Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: The 10 Most Shameless Things Sabrina Has Ever Done

Since Part 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the titular character Sabrina Spellman was quickly established as a character who thinks highly of herself and her skillset. This sense of self-confidence has provided mixed results such as helping Theo earn a place on Baxter high’s basketball team or embarrassing her aunts in front of the coven for going against coven traditions.

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Some of her actions, though, have even worse consequences. Sabrina sometimes expresses remorse for her actions after seeing the damage in the end but sometimes she stands by her decisions. Regardless of the outcome, she walks into each situation confidently and shamelessly.

10 Attending Baxter High At Her Leisure

Throughout the series, but especially throughout the second part, Sabrina holds spotty attendance at Baxter High, favoring coven meetings and attending The Academy of Unseen Arts. Such behavior was encouraged by Aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood, both of whom devoutly followed the coven’s faith and wished for Sabrina to do the same.

Sabrina did not realize the problems she had caused until she returned to Baxter High in Part 2, Episode 6, also known as Chapter 17. There, she was greeted bitterly by Roz and Harvey, who resented her for leaving and coming back as if nothing had changed.

9 Going To Dorian’s Gray Room

This action is probably among the most harmless on this list, but it likely contributed to Sabrina’s later use of the establishment throughout Part 3. After both she and Nick lost the title of Top Boy to Ambrose, the couple planned to go on a date at Dr. Cerberus’s. Upon arriving at Dr. Cerberus’s, they see Harvey and Roz on a date, causing them to get a drink at Dorian’s Gray Room, a traditionally warlocks-only establishment, instead.

Dorian Gray (the same Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde’s novel) initially called the couple out for it, but took a liking to Nick and Sabrina and allowed them to stay.

8 Manipulating Baxter High’s Hierarchy

At the beginning of Part 1, Theo, then known as Susie, was being bullied, and Roz was outraged over Baxter High’s censorship of literature. These events also coincided with Sabrina’s upcoming baptism. Since she knew she wouldn’t be around much longer to look out for Theo and Roz, she tried to convince Principal Hawthorne to allow her and her friends to start a group supporting the girls of the school.

Principal Hawthorne did not allow the formation of the group, causing Sabrina to infest his house with spiders so that he would take a leave of absence. With Principal Hawthorne out of the way, she was able to go to Vice Principal Glover for approval for the club entitled Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association, or WICCA.

7 Resurrecting Tommy

After learning that Harvey, Sabrina’s boyfriend at the time, came from a family of witch hunters, Agatha and Dorcas of the Weird Sisters caused the mine in which Harvey and his brother Tommy worked to collapse, killing Tommy and four other miners in the process.

Unable to sit idly by and watch Harvey grieve, Sabrina tried to cheat death and bring Tommy back to life. In the process, she effortlessly slit Agatha’s throat because the spell required a life for a life. She again tried to cheat death by burying Agatha in soil from Cain’s garden and resurrecting her. Tommy came back as an emotionless shell, who later had to be killed to appease death, making Sabrina’s efforts futile.

6 Refusing To Sign The Book Of The Beast

During the first few episodes of Part 1, Sabrina was unsure whether to commit herself to the Church of Night because she did not want to lose her mortal friends or her free will. After being reassured by Father Blackwood that she would, in fact, keep her free will, she attended her Dark Baptism, only to find out at the last minute that Blackwood had lied to her.

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Because Blackwood had lied and after seeing a vision of her parents telling her to run, Sabrina left her Dark Baptism without signing her name in the Book of the Beast. She later on in Part 1 did sign her name in order to overpower the Greendale 13, but the fact that she ran out of her Dark Baptism initially was something she struggled to recover from in the eyes of the other witches in the coven.

5 Questioning The Feast Of Feasts

After Sabrina runs out of her Dark Baptism and before she finally signs the Book of the Beast, the coven’s holiday called the Feast of Feasts arrived, coinciding with the mortal Thanksgiving. The Feast of Feasts called for a Queen to be appointed among the coven, who would then be prepared to be eaten by the coven on the day of the Feast of Feasts.

Sabrina was appalled by this tradition and openly questioned its cannibalistic nature every chance she got. Her questioning eventually saved Prudence’s life but also caused embarrassment for the Spellman and Blackwood families because of their involvement in the apparently botched results of selecting a Queen.

4 Competing With Nick For Top Boy

At the very beginning of Part 2, Father Blackwood called for nominations for Top Boy, a position traditionally held by a warlock (male) student who acted as the middleman between the faculty and the students. Nick Scratch was nominated and thought to be unopposed until Sabrina, fed up with the coven’s inherent misogyny, announced her interest in the position.

Father Blackwood then did everything he could to push Sabrina out of the running, claiming that Top Boy was meant only for the male students. Both she and Nick ended up losing to Ambrose, who did not even formally run for the title.

3 Accepting Caliban’s Challenge For The Throne In Hell

During Part 3, Sabrina was grappling whether to accept her fate as the Ruler of Hell. Caliban, the Prince of Hell, challenged Sabrina for the throne, which Sabrina was initially reluctant to accept. After receiving a vision from her biological father Lucifer Morningstar himself, she accepted Caliban’s challenge.

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Her acceptance of the challenge also meant acceptance of her destiny and caused her to take on the role and responsibilities of Queen of Hell, such as taking souls down to Hell when their time on Earth was up. Her acceptance of the challenge also contributed to her abandonment of friends and family when the Pagans brought on the end of the world.

2 Taking Her Mortal Friends To Hell

In the first episode of Part 3, Sabrina recruits Harvey, Roz, and Theo, all of whom are mortals, to go to Hell with her and rescue her boyfriend Nick, who was acting as a vessel for Lucifer and was trapped in Hell by Lillith. Technically mortals were not supposed to step into Hell alive, but Sabrina took measures such as making the group wear dead man’s shoes and wiping themselves with ghastly water (water that was used to wipe down corpses).

The journey through Hell was still difficult, with each of the mortals encountering a family member, or an illusion of a family member, causing psychological torment for the individual.

1 Creating A Potential Time Paradox

After completing the third and final challenge for the throne against Caliban, Caliban turned Sabrina into stone. Her future self was able to rescue her, creating a time loop. This time in the time loop, Sabrina opted not to rescue herself after being turned to stone and instead stopped her past self from falling into Caliban’s trap.

She and past Sabrina then decided that past Sabrina would be crowned Queen of Hell while Sabrina would go back to Greendale and be with her loved ones. She told Ambrose about it after the fact and he warned her that a paradox may occur. The consequences for Sabrina’s decision have not been shown yet and will likely be dealt with in Part 4.

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