CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Official Trailer (2018) Teenage Witch Reboot, Netflix Series HD

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Official Trailer (2018) Teenage Witch Reboot, Netflix Series HD
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26 replies
  1. Hollie Saunders
    Hollie Saunders says:

    its meant to be set in Greendale and if u watch riverdale you will realize how close these are to each other!!!! i hope they do an ep where the riverdale crew meet Sabrina that would be good

  2. Tao Dao
    Tao Dao says:

    This was pretty good had it's annoyance but I can't wait for a season 2. Some of the lore references were cool, like Supernatural. This isn't a sitcom and is based on a different comic than the sitcom

  3. allornothing432
    allornothing432 says:

    Complete waste of time! Just a sad vehicle for poorly written SJW third wave feminist bullshit. Its god forsaken delusions seeping into every scene like a cancer! Of course every man is emasculated or a chauvinistic punching bag and all the women feisty champions and ever ready to "advise" all the silly men – seriously who gave the nut case a pen? I swear this delusional shit is in every f*cken show and movie, estranged from reality and only ever comfortable in the realm of fiction and feelings.

  4. Ali Kefou
    Ali Kefou says:

    No thanks, I'll pass on this one.
    Not really a fan of this kind of dark approach, devil and satanic and what not stuff.
    I rather watch the comedic version.

  5. Ximena Lopez Mora
    Ximena Lopez Mora says:

    The first time I watched this serie and is undoubtedly a cheap remake made or directed or by an illuminati or someone of the other side, as teachers we must comment to our students about this dangerous tv programmes in order to avoid suicides, or bullying activities.

  6. exlibrisas
    exlibrisas says:

    I am so much in love with this show. So grateful for it being dark! I grew up with stupid kids cartoon, then series. But this take on Sabrina is epic.


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