Chris Evans to Produce and Star in Apple Legal Thriller Series Defending Jacob

Captain America actor Chris Evans attempts to jump over to the small screen on Apple’s new legal thriller Defending Jacob. Evans will both star in and produce the tech giant’s new series.

Adding to the list of companies seeking to highlight their own original content, Apple is preparing to release their own wave of programming. Back in 2017, news of Apple’s investment in content creation emerged, and now fans are soon to witness the realization of that investment: Apple original series and films. Apple’s rollout of original content features a roster full of star power, including Kristen Wiig, M. Night Shyamalan, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Ronald D. Moore, and now, the MCU’s Steve Rogers himself.

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The Wrap reported Evans’ decision to try his hand at executive producing, while also starring in Defending Jacob. The series is based on a novel – published in 2012 – about a father wrestling with accusations of murder brought against his teenage son. Evans will presumably portray the father, and the casting of the teenage son has yet to be announced. The book was widely acclaimed at the time of its publishing, becoming a New York Times best seller. Mark Bomback (War for the Planet Of The Apes) will take the reigns as showrunner.

This role will be a new and unexpected one for Evans, whose career was rocketed into the stratosphere by his work with Marvel Studios, although that commitment has limited his time when it comes to starring in non-superhero projects. Cap was of course left alive after Thanos’ fateful snap in Avengers: Infinity War, and Evans is set to reprise the role in the still untitled Avengers 4. It’ll be Evans’ seventh (outside of one-scene cameos) appearance as the iconic character, but he’s also confirmed that it’ll be his final portrayal of the hero.

Defending Jacob could mark a new beginning for Evans as well as Apple, with the tech company moving into the world of original content while the Marvel lead moves on to a more austere role. Apple would be remiss to not acknowledge the successes and failures of fellow streaming sites in the quest to create positively received original content. Likewise, Evans, should look toward actors who successfully pivoted away from the typecasting that often follows a role in fandom-heavy films. Altogether, Defending Jacob, has been set-up for success. Only time will tell if Apple’s tech products are the only high quality thing they can produce.

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Source: The Wrap

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