Big Brother: Elissa Reilly Slater Initially Didn’t Want to Go On Show

Big Brother star Elissa Reilly Slater, sister of Big Brother Season 13 winner Rachel Reilly, recently admitted that she initially didn’t want to go on the reality show to begin with. There was a lot happening in her life – like being a mom – that made her hesitant about going on the show.

Viewers first met Elissa on Season 15 of CBS’s Big Brother – the surveillance-based reality TV show that monitors 16 strangers as they live together and compete for $500,000. She was quickly a fan favorite, winning the MVP for the first three weeks in the house. That’s when other houseguests began to grow suspicious of her influence over the audience. While she managed to avoid getting eliminated in the first few weeks, she was evicted in week 10. But later, during the finale of the season, she was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest and won $25,000. While she has no regrets about doing the show now, Elissa apparently didn’t even want to be on Big Brother in the first place.

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During an appearance on JC Mounduix’s AfterBuzz, Elissa said she initially didn’t want to go on Big Brother because she was a mom to her son Reily and felt too busy to commit to a reality TV series. She also didn’t watch the show aside from the seasons on which her sister appeared (Rachel was also a contestant on Season 12). But Rachel talked her sister into doing it, Elissa said, and now she’s a “super fan” and doesn’t regret going on the show at all, telling Mounduix, “It was an awesome experience and I had a great season and now I love the show so much.” 

Elissa may have had her hesitations in the beginning about Big Brother, but it looks like her time on the show has fully paid off. The fitness and nutrition specialist is currently working on an app with her sister, and the two recently competed together on The Amazing Race, where they made it far, but weren’t exactly fan favorites. She’s also had a reoccurring role on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful and is currently working on another TV show.

In addition to appearing on reality TV, Elissa is a wife to her husband, Brent Slater, and mother to two sons. She’ll also soon be an aunt again. In the same interview where she admitted she had hesitations about being on TV, Rachel dropped the bombshell that she and husband, Brendon Villegas, are trying for baby number two. Elissa was excited, but also wanted her sister to stop making her cringe by talking about baby-making in front of her. Viewers will have to wait and see what’s in store next for Elissa and Rachel. Judging by their track record, reality TV viewers haven’t seen the last of the sisters yet.

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New episodes of Big Brother air Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on CBS.

Source: AfterBuzz

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Sarah Beauchamp

Walking Dead Season 10: Michonne Battles Zombies In Fiery First Image

The first The Walking Dead season 10 image features Danai Gurira’s Michonne in a fiery battle with zombies. After years of declining ratings and increasing fan discontent, The Walking Dead season 9 delivered what many critics agreed was the show’s best storytelling in a long time. If one development helped The Walking Dead overcome its recent slump, it was the season 9 arrival of the villainous Whisperers and their terrifying leader Alpha (superbly played by Samantha Morton).

Of course, season 9 was dominated not by new arrivals but devastating departures. No exit was more earth-shattering for the show than that of Andrew Lincoln, who departed as Rick Grimes after heading up the cast since the very beginning. Maggie actress Lauren Cohan also exited the show in the front half of the season, but it’s been reported that the series is trying hard to get Cohan back. Late in the season, a whole group of characters was killed off by the Whisperers, including long time regulars Tara (Alanna Masterson), Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Henry (Matt Lintz).

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As The Walking Dead heads into season 10, another important long time cast member, Gurira, is also reportedly headed for the exit. As Michonne’s storyline prepares to wrap up, EW has released a first look Walking Dead season 10 image that features Gurira’s katana wielding character in a ferocious battle with zombies while surrounded by fire. See the image in the space below:

Speaking to EW, Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang offered some insight into the significance of fire in season 10:

“One of the things that we have going on this season is, we’re continuing some explorations of natural elements and how they play into our world. And fire is one of those elements that comes into play in a few key ways that twist the story in a way that will be pretty exciting.”

Indeed, bringing the elements more into play actually began with season 9, when a snowstorm descended and made things very difficult for the characters after the already devastating losses they suffered at the hands of The Whisperers. Going by Kang’s comments, it seems fans can look forward to more instances of bad weather or perhaps a forest fire complicating things in season 10 (as if the world being overrun by zombies wasn’t already complicated enough). Kang naturally isn’t giving much away about what specifically is going on with Michonne in the above image, but it appears the character is in a lot of trouble. Michonne of course is very good at getting out of trouble using her trusty katana. Somewhere along the line though, something must happen to Michonne that leads to her departure from the show.

Of course, just because Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead, that doesn’t mean fans need to necessarily say goodbye to the character. Rick Grimes departed the series without dying, and is expected to return in a series of Walking Dead movies being developed by AMC. Cohan too appears on her way back to the franchise. It would not be a shock if Michonne also left the show without being killed off, leaving the door open for the character to be reunited with Rick in one of the movies. As for season 10 of The Walking Dead, very little is known about what is expected to go down, but no doubt The Whisperers will be in the thick of things again, and no doubt the show will introduce a bunch more new characters (to replace all the ones that died at the end of season 9, if nothing else).

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Source: EW

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Hill House Star Oliver Jackson-Cohen Joins Haunting of Bly Manor

Hill House actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen is joining Vitoria Pedretti in the cast for the upcoming season, The Haunting of Bly Manor. Mike Flangan’s The Haunting of Hill House series was a big hit for Netflix last year, dramatically re-imagining Shirley Jackson’s source material to positive effect. The streaming giant has since announced that the show is becoming an anthology and will base its second season, Bly Manor, on Henry James’ famous 1898 horror novella, The Turn of the Screw. As a result, the next installment will feature all-new characters and settings.

What it won’t feature, thankfully, is a completely new cast. Just last month, it was announced that Hill House breakout Victoria Pedretti is returning to star in Bly Manor, with Flanagan once again calling the shots as director. While plot details are mostly being kept under-wraps for now, it has been confirmed that Pedretti will headline Bly Manor as Dani, a young governess who is hired to care for two “very unusual” children at the eponymous (and, possibly, haunted for real) estate.

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The Wrap is reporting that Jackson-Cohen will star opposite Pedretti in Bly Manor as Peter, an individual who’s described as simply being a “charming fellow”. Peter is also said to be a leading character and will reportedly interact with Dani directly while she’s working at her (creepy) new job.

It’s only fitting that Jackson-Cohen and Pedretti reunite for Bly Manor; the pair played twin siblings Luke and Eleanor “Nell” on The Haunting of Hill House, and their characters shared a special connection that made it all the harder for them to recover from their traumatic childhood experiences when their family lived in Hill House. As impressive as the Hill House cast was overall, Jackson-Cohen and Pedretti had, in some ways, the most challenging roles and really stood out among the talented ensemble for it. Filmmakers have clearly taken notice of them too, as evidenced by Jackson-Cohen having also been recently cast as The Invisible Man in Universal’s reboot.

Now that Jackson-Cohen and Pedretti are back for Bly Manor, though, it will be interesting to see what other Hill House cast members end up returning for this new installment. Carla Gugino, who played Luke and Nell’s mother Olivia, has confirmed that she and Flangan (who’ve worked together multiple times already) have discussed it, so there’s a real possibly that she too will sign on down the line. Who knows: if there are enough roles to go around and things work out scheduling-wise, the entire Crain family may yet reunite for a second round of Haunting together.

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The Haunting of Bly Manor premieres on Netflix in 2020.

Source: The Wrap

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Amazon Developing New Jack Ryan TV Series | ScreenRant

Months after it was announced that Lee Child was bringing his Jack Reacher character to television, the series is officially in development at Amazon, with Scorpion creator Nick Santora on board as executive producer and showrunner. The news that the title character of Child’s series of novels would no longer be played by Tom Cruise in feature films was delivered last year, with the author stating he had regained the rights to his work and would be shopping it around to various networks and streaming services, in an effort to deliver an ongoing series with an actor who more closely resembled the character as he was depicted on page. 

It’s an interesting step for the author to take, as although both films, Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, were only modest hits (they roughly grossed a combined $400 million worldwide), they benefitted greatly from the name of their star, as well as the presence of Mission: Impossible writer-director Christopher McQuarrie. Nevertheless, Child has been adamant that the character of Reacher should be someone well over six feet tall and, as described in the books, has “hands the size of dinner plates.” Though the casting search is presumably on, it would seem the Jack Reacher series will have the full weight of Amazon Prime Video, as well as Skydance and Paramount Television, behind it. 

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As reported by Variety, the series will make for a one-two punch of testosterone-driven action fare, featuring dudes named Jack, as Reacher will be well positioned alongside the recently rebooted Jack Ryan series, starring John Krasinski. That series is also produced by Paramount and Skydance, making the acquisition of Reacher something of a no-brainer and a solid addition to the streamer’s growing lineup of action-oriented original programming. 

The question now becomes what sort of series Jack Reacher will be under the stewardship of Santora and Child, who also comes on board the project as an executive producer. Because Child was so invested in recasting the character to fit his description in the books, it stands to reason that he’ll be angling for the series itself to hew closer to the kind of storytelling seen in the novels as well. How that will differentiate the series from the Tom Cruise films remains to be seen, but an obvious angle might be for the show to push the envelope further than the PG-13 rated movies with regard to its content.

As for now, the process of finding the new Jack Reacher will likely take precedence for Santora and Child, as the new series will likely be marketed at least partially on the chosen actor’s physical resemblance to the wandering hero. Until then, it looks like it’ll be a good time to speculate as to who best can walk in Reacher’s shoes. 

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Jack Reacher does not yet have a premiere date on Amazon Prime Video. 

Source: Variety

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The Bachelorette: All About The Hometown Dates | ScreenRant

Fans have been waiting all season to see who the final four lucky suitors would be for the hometown dates on The Bachelorette. Here’s everything you need to know about The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown’s hometown dates.

So far on this season of The Bachelorette, Brown has had a hard time keeping the contestants from fighting with one another. Many group dates and cocktail parties have devolved into petty arguments between the men. Now, fortunately for Brown, it’s down to just four guys, and things have started to calm down a bit – for the most part. Compared to the Fantasy Suites episode, which involves drama with contestant Luke Parker after the 26-year-old self-proclaimed “entrepreneur” sex-shamed Brown, the hometown dates could be smooth sailing for the bachelorette.

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In the hometown dates episodes, the four remaining contestants – Luke Parker, Jed Wyatt, Tyler Cameron, and Peter Weber – took Brown home to meet their families. Per The Bachelorette rules, none of the contestants are allowed to speak to their families prior to their visits. Brown had to communicate with her family members via the producers to coordinate the televised date. Check out the teaser below:

Producers apparently ask the final four contestants to choose an activity that “means something” to them. The point is to allow the bachelorette to have some one-on-one time with the contestant before meeting their family. It also probably goes without saying, but the former bachelorette stressed that these hometown dates are deeply uncomfortable for everyone involved, but particularly for the families.

This season, things have been tense between Brown and Parker, who has been a source of frustration for other men in the house, which paved the way for an interesting visit. Then there’s Wyatt’s hometown, which fans will be especially interested to watch considering his ex-girlfriend revealed that the two were still dating when he left to film the show. Even the seemingly perfect Weber has been accused on social media of allegedly being in a relationship before the show – so it sounds like Brown isn’t in the clear just yet.

The hometown dates bring with them plenty of drama, followed by the even more dramatic Fantasy Suites when Brown can choose to spend the night with any of her remaining bachelors. Viewers will then get a behind-the-scenes look at the season during the “Men Tell All” special, which airs the following week. During the special, former contestants from this season confront Brown and each other about what went down on the show. Then, it’s just another week before fans will know for sure who Brown chooses as her future husband, and whose family she will be getting to know a lot better.

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New episodes of The Bachelorette air Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: Hannah Brown

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Readying for Season 12 in 2020 | ScreenRant

RuPaul’s Drag Race, the iconic drag queen competition show, will return for Season 12 in 2020, featuring a new cast of queens from all over the country. While VH1 has yet to release much new information on the upcoming season, fans know they can expect the show to return next winter.

Since 2009, the Emmy-winning show has won over America, teaching viewers about the world of drag, while also breaking barriers for the acceptance of the LGBTQ community. On RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens compete in a series of different challenges based off of performance, makeup, and style. The winner takes home $100,000, a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, and the endless love and approval of RuPaul herself. During Season 11, Yvie Oddly took home the crown. She won out against some incredible queens, like fan favorites Brooke Lynn Hytes and Nina West. Now that Season 11 is over, however, super fans are experiencing withdrawal and have already begun to piece together what they can expect from next season.

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Fans definitely know the next season is happening because there’s already been a casting call. According to the call, put out by RuPaul’s Drag Race’s production company, World of Wonder, Ru is looking for a “showgirl,” “drag queen,” or “girl with a cha-cha heel and a pussycat wig” to appear on Season 12 of the show. Unfortunately, if you’re a drag queen looking to compete, casting is already closed, which is a good sign for fans as it means the network must be close to narrowing down who the next cast of queens will be. While VH1 hasn’t officially announced the next season or its air date, viewers are pretty confident it’s happening, especially based on the success of this last season.

Generally, RuPaul’s Drag Race airs early on in the year, usually by January or February, which means fans will have to possibly wait half a year for their drag race fix. The usual judges will likely return, including Ru, Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, and Carson Kressley. None of the upcoming celebrity judges have been announced yet, but based on this past season, they most likely won’t disappoint. On Season 11, fans saw guest judges like Lena Waithe, Miley Cyrus, and Adam Rippon.

The good news is that fans may not have to wait until the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race to see their favorite queens. There’s a strong possibility Season 5 of All Stars, a spinoff of RuPaul’s Drag Race featuring iconic cast members from former seasons, will air a month or two before Season 12 premieres. In the meantime, viewers can stream the previous seasons of both shows on VH1 online and start getting their heels and wigs ready for 2020.

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 Source: World of Wonder

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Sarah Beauchamp

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Had Sex With Contestant in Windmill

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown admitted to having sex with one of the contestants in a windmill, twice, during the filming of the show. The 24-year-old apparently didn’t want to wait until the Fantasy Suites to take things to the next level with one of her suitors.

By now, fans of The Bachelorette have likely seen clips of Brown – who originally appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor – reaming out controversial contestant Luke Parker for sex-shaming her. In a previous sneak peek of the upcoming episodes, Parker says he would “remove” himself from the relationship with Brown if she’d had sex with any of the other contestants on the show. Brown, who was obviously shocked by his comment, told him, “My husband would never say what you’ve said to me.” Then it looked as though she sent Parker home. Now, in a new clip, Brown drops a bombshell about herself and one of the other bachelors.

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In a new preview released by ABC, Brown says she had sex with a contestant in a windmill while filming the show – twice. The new clip also shows more moments during Parker and Brown’s blowout argument, and as she holds his car door open, she says to him, “I have had sex, and honestly, Jesus still loves me. From obviously how you feel, me f*king in a windmill, you probably wanna leave.” Later in a confessional interview, Brown repeats her comments, telling viewers and producers, “I f*cked in a windmill. And guess what? We did it a second time.”

While Brown didn’t name names, Bachelor Nation is, of course, already on it. Many fans are speculating that she and contestant Jed Wyatt had sex in a windmill, since their one-on-one date in the Netherlands had them taking a romantic stroll past a windmill. Wyatt is one of the remaining four men left vying for Brown’s heart. In addition to him, Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron are also still in the competition. Considering Wyatt’s been a front-runner throughout this season, fans find him to be the most likely to propose in the end. However, after his ex-girlfriend came out claiming that he was still very much dating her when he left for the show, it’s unclear how that affected the outcome of the show or Hannah’s view of him.

Following this intense upcoming Fantasy Suites episode, ABC will air the “Men Tell All” special, during which time all the former contestants return to confront each other and possibly smooth some things over. Brown will also drop by the studio to face the men she rejected in the past weeks, and the following week will be the finale and fans will finally get to see who puts a ring on The Bachelorette‘s finger. In the meantime, Bachelor Nation will never look at a windmill the same way again.

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The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: ABC

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AppleTV+’s For All Mankind Sneak Peek Video | ScreenRant

Apple has yet to launch its AppleTV+ streaming service, but the tech giant is already busy marketing one of its first shows, For All Mankind, with a new video tied to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing. This summer has seen the historic event remembered with a number of documentary films, both in theaters and on television. In addition to the IMAX-enhanced Apollo 11, National Geographic recently aired its feature documentary Apollo: Missions to the Moon, which not only recounted Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touching down on the lunar surface, but it also covered the history of the Apollo program in total. 

Now, AppleTV+ and co-creator/showrunner Ron D. Moore are taking an alternative history approach to the space race, contemplating what NASA and humankind might have looked like if human exploration of space didn’t stop at the moon. The new series is one of many ambitious (and apparently very expensive) new original series Apple has stockpiled as the streaming wars begin to heat up in advance of not only AppleTV+, but also Disney+, and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. And as one of the only shows that Apple has released a proper trailer for, it seems fitting that the company give audiences a better look at what’s to come by comparing For All Mankind to the event being remembered this summer. 

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It’s a smart bit of marketing on Apple’s behalf, as the new featurette not only gives viewers a sneak peek at the new series, but it also gives co-creator Ron D. Moore a chance to explain the impetus behind For All Mankind. Thought it’s just a small peek behind the curtain, the short featurette demonstrates the show’s commitment to creating a version of NASA that’s as realistic as possible, even though the space administrations mission and progression through history to the present day will conceivably be dramatically different from the one most viewers know today. Take a look at the video below:

Since WWDC 2019, Apple has been showcasing For All Mankind as its flagship program for the  streaming TV service that is expected to launch this fall. Whether or not that means the space race series will be the only series available at launch or not is not entirely clear, but it sure seems as though the maker of iPhones is positioning the the alternative history drama as a prestige-worthy series, one that may well net the fledgling TV service the positive reviews (and possibly awards recognition) that will get subscribers signing up. 

But if watching Joel Kinnaman lead a new generation of astronauts into space isn’t enough, viewers can still look forward to the Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston-led TV news drama The Morning Show, as well as the reboot of Amazing Stories, and the Jason Momoa fantasy series Sight. 

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For All Mankind and AppleTV+ will premiere later this fall.

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Kevin Yeoman

The Hills: New Beginnings Ashley Wahler Went to Make Friends

The Hills: New Beginnings star Ashley Wahler – who is married to fellow cast member and former The Hills and Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler – opened up recently about some of the reasoning behind joining the famous reality TV cast. She explained that one of the main reasons was to make friends.

Fans first met Jason on Laguna Beach, which aired in 2004 and followed the lives of affluent teenagers in Southern California, and were later re-introduced to him on The Hills. The spinoff focused mainly on cast member Lauren Conrad’s life in Los Angeles after she left high school. While Jason was known to be a player during his time on those shows – he was Conrad’s on-again/off-again love interest and was the reason she didn’t take the Teen Vogue internship in Paris – viewers will get to see a different side of him on the recently premiered The Hills: New Beginnings. In the nearly ten years since The Hills went off the air in 2009, Jason has gotten sober and met the love of his life, Ashley, with whom he shares a daughter, Delilah. He’s gone from heartbreaker to homemaker, and Ashley, who appears on the spinoff alongside her husband, is excited to show fans this softer side of him.

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Ashley said she and Jason talked a lot about whether or not they should go on the show, but ultimately decided that they’ve “gone through so much” and are still happily married, and they wanted to share that experience with others. She told Cosmopolitan that It seemed like a no-brainer that right now, our society needs people that are going to try and help others,” referring to his battle with addiction. In addition to helping others, Ashley wanted to make friends, and it looks as though she succeeded. Ashley is seen posing with The Hills: New Beginnings co-stars (seen below via her personal Instagram) with the caption reading, “Love these crazy kids.”

Since filming started, the professional hairstylist and colorist said she’s gotten close with cast members Whitney Port and Mischa Barton, who starred in The O.C., which originally inspired Laguna Beach. While Barton was quiet and guarded at first, Ashley explained that she “plowed through.” She said she likes to get to know people “on a different level than just surface,” adding that she and Barton are close friends. Ashley added that she and Port also bonded because of the fact that they both lost their fathers.

While it sounds like Ashley decided to star in The Hills: New Beginnings for the right reasons, that doesn’t mean other cast members won’t try to bring the drama. Spencer Pratt, for instance, is returning and is already talking about beef with his sister Stephanie. The two apparently haven’t spoken since the original show aired; though maybe they’ll take a page out of Ashley’s book and try to build some bridges instead of burning them this season.

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New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Mondays at 10 pm EST on MTV.

Source: Cosmopolitan, Ashley Wahler

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Sarah Beauchamp

WWE Extreme Rules: Brock Lesnar Cashes In, Wins Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar cashes in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship after the main event of WWE Extreme Rules. While Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman had teased that the former UFC fighter would indeed cash in on either Rollins or WWE Champion Kofi Kingston during Extreme Rules, most figured it was just another fake out. Even when Heyman reiterated the declaration earlier tonight, many fans thought it was just more mind games from the devious ECW founder.

Obviously, that turned out to not be the case, and Heyman had in fact delivered a spoiler earlier on. After Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch emerged victorious over opponents Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in the main event of Extreme Rules, it looked like the celebration would be on, but things quickly went south for Rollins.  Lesnar arrived fast, wasting no time in cashing in his contract on a weakened Rollins after hitting a few high impact German suplexes.

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Lesnar finished Rollins off with an F-5 after the bell officially rang, continuing the usual pattern of Money in the Bank winners successfully cashing in to a win a championship, although a handful of wrestlers have failed. In doing so, Lesnar effectively avenged the WrestleMania XXXV match in which he lost the same title to Rollins in April. The era of The Beast looks to be resuming right where it left off, whether the WWE fans like it or not.

Lesnar now embarks on his seventh world title reign in WWE, and his third with the Universal Championship in particular. While Lesnar will presumably defend the title at SummerSlam in August, him recapturing Raw’s top belt opens the door for The Beast to resume the pattern so many WWE fans have grown sick of since his return to WWE as a part-time performer. Lesnar only wrestles on pay-per-view, and only a handful of them per year, due to his specialized, big money contract.

This has led to Lesnar being a Universal Champion that rarely defends his title, leaving many pay-per-views without a world championship main event. That finally seemed to be over, as a lot of Rollins and Lesnar’s story leading into WrestleMania centered on the idea that the fans were tired of a part-time champion. Yet, that’s now what they have to live with again after Extreme Rules. In a time when WWE recently took the step of hiring Heyman and Eric Bischoff to oversee Raw and SmackDown creatively, due to falling ratings, it’s baffling why they would immediately run back to Lesnar’s stale act as Universal Champion.

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Michael Kennedy