90 Day Fiance: Can Ash & Avery Work Despite Her Drug Use?

How will Ash and Avery coexist on 90 Day Fiancé with different lifestyle habits? The couple seems to have a strong connection, but will their differences tear them apart?

Avery and Ash are two of the newest members to star on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Avery currently lives in Seattle with her two daughters from two different relationships and enjoys infusing her food with cannabis. Ash works as a relationship therapist in Melbourne, Australia. The two met after Ash commented on one of Avery’s Instagram pictures and he messaged her. The two chatted online and eventually started dating.

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Fans have watched in recent weeks as the mother of two enjoys hot yoga and sprinkling weed all over her food. While Ash, who was originally from Mauritius enjoys his morning ritual of sitting below the ocean waters to feel the vibrations connect his soul to the earth. The two are thousands of miles apart but feel that they can make it work. Fans noted that Ash has a young son and would not necessarily be able to take him out of Australia away from his mother.

There are some major red flags regarding their lifestyles. Avery enjoys a glass of wine and to smoke, while Ash has no use for the recreational stuff in his life and chooses to live a more spiritually centered lifestyle. While the couple does agree on living a life surrounded by wellness memes and products, many believe that Ash has some tricks up his sleeve as he is a relationship coach who seemingly knows the right words to say at any given time. When the two first met, Avery admitted she was in a dark place and Ash’s positivity overwhelmed her with feelings that she could come out of the dark and into the light. But the lack of trust caused them to break up several times before she made the journey to Australia. They broke up, something viewers learned was over holistic bracelets as he posted them on social media while she wanted to keep these gestures private.

The other major lifestyle difference is Ash looked as if he lived beyond his means, hiding his financial past from his girlfriend. Originally, Avery wanted Ash to visit the United States but was told he was not allowed a U.S. visa due to his past that held a bankruptcy charge.

To TLC viewers, it is highly unlikely that the two will be able to make the long-distance relationship work along with their misgivings. Avery will not uproot her two children from Washington state and many doubt that Ash will be able to control himself from flirting with his clients. Fans of the show will have to keep watching to see the inevitable outcome.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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How Love is Blind Stacks Up Against Bachelor/Bachelorette in Rate of Successful Relationships

How do the relationships that were formed on Love Is Blind stack up against the romance that blossoms on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? After one season, it’s clear which social experiment is more successful.

The Bachelor has an awful track record of engagements leading to marriages. In 24 seasons, only one man – Sean Lowe – has married the woman he proposed at the final rose ceremony. Two others, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jason Mesnick, flipped on their initial decisions after the proposal and wound up marrying and having children with their respective runner-ups. Peter Weber tried to do the same thing on his season, but it…well, it didn’t work out so well. The Bachelorette has been a bit more successful at finding love. Three out of the last four Bachelorette’s are still with the man they chose at the end. The fourth, Hannah Brown, could potentially be back together with her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. Two other Bachelorette’s from early seasons, Desiree and Ashley, are still married to the men they selected at the final rose ceremony. All in all, however, the process has been proven to fail more times than it has worked.

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Love Is Blind, on the other hand, bore more fruit than the producers of the show were prepared for. An astounding eight couples got engaged to one another without seeing each other’s faces. Only six were featured due to time constraints. Out of those six, five couples made it to the altar, an incredible feat considering the abbreviated time span. Now, of course, there was some manipulation on the part of the show in making sure the breakups occurred on wedding day to increase the dramatic effect. Nonetheless, it is no small miracle that two couples are still married a year and a half after going through Love Is Blind.

Both shows have obvious faults. The couples spend no more than a month – or in the case of The Bachelor, two months – together before deciding whether to commit to forever. Love Is Blind offers couples more one-on-one time, while contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette have to split time with one another. As rushed as Love Is Blind seems, the potential future married couples at least get to experience what real life would look like before the show ends. That being said, Bachelor couples don’t have to get married in as short a time frame. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers were engaged at the end of her season in 2016 and have yet to say their I dos.

If you’re looking to find lasting love, the odds are more in your favor that you will find it on Love Is Blind than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. That being said, neither is a healthy way to go about finding someone to marry. We can’t all be like Lauren and Cameron, although deep down inside we all wish we were.

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90 Day Fiancé: Anisfa Dating New Boyfriend While Estranged Husband Still in Jail

Anisfa is dating a new boyfriend on 90 Day Fiancé while her estranged husband is still in jail. When both were starring on the hit show, viewers were not sure that their relationship would survive, and it looks as if they were right.

Season 4’s 90 Day Fiancé couple Jorge and Anfisa were TLC’s couple that few could resist watching. The couple originally met through Facebook like many other couples, and after Russian-born Anfisa moved to the states – with the help of the K-1 or fiancé visa – was able to marry Jorge and become a legal U.S. citizen. The two were verbally and physically volatile. Last year, Jorge was arrested for having 293 pounds of marijuana in his car in Arizona. He was arrested in February 2018 after being charged with possession of drugs with the intention to sell and was sentenced to spend two-and-a-half years behind bars.

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Fan-favorite of 90 Day Fiancé, Anfisa Nava, was caught spending time with her new love interest, months before her husband’s release. Rumors have been swirling around that Anfisa had called it quits with her jailbird husband, Jorge Nava. InTouch Weekly reported that Anfisa was being quarantined with her new man when she made it Instagram official. On Wednesday, the Russian beauty showed off Leo Assaf in their first public photo since becoming an item. The TLC personality confirmed he was her new partner when she responded to comments on her post. Even fellow co-star Larissa Dos Santos shared the love by commenting that she was happy for her friend.


Leo, who is said to live in Los Angeles, is the manager of a gentleman’s club. Even though the bodybuilder had maintained for a long time that she and Jorge’s relationship was going strong and sharing they talked on the phone, many fans had noted that she stopped wearing her wedding ring. Anfisa recently started sharing her and Leo’s conversations with the businessman, saying he was always “proud of her.” While the TLC personality replied that he loved him.

At this time, Jorge is set to be released from his Arizona prison in only a few months and has been working menial jobs such as garbage man and dishwasher inside the facility. Jorge had said previously that he and his wife would not split while he was in prison, but fans would not be stunned if Anfisa surprised him with divorce papers upon his release. Fans are happy to see Anfisa moving on to a relationship that is hopefully more positive than her last.

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90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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How the Love Is Blind Cast Handling Coronavirus Quarantine

Most of the world is on quarantine due to the widespread of the coronavirus epidemic. This means lots of time spent at home figuring out what to do or seeing how others are spending their time. Viewers have been checking in with the cast members of Love is Blind to see how they’re handing the boredom of social distancing.

With many people working from home or out of work because of the pandemic, it leaves lots of time to catch up on binge-worthy shows like Netflix’s Love is Blind. The reality series that pairs single people up without them ever seeing each other has become a viral hit with the cast of the show gradually becoming household names. In a short amount of time, they have seen an increase in their Instagram followers and made an appearance on The Ellen Show.

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If it were not for the quarantine these new reality stars would probably be making lots more television and press appearances. That’s not to say the COVID-19 has slowed them down, but it has changed their setting. One thing they all have taken to is Instagram, even commenting on each other’s posts. Whether is it’s through productivity, lounging around or Tik Tok videos these Love is Blind stars are making sure to keep busy and giving their fans something to talk about during this time of isolation.

This fan-favorite couple, who have been married since the show ended, have not only created their own YouTube Channel show, Hanging with the Hamiltons, they have also talked about the importance of positivity on Miley Cyrus’s IGTV show, Bright Minded. They are using this time to be productive while remembering to have fun. Keeping that fun-loving energy everyone loves them for, they have taken to creating TikTok videos via Instagram to pass the time, which has (not surprisingly) gone viral.


The only other couple of the six shown couples to get married, are also getting creative with their quarantine time. Based on their Instagram, it looks like partying is their pastime of choice. So far they have had a onesie party, a very green St. Patty’s Day celebration, and, of course, are drinking plenty of wine. To add to their fun and make some extra cash, they both have created Cameo accounts, where fans can request personalized video messages from the stars for a price.


Even though she didn’t end up married to Damian at the end of the Netflix show, they did confirm on the reunion show that they are still dating. During this time of self-isolation, Giannina is keeping her Instagram page “G-rated” with effortlessly hot pics of herself. She’s confirmed through her Instagram Stories that she is, in fact, spending her time in lockdown with boyfriend Damian.


He’s also confirmed that he’s living with Giannina during the lockdown, he’s shared a picture of himself looking sharp in a suit. The caption reads, “What is everyone doing while in Quarantine? Are you dressing up? Playing games? Watching @netflix? Comment below so we behave more ideas of what we can do!!” He was seen on Giannina’s Instagram Stories making smoothies and keeping her company in this lonely time.


Carlton posted a pic of himself drinking wine at a Love is Blind press event. However, he reassured his followers that this pic is “from weeks ago” and that he’s actually been staying inside. He said he’s living by the motto “A glass of wine a day keeps the rona away…or whatever sesame street said!” He also revealed on his Instagram Story that while he’s keeping calm by talking to co-star Damian, he’s starting to get cabin fever and is ready for the global epidemic to be over.


Mark has been keeping people fit by providing live fitness training to his followers, even shared an Instagram video of himself doing a cardio circuit that fans could follow along with at home. He shared a picture of himself looking off into the distance captioned: “Me trying to see how long this #coronavirus is going to last.” In a more recent photo and caption, he took the time to add share some of that positive energy he’s known for displaying on the show. While Mark is wondering what the rest of the word is, his ex-fianceé Jessica is hanging with friends.


The baby-voiced Love is Blind star has been inviting friends over in small gatherings, including Atlanta television reporter Ashley Thompson and actor Vince Vaughn (maybe not friends, but based off her caption in the post – they’re neighbors). She also mentioned to her followers to remember to shower and get dressed every day, even if you’re going to be alone and in quarantine.


Meanwhile, Jessica’s long time friend, Kelly is in full-on work mode, promoting her brand ChaseLife with Kelly. She’s been posting free training on how to create courses and programs for females. It seems Kelly is really thriving during this lockdown and enjoying the slower pace it has brought her.


On the latter end of things, Kenny – Kelly’s ex-fiancé – is emphasizing the importance of sleep. In a video with a woman (who is assumed to be his new love interest), he shares his opening of the product OOLER by Chili technology. He also posted a motivational post about how during times of chaos, it’s best to step back and be present. He wrote on a picture of himself: “Cooler heads will prevail. Remain calm, stay safe and exercise caution in these next few weeks. This shall pass and we will strengthen as a society because of it.” Check out the post below:


Diamond has still managed to jump in on the promo with her self-made ad to promote her partnership with Solstice Sunglasses. She’s also been partaking in podcasts to entertain herself and continuing to be that boss lady that fans know she is.


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Love is Blind season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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90 Day Fiancé’s Fernanda Flores Divorce with Ex Jonathan Rivera Is Official

Fernanda Flores from 90 Day Fiancé has revealed that she’s officially divorced with ex-husband Jonathan Rivera. The two are now single and can look forward to what their next relationship could bring them.

The once-happy pair appeared on season 6 of the hit TLC series. Fernanda chose to leave Mexico to be with Jonathan in North Carolina who was a real estate agent. The TLC cameras documented their ups and downs, showcasing them living together for the first time and planning their wedding in the 90-day period. Fernanda found living in North Carolina very hard and tried to urge her husband to move to Chicago to be around her family. The couple began to fight more as the young wife felt isolated and wanted to be around more people.

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On Monday, Fernanda Flores revealed the news that she and Jonathan Rivera were officially divorced. The 21-year-old took to her social media to share with her fans that after almost a year and a half after they revealed they would be separating that the paperwork was finalized. The model posed in front of the Chicago courthouse, smiling ear to ear with one arm held high in the air (very Mary Tyler Moore-ish) with a caption that read, “Officially single.” The TLC personality went on to note that the divorce was not a failure but more of a “win” as she was excited to see what the future had in store for her. She shared with her followers that she had forgiven Jonathan and allowed more blessings to be able to come her way, check out the full post below:


Rivera had said back in January of 2019 that their marriage had problems and finally decided to focus on himself. Rivera had hoped to be able to remain friends but the two were quickly intertwined in a legal battle that ended that dream. Fans of the TLC show will remember that the couple first met in Mexico while at a dance club and Rivera proposed only three months later. Their major issues seemed to be their age gap as many fights between the pair occurred over a difference in experiences.

The brunette beauty is not ready to give up on love and is now more than ever and very confident in who she is, saying she is ready to finally re-enter the dating world. The reality star admitted to signing up for dating apps but has yet to go on an official date. As for her ex-husband Rivera, he is back in North Carolina working on his business and healing for the long journey. Now that the past is behind them, fans can see that they are both going to make it after all.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days air Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC

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Watch Big Brother Brazil Contestants Find Out About the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Big Brother Brazil contestants had no idea that the coronavirus pandemic was happening, until today. The housemates were united in their fear for the outside world as they heard the news. Below fans can see the Brazillian contestants shock as they hear about the severity of the situation.

Network shows all over the world are being tested by the outbreak of the coronavirus. CBS, Bravo, ABC are among many networks that have had to postpone popular shows such as Survivor, the housewife’s franchise, and The Amazing Race. The entire world is at a standstill trying to figure out the best move to keep one another safe.

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The Big Brother franchise has had a rough couple of days thanks to the pandemic. Recently viewers noted that Big Brother Canada guests had no idea that there was a world virus as the contestants mentioned around their kitchen table that they couldn’t hear the audience as they usually could make out the sounds of people sitting down in their chairs. While in Europe, Big Brother Germany announced that they would be airing a live show that would inform the housemates about the COVID-19 and include messages from their loved ones. Reddit shared that Big Brother Brazil producers had informed their cast of the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus. The guests moved into the stage house in January before the news from Wuhan, China was leaked about the outbreak, so they had no idea what was happening outside of the Big Brother mansion – check out the clip below:

In the clip, which is in Portuguese, the cast was gathered around on the living room couches waiting for the announcement. The roommates are all smiles as the host greets them and said he had an announcement that will be breaking with their protocol telling them that they are in a national emergency due to the Wuhan epicenter of the virus. As the host described what was going on in the outside world some began to cry while others held up their hands in the sign for love. The Big Brother host quickly tells the participants that the situation was not a joke. After the gravity of the situation sank it, the video informed them that their loved ones are doing fine, and a wave of relief washed over their faces. The host then went onto say that certain participants would be able to explain a bit better about symptoms and the healthcare system making it seem as if there was a doctor or two inside the house.

Fans of the franchise called on the reality show to inform their participants as a moral obligation. Many of the Big Brother’s worldwide producers wanted to continue with the information blackout but essentially caved in the end. Fans can also watch as Big Brother Germany tells their cast about the latest news.

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How 90 Day Fiancé’s Germaphobe Paul Staehle Is Handling Coronavirus

It seems 90 Day Fiancé’s germaphobe Paul Staehle is taking all of the precautions during the coronavirus outbreak. It would look as if Paul had prepared his whole life for this pandemic.

Viewers first met Paul when he appeared on season 1 and 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Fans will remember Paul stocking up with mosquito nets, plenty of hand-sanitizer, disinfectant spray, for his trip to the Amazon to meet Karine for the first time. He brought two military-grade trunks with him full of supplies for his trip. Many viewers already felt Paul was a bit high strung after watching him wear protective mosquito netting and a condom before entering Brazilian waters. He was also seen taking over the top measures by wearing a bulletproof vest everywhere he went with Karine.

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While many viewers first judged Paul for his neurotic ways, it would seem that the TLC star will be getting the last laugh thanks to his germaphobe ways. Instagram account @90dayfiancenews shared that Paul had posted a picture of himself in a gas mask taking Karine’s temperature. The reality star posted his pictures to his stories which showed him donned in protective gear. He poked fun at himself in the caption, writing, “Welcome to my reclusive world.” The father of one also noted how the people around him had become hoarders now too due to panic buying, check out the video below:


Paul also posted a video of him shopping at the supermarket with a military-grade gas mask buying toilet paper. Karine was heard in the video laughing at him asking what he was doing as other shoppers stared at him uncomfortably. Paul is inaudible as he obviously was trying to explain he was buying two-ply toilet paper. Paul’s home state of Kentucky just announced today that they had their first death due to the virus. Fans’ reaction to Paul’s postings were nothing short of amusement.

Many TLC reality stars have been documenting their journey through the pandemic. Nicole announced she would be visiting Azan in Morocco as flights were slashed. Morocco announced they would halt any flights entering or leaving the country which will in evidently stress out Azan. Geoffrey Paschel shared a photo of himself on Instagram sitting on a throne of toilet paper to which fans slammed him for his insensitivity toward the situation. After seeing Paul’s over the top post, fans are wishing he were on the current season for some much-needed comic relief.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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Big Brother Germany: How To Watch Coronavirus Reveal Live Online (With Subtitles)

Apparently, housemates in the Big Brother Germany mansion have no idea about the Coronavirus outbreak. It was revealed that they will be revealing to the contestants the severity of what’s happening in the world. Viewers can tune in and watch the online reveal with English subtitles. Finding legal ways to watch German TV is not easy, but there may be some options for international viewers.

The spread of the Coronavirus has essentially left the world at a standstill with many being told to self-isolate and quarantine for 14 days. The WHO upgraded the virus to a Pandemic and people have been hoarding toilet paper ever since. Several major television networks have made the hard decision to stop production on some major fan favorites such as Survivor and The Amazing Race that runs on CBS. The Bravo network has also postponed many of the Real Housewives’ franchises.

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Fans are wondering what a production crew does with a show like Big Brother. As reported in a previous article Big Brother Canada contestants had no idea what is going on outside their walls until just a few days ago and it looks as if Big Brother Germany is in the same boat as they are presently airing their 13th season. The Guardian recently reported that the crew of Big Brother Germany were in an information blackout that could only be disregarded for a family illness. Currently, there are 19 men and 14 women who have no idea that this virus exists. The group of housemates was last seen hanging out in their out tub in Cologne which is in the western part of Germany. The producers of the show have adamantly defended their decision to not inform the housemates of the epidemic.

German audiences know that the group has been locked in the house since February 6th, which was right before the coronavirus news snuck out of Wuhan, China. Only one other housemate was introduced on March 6th, which happened to be three days before the country announced its first death. In a turn of events on Saturday, the German television station announced that they would have a live viewing of the Big Brother contestants finding out about the global epidemic which can be viewed Tuesday, March 17th. The producers had received immense backlash from the public and even said they would allow the cast to ask questions as well as being given video messages from home. Viewers interested in watching the reveal who do not speak German can download the German TV stations, ARD and ZDF, in the form of apps. If all else fails, fans can watch the inevitable clips that will be run on YouTube the day after the announcement.

Fans of the franchise will recall that back in 2011, Big Brother decided to tell their contestants about 9/11 but only after they knew one of the housemate’s family members was missing. Big Brother Germany has been off the air for five years and this was their comeback, guess they will have to hope next year is their year.

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Why 90 Day Fiancé Fans Are Comparing Geoffery to Paul Staehle

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fans are comparing Geoffrey to 90 Day Fiancé’s Paul Staehle. The two men seem to share the same traits of having a criminal past, unstable emotions, and controlling tendencies.

Fans remember Paul from seasons 1 and 2 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way where fans watched Karine and Paul meet for the first time in her hometown in Brazil. Paul made a name for himself for constantly running away. The first time he ran away was after telling his bride about his criminal past, which left fans unsure of his stability and worried about Karine’s future with him. Paul had spent time in jail for arson and at the time had a restraining order placed against him by an ex-girlfriend. Viewers last the TLC star he was trying to make his complicated relationship work with Karine. However, a lot has changed since fans last saw Paul, the couple welcomed their son Pierre.

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Fans were quick to make the comparison between newcomer Geoffrey and former 90 Day Fiancé alum Paul right from the start. Both men hail from the South, with Geoffrey from Tennessee and Paul from Kentucky. Other than the southern drawl, fans have also noticed that both men have each had numerous run-ins with the law. Geoffrey has been accused of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with an emergency call, and vandalism. While Paul also has spent time in jail and has a history of harassment with his ex-girlfriend. The two men both turned dating abroad in hopes of finding a woman for them.

There’s also the obvious that both became instantly awkward when they are around their long-distance love. While Paul is a self-professed germaphobe who is terrified of disease, Geoffrey doesn’t seem to have that problem. However, both men have a tendency to have little control over their impulsivity in terms of anger and how they manage their emotions. Fans noted that their up and down attitude is a way of controlling. The most glaringly obvious sign that Geoffrey and Paul are alike is when they both hid their past discretions from their partners until they couldn’t hide it anymore. Then there’s the fact that neither men are both picky eaters as fans watched Geoffrey try to choke down some herring and mayonnaise pie while Paul flat-out refused to eat local delicacies when visiting Karine in Brazil.

The two men have both come across as creepy and controlling in the eyes of the audience. Fans already watched Geoffrey become very upset when Varya announced she would not be sharing a hotel room with him, almost throwing a full-on fit as fans watched as he tried to manipulate her feelings. While some fans think Geoffery is a slight improvement from Paul’s over the top neurotic ways, some fans would rather watch harmless Paul with his mosquito netting and bug spray than watch Geoffrey throw a tantrum about his girlfriend not wanting to sleep with him after just meeting that day.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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RHOA: Kenya Moore Confronts Estranged Husband Marc Daly’s Mistress

Kenya Moore confronted her estranged husband Marc Daly’s mistress on Real Housewives of Atlanta. The mother of one wasted no time in finding out who her one-time love was cheating on her with.

Moore has been fighting demons in her marriage for some time now with the pressure cooker that is their life finally bubbling over. The Miss USA contestant joined the franchise back on season 5. Moore did leave the show for a little while to focus on her new marriage in 2018 after season 10 had ended. Moore has always brought a decent amount of drama with her when she has starred on the show, but it looks as if this season may be a bit too much for her as Daly forced her to release a statement when he issued one first behind her back regarding their separation.

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On the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans watched in shock as Moore admitted to confronting her ex-husband’s mistress. The episode started off with Kandi Burruss talking about the explosive Uber fight between the two saying the driver had asked Daly to get out of the car. Moore elaborated that the argument was intense and while he had never physically hurt her, she was scared, telling him he could not return to the house. The reality star claimed that he was “livid” and wished she had not attended his fundraiser, even though she orchestrated the whole thing. The couple was captured on camera numerous times as Daly was shown acting controlling. According to Daly, Moore ruined her night. Their arguments got severe and Moore felt as if he went for her “throat.”

In a bombshell, the Bravo personality admitted to seeing elicit text messages on her husband’s phone where a woman was “begging to keep the sex going.” Moore explained to her two friends that she explained to Daly that the communication was inappropriate, but he still continued to speak with the mystery woman. In a confessional, the beauty queen admitted she ignored many red flags because she was hopeful for their union. In an aggressive confrontation, Moore revealed to the cameras that she called the “bit*h” and confronted her, basically threatening her if she went near Daly again that she knew where she lived, disclosing to the production crew that she lived in New York City.

Fans are aware that Moore has been in an abusive relationship in her past and has struggled with her mother disowning her. The housewife wanted to do the right thing by her daughter, saying she knew she didn’t deserve to be treated like she had been throughout their marriage. Many of the other housewives are Team Kenya as they do not believe that Daly was the one for her and hope she can move on from him.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm EST on Bravo.

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