COBRA KAI Season 2 “Johnny yells at Hawk” Clip Trailer (2019) Karate Kid Series HD

COBRA KAI Season 2 “Johnny yells at Hawk” Clip Trailer (2019) Karate Kid Series HD
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2019-03-22 14:46:43

27 replies
  1. ddm62571
    ddm62571 says:

    Miguel and Hawk looked totally confused after Johnny yelled and I loved it! Looks like Johnny's teaching methods have completely flip flopped. Watching this clip just gets me hungry for me Cobra Kai!

  2. Matthew Abraham
    Matthew Abraham says:

    Hey guys u think krease will recruit mike Barnes and terry silver to make Daniel even more nervous and scared because we all know what happened in karate kid 3. Lemme know what u guys think

  3. mike393000
    mike393000 says:

    Johnny knows dirty fighting doesn't win you respect. He did the no mercy thing and swept the leg and lost everything in his life in that moment. He wants to teach honor to some extent but also knows if he didn't attack Daniels injury, he likely would have won and wouldn't have been caught off guard with the famous crane kick…

  4. Jules Hardy
    Jules Hardy says:

    So how will hawk and Miguel react when they find out that robbie is actually Johnny's son. I bet they leave and join Johnny's old sensi training dojo i bet hawk will leave you can see it happening already

  5. Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera says:

    I thought Johnny would discipline those 2 like that after the tournament. As glad as I am about Cobra Kai winning the tournament, I have to agree that Miguel and Hawk made wrong decisions in their matches against Robbie. I believe Hawk would’ve beaten Robbie fair & square and then there would’ve been a fun, fair match between Hawk and Miguel. And that would’ve-been match could go either way.

  6. Wolffen51
    Wolffen51 says:

    I love how Johnny said "no to cheating or fighting dirty." it shows he wants to do things honorably…seems he learned after the original Karate Kid about fighting by the rules…which is more than Kreese did.

  7. Cody Snyder
    Cody Snyder says:

    Is Kreese even really alive? If he is, is he bringing Barnes or Terry or Chozen in? Johnny and Daniel both have their work cut out for them! I want to see Daniel vs Barnes 2, and this time make it A LOT less one sided!


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