the pain he was going through.

Kobe’s wife, Vanessa Bryant had also been open with the fact that she has found it hard to come to terms with the fact that she had lost her husband and her young daughter. The mother of four took to her Instagram to tell her fans that her brain has refused to accept that Kobe and Gianna are gone. The widow also explained that it makes her angry that her daughter will be unable to ever reach her full potential. Vanessa then acknowledged that she was trying her best to be strong for her three surviving daughters, Natalia, Bianka, and Capri.

The family has asked for prayers during their time of mourning and said they are thankful for the immense support they have received. The LA Lakers gave a moving tribute during a recent NBA game, showing an in a Memoriam video that had most of the team in tears. LeBron James spoke from the heart when he gave his speech for his mentor, wearing Kobe’s yellow jersey, while R&B star Usher, sang a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace. Fans watched as roses were placed on two seats which had both Kobe and Gianna’s jerseys on them. While the pain of losing such a powerful athlete and human will stay within our hearts, we will try and move on to ensure his legacy endures.

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Bachelor Fan Theory: Madison Leaves Peter After He Sleeps Someone Else

Fans of The Bachelor believe that front runner Madison Prewett will exit the show after Peter Weber sleeps with another girl, leaving the Bachelor heartbroken. Based on trailers for next week’s episode, the theory certainly seems plausible.

At the very start of the season, Madison snagged the first one-on-one date, where she met all of Peter’s family at his parents’ vow renewal. Their interaction was sweet and straightforward, but it was quickly lost in the various ups-and-downs of the season. While Madison has hardly been on-camera, her every interaction with Peter seems sweet, genuine, and – most importantly – drama-free. Madison is the only woman who’s managed to stay out of the theatrics this season, meaning she hasn’t irritated any of the other women or any fans. On Monday night’s episode, she went on her second one-on-one date, where Peter admitted that he was falling in love with her. He hasn’t made that confession to any other women on the season, so it’s obvious his feelings for Madison are the strongest at this point in.

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Unfortunately, it might not be smooth sailing for the couple. In a preview for the next episode, Madison reveals that Peter doesn’t yet know that she’s saving herself for marriage. While we don’t have much context for the statement, it’s likely rooted in her strong religious beliefs. However, it’s doesn’t exactly fit with Peter’s defining story of his wild night in a windmill with Hannah Brown. Although she’s aware of his sexual history, Madison also states in the trailer, “If he sleeps with anybody else, it’s going to be hard for me to continue to move forward.” In another clip, Peter can be heard in the background saying, “Six days prior, I was intimate with someone else.” The combined information has led fans to believe that the ending of Peter’s season involves Madison seeing herself out.

While what goes on during Fantasy Suite dates is private, it’s not uncommon for the Bachelor or Bachelorette to sleep with their final three contestants. To outline things in the simplest form, Madison clearly states that she can’t be with Peter if he sleeps with someone else, and he clearly states that he did sleep with someone else. It’s not tough to conclude that Madison might decide she can’t move forward with their relationship. Some fans even believe that Madison eliminates herself right before the final rose ceremony, leading to Peter’s teased breakdown while he’s holding an engagement ring. Fans also believe that Madison is the woman Peter’s mom is crying about and that she’s encouraging him to win Madison back after she leaves.

Since the end of the season isn’t yet spoiled, it’s safe to assume that something truly off-the-wall happens. Unfortunately, it’s hard to conclude just how far Madison’s “no-sex” policy extends based on one comment she made that was spliced into a trailer. Besides, the show is known for throwing fans off track with the trailers and turning benign comments into seemingly life-changing events. It’s hard to believe that they would give us everything we need to figure out the ending far before the ending even happens. While Madison’s decision is sure to play a role in how things play out, it’s probably not the defining moment of the season.

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Bachelor Peter Weber Reveals Why He Broke Up With Kelley Flanagan

On last night’s episode of The BachelorPeter Weber sent home Kelley Flanagan, the woman he was admittedly most excited to connect with when his season began. Although Peter previously stated that he felt like his relationship with Kelley had cooled off in recent weeks, the decision was still somewhat surprising. Now, Peter is opening up about his choice to send home the Chicago-based attorney.

At the start of the season, fans learned that Peter met Kelley at a hotel before filming even began. Although the attorney was on the fence about appearing on his season, she decided their connection was strong enough to put her heart on the line. From night one, Peter was excited about Kelley. During a recent one-on-one date, however, the Bachelor admitted that Kelley had taken a backseat in comparison to some of his other contestants. Still, their evening conversation resulted in Kelley getting a rose. Unfortunately, her remaining time with Peter was short-lived. This week, Kelley went on the dreaded three-on-one alongside fellow contestants Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss. Although Kelley believed she was the obvious choice, Peter chose to send her home.

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In a recent interview with ET, Peter opened up about his relationship with Kelley. The Bachelor began, “I am Kelley’s biggest fan. I will say that.” Peter continued, “I definitely had high hopes because of how we met and everything, but this wasn’t meant to be.” Although Peter stated that Kelley would make an amazing Bachelorette, he explained that the lingering doubts he expressed on their one-on-one that forced him to question if she was truly ready for marriage never fully went away. Though he didn’t express any regret about sending Kelley home, he admitted that he was probably wrong about her, saying, “I definitely had questions at first if she was really ready and wanted this. I was wrong, she truly was.” He finished his statements by giving a powerful endorsement for a Kelley Flanagan season of The Bachelorette. Peter said, “Kelley would kill it. Kelley is so ready, Kelley is one of the smartest people I’ve met,” he said. “I think she can absolutely make an amazing [Bachelorette].

Unfortunately, Monday’s night’s episode left some fans with a sour taste in their mouth regarding one of the season’s favorites. When Kelley attended the three-on-one with Hannah Ann and Victoria F., she made it clear that she didn’t believe either woman was ready for marriage. After stating that Hannah Ann wasn’t in the right “phase” of her life to commit to a relationship, Kelley also referred to Victoria as a “hot mess.” When she was ultimately sent home, she took her time in the cab to reflect on Peter’s decision. She said, “Peter made his decision and that’s that.” She expressed her feelings, saying, Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No. I question his intentions because I don’t know what phase he is in his life.” She ended her comments by thanking Peter for not meeting her family since it would have been a waste of her time.

In a season filled with petty drama, Kelley was the one voice of reason. While her opinions offered a sense of grounded clarity, it was difficult to tell if she actually liked Peter. On the other hand, Hannah Ann and Victoria have both been very vocal about their feelings, even if they’ve often expressed themselves in dramatic ways. It’s pretty obvious Kelley wasn’t Peter’s person, so it’s sensible for him to try to figure out relationships that he’s not entirely sure about. It’s clear that he feels confident in his decision, but it’s nice that he can continue to support Kelley after what some people might consider a messy end to their relationship.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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Blac Chyna Hints at Pregnancy by Posting an Ultrasound Picture

Black Chyna has possible announced that she is pregnant. The rapper loves the limelight as she continues to keep the public following her every move. This time, fans are left wondering what’s going on after the reality TV star posted an mysterious ultrasound photo just to turn around to delete it.

Blac Chyna has been off the radar the past couple of years and was last in the news for her ongoing and toxic relationship with Rob Kardashian when the two dated back in 2016. The couple ended up having a daughter together who they named Dream Renee Kardashian but officially split in February 2017. Blac Chyna accused Kardashian of posting sexually explicit pictures of her on social media which led Chyna to ask for a restraining order against him.

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Earlier today Black Chyna took to her Instagram account and posted a sonogram picture with the cryptic message “Blessed 2020.” However, within half an hour, the post had been taken down. While the picture was up many followers were asking if the picture indicated that the rapper was pregnant with another child. While some haters called out the musician saying she was lying. The image was blurry and not the best quality but showed a profile of an infant but she offered no follow up details.

Blac Chyna had just made the news for her surprise red carpet appearance the 92nd Academy Awards which left many wondering how she had snagged an invite. The reality star was not involved professionally with any one of the films nominated this year. The 31-year-old was not phased by the public’s reaction as she wore a black Dona Matoshi gown with a plunging neckline, thigh-high split, and shoulders which were embroidered. She matched the dress with Jimmy Choo shoes and blue earrings. Blac Chyna told her social media followers that it was her first time attending the Oscars and was the plus one for Christopher Trujillo who is a record producer and recording engineer.

After the award show Blac Chyna had to avoid the Kardashian-Jenner clan at an after-party due to her ongoing custody battle with Rob as he filed for primary custody of their daughter in January due to his concerns over Chyna’s partying habits. Chyna also has a son with rapper, Tyga. The question fans would like answered now is was Blac Chyna announcing a new bundle of joy or was she trolling herself? Fans are now left not only confused but still wondering who the father could be if it does, in fact, turn out to be real. 

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90 Day Fiance: Has Mike Cheated On Natalie? | Screen Rant

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are freaking out after last week’s episode’s cliffhanger and are wondering what really made Natalie not trust Mike. Did he cheat on her? The couple has been on rocky terms since Mike’s trip to Kyiv and fans are wondering where the couple stands after Natalie threw her engagement ring in his suitcase as he left back to America.

Mike and Natalie are one of the newer couples to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and have already given viewers some embarrassing moments thanks to their differences in religion, culture, family values and of course a language barrier. The two originally met through Mike’s friend, Matt. Mike’s close friend is married to a Ukrainian woman and asked Mike to be the godfather to their newborn. The Washington state native then met the godmother, who turned out to be Natalie and was influenced – thanks to his friend for showing him pictures of the Kyiv native – to ask her out on a date. After many arguments on his recent trip to Ukraine, it came to a head on the last day together as the two had a heated argument after Natalie revealed to cameras that it would be a lie for her to say she’s in love with Mike.

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On the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé which aired Sunday, fans watched as Mike and Natalie grew even farther apart after not speaking for a week after Mike returned home. During the episode, Mike decided to try and call his fiancé to figure out how they could move on. During his last visit to Kyiv, the two argue constantly and seemed to find it hard to search out a natural ground. One of their biggest arguments was over religion as Natalie was devout in her faith while Mike believed aliens were out there watching them.

Though most fans believe that Natalie often acts quite childish when it comes to interacting with her future husband, they oftentimes take Mike’s side. Natalie would often shut down and retreat into her mother’s arms or her oversized sweaters and wait for Mike to run to her with an apology. However, Mike seemed to be tiring of false apologies and it all came to a blow when he was at the airport ready to board his flight. Natalie not only threw the engagement ring back in his face but then refused to kiss him goodbye. The Kyiv native’s mixed signals were not only confusing to Mike but also came across as a bizarre characteristic to many fans.

During the couple’s final Facetime of the season, Mike told Natalie that he always loved her but as of now did not know where his heart stood. While Mike tried to ask Natalie important questions about the future, however, she would refuse to answer, instead, she would repeat his exact question back to him. Natalie ultimately replied that she had given Mike back her ring due to something that they both were aware of, saying, “I had my reasons. And you know.” The production crew was not prepared for such an answer as Natalie continued her rant, “Go to America for a man I cannot even trust? I will not do this.” Fans watched as producers quickly asked Mike what his fiancé meant, only to be met with complete silence when they probed further about their trust issues and if something had happened off-camera. The Washington native eventually replied to their question saying, “I don’t know what’s honestly going through her head.” The reality star then exited the confessional room with teary eyes.

The whole interaction left fans confused and bewildered leading many to think that Mike cheated on Natalie. The implication of Natale’s words sheds a terrible light on Mike especially since he did not respond to the production crew. But some believe that Natalie is the one at fault for their piss poor relationship and possibly she was the one who cheated. Fans will have to wait and see what happens during the explosive tell-all episode, which teased that Mike and Natalie have a very intense video call in which they speak about the secret that Natalie is withholding. Hopefully, the tell-all episode will give fans the answers they so desperately crave.

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Counting On’s Derick Dillard Slammed for Calling Chores ‘Woman’s Work’

Former Counting On star, Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard was slammed for calling washing dishes ‘woman’s work’. Derick has already been in hot water with the patriarch of the family and now it is safe to say he is on the out with female viewers.

The large Arkansas family was first introduced to viewers on 19 Kids and Counting, starring Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 19 children. The large family is devout Christians that choose to live by strict standards, which include the girls not wearing pants, courtships, and dressing modestly. TLC cameras filmed as the ten boys and nine girls, including Joshua, twins Jana and John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie started to grow up and date. There was a dark side in recent years when the eldest son, Josh, was accused of sexually abusing several of his sisters and a family friend when they were younger. The TLC show was canceled, but the network decided to give the older children a spin-off called Counting On.

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Fans are finding it hard to find something redeeming about the fired TLC star especially after he called washing dished “women’s work” as seen as a hashtag in his recent Instagram post. Dillard posted a photo of his wife Jill washing dishes in their kitchen while also having their youngest son, Samuel strapped to her. The reality stars caption angered numerous followers and caused him immense backlash. Even though the father was trying to be sweet by saying that his son was helping out, he ruined it by adding the hashtag “Woman’s Work.” Check out Dillard’s controversialInstagram post below:

Fans were outraged and let the reality star know by saying that they were not sure if the choice of hashtags were the right ones. With another fan saying he was “rooting” for him until he read the post. Fans were not only left saddened but also angry at the reality stars’ poor judgment. Some followers asked why he was not helping his wife with house chores as she seemed to have her hands full with cooking dinner and taking care of a child. Some fans tried to see the post as a joke with Jill herself agreeing with them.

Funny or not, Dillard has been known for being great at stirring up controversy. This past December Dillard accused Jim Bob Duggar of making his daughter ask permission to visit at the family’s big house. Fans of the show feel that Dillard has done nothing but create a rift between his wife and the rest of her family. Hopefully, this latest stunt will teach Dillard a lesson in humility and maybe putting down the camera and lending a helping hand.

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Survivor: Yul Kwon’s Chances of Being Season 40’s Winner

Yul Kwon may be the smartest person competing in Survivor: Winners at War, but will it translate to his second victory in as many tries? The Cook Islands champion is back, 27 seasons later, hoping it will.

Yul has spoken about how he wasn’t a fan of the season 13 theme when he learned of it soon before the game began. Four tribes were divided by race, a designation that Yul believes hindered him from being able to play the way he really wanted to. Nonetheless, he was a driver of strategy throughout the game, rallying the Aitu 4 alliance and leveraging a super idol to swing the numbers in his favor. He beat four-time Survivor Ozzy Lusth by one vote. They were joined by finalist Becky Lee, fresh off her marathon of a fire-making challenge, to form the first ever three-person final tribal council. Now, the three-person format has become a staple, but there are plenty of other twists Yul is not yet accustomed to. Can he adapt to a game that has moved at a rapid pace since he last left it?

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Why Yul will win

Yul’s first game was strong even without acknowledging his super idol. He beat Parvati Shallow, now regarded as one of the greatest Survivor players ever, along with several others who would go on to play a second and third time. Since he took so much time off, he enters Winners at War with one of the lowest threat levels. He could easily be a number for an alliance looking for a solid ally who knows how to flip the numbers to his advantage.

Why Yul won’t win

He has been one of the most detached members of the season 40 cast from the Survivor world since his first win. He’ll be coming into a game where almost everyone knows each other better than they know Yul. It will be a disadvantage Yul must overcome if he wants to avoid the first few votes.

Prediction: 3rd place: It feels wrong placing Yul in the goat position here. But it just feels like this will be a woman’s season to win. As such, it is easy to see Yul being a part of an alliance and feeling like he has power without being solely responsible for any of the moves. It’s hard to see people coming after Yul if he is able to make friends early on, but it’s also not easy to see him winning this particular season of Survivor.

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Survivor premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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90 Day Fiancé: Syngin & Tania Get Tattooed Rings at Their Wedding

Syngin and Tania from 90 Day Fiancé decided to get tattooed at their wedding instead of using traditional rings. The couple has bucked tradition and decided that they would mark their skin permanently to show the love they have for each other.

Tania and 29-year-old Syngin, met after Tania went to South Africa to meet another man from a dating app. After that relationship fell through, Tania still decided to still make the trip and that’s where she met bartender Syngin. After meeting him, she went home with him that night and ended up staying with him for months in his South African home. By all appearances, they seem like a suitable couple, however, it is the lack of common ground this couple has which is worrying to audiences.

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On last night’s season finale of 90 Day Fiancé, the couples pronounced their love for one another by entering into their marriages. While this season was not as exciting as past seasons, fans enjoyed watching the couples say “I do.” Syngin and Tania had been the most exciting couple to watch as Tania not only decided to leave her fiancé for 30 of the 90 days but she also felt the need to tell him that he was not her soul mate. High tensions led to volatile arguments about when they would have children and what the South African would do for a living. Thankfully, Tania reassured her husband to be that they were meant for each other and they decided to go through with the wedding of their dreams.

The two love birds had rented an Airbnb for their big day and Tania’s goal was to stay as eccentric as possible. The bride stuck with the unconventional route and wore a black dress down the aisle with the bottom enveloped in tulle. Not to be outdone, Syngin dropped to his knees to repeat his vows which brought Tania to tears. Tania decided to mock a big fight they had while she was studying in Costa Rica, by telling her fiancé that she would promise to always call him after she drank. Just when fans thought the ceremony could not get any stranger, the two walks over to a makeshift tattoo parlor and brand their ring fingers with the Sagittarius sign as is symbolized their love of traveling, even though it was neither one of their astrological signs. Tania’s sister said what every fan was thinking when they saw the tattoos by answering the producer’s question with a bit of sisterly shade saying, “That is definitely something that is permanent,” hinting that their relationship would not last.

Fans are now looking forward to the 90 Day Fiancé tell-all special that will air all their dirty laundry. In a sneak peek Tania was seen defending herself and in a boot cast and once again against her castmates for telling her husband that he was not her soul mate. Angela Deem was also seen walking off stage in a fit of rage. Fans will just have to tune in next Sunday for all the juicy details.

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The Bachelor: Peter May Be the Worst Lead Ever | Screen Rant

Let’s be crystal clear about this up front: there are worse humans who have been The Bachelor. Peter, for his part, seems like a genuinely nice guy. That may be his biggest problem, as he’s shown himself incapable of making any decisions. It started when Hannah Brown returned and Peter seemed undecided, at least for a moment, on whether to give her a chance or return to the women who had taken time off from their lives just to date him. And then he made the head-scratching choice to allow Alayah Benavidez back in the house, even though it was obvious there could be no positive outcome from choosing to do so. Furthermore, Peter’s conversations with women on one-on-one dates lack substance. He has not spoken out against a important issue when controversy arrived. And now, here we are, at the final six, knowing next to nothing about the women he has left.

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When grading Peter’s performance against some of the most lackluster Bachelors in the history of the show, there are several to choose from. There was Jesse Palmer, who is best known for saying the wrong woman’s name during the rose ceremony. Then we have Ben Flajnik, the guy whose mind clearly knew Courtney Robertson was the wrong choice but his hormones stated otherwise. Fellow pilot Jake Pavelka seemed like the perfect choice for The Bachelor, until he ignored all warning signs and proposed to Vienna Girardi. That, um, didn’t end well. There were Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jason Mesnick, both of whom earned public scorn for breaking up with the women they proposed to on television. And of course, who could forget Juan Pablo Galavis. He was famously dumped by Andi Dorfman after he talked about his time with other women during their fantasy suite date (it’s NOT OK, Juan Pablo). Then he selected Nicki Ferrell, but refused to say he loved her at the After the Final Rose segment. To no surprise, their relationship crumbled.

The aforementioned men failed at their respective jobs of finding true love. But Peter is a new level of bad. He just seems wholly unprepared to take on the task prescribed to him. The second runner-up on Hannah’s season has stumbled, both figuratively and literally, through this entire season. Fans are still watching because The Bachelor has cemented itself as the type of show that is impervious to lackluster talent, sort of like Monday Night Football despite employing a laughably incompetent Booger McFarland in the booth.

If anything, season 24 of The Bachelor has proven that choosing who becomes the lead is not all that important after all. Regardless of how this mess of a season turns out, Peter has proven himself as one of the very worst Bachelors. Cut him some slack, though; the women haven’t done him any favors, with their constant arguments over petty things that don’t help in painting a great picture of women in general. It almost doesn’t matter that nearly nothing has gone well for Peter, because people still talk about, tweet about and write about this series en masse to satisfy an audience hungry for content. Part of that fun is having something to criticize. Pilot Pete has failed his flight test as The Bachelor, but the upside is, the more moments he falls face first into, the more topics we have to discuss.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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