DCeased Writer Teases A New Twist in The Undead Series

Fans of DCeased won’t have to wait long, as the DC Comics zombie apocalypse is rising from the grave for seconds with DCeased Unkillables by Tom Taylor and Karl Mostert. The comic, produced through DC’s mature Black Label imprint, will follow the Anti-Life apocalypse through the eyes of anti-heroes and supervillains like Red Hood and Deathstroke.

However, there might be more to this story than meets the eye, as Tom Taylor revealed in the press release.

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“There is also a major threat hanging over this whole miniseries, which will be revealed soon, and there will be some surprise characters showing their faces (regular faces and torn),” Tom Taylor said in an interview with DCComics.com. “DCeased Unkillables shows what the villains did when the heroes failed.”

DCeased shows the heroes of the DC Universe forced to confront an Anti-Life equation that has spiraled out of even Darkseid’s control. Those infected with Anti-Life exist only to infect more people, and soon their ranks are filled with a growing number of metahumans. The surviving heroes must figure out how to contain the Anti-Living before the infection consumes the Earth – and beyond.

The first DCeased miniseries ended with a small number of heroes evacuating Earth with the survivors, while the Green Lantern Corp quarantined the Earth. By then, Anti-Living had spread throughout the globe and claimed the trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. However, there remained several unanswered questions. For example, John Constantine departed with Doctor Fate and Zatanna to parts unknown after Constantine and several heroes participated in a failed bid to stop the Anti-Life Equation. Where the mystics went remains at least one mystery posed by the mini-series.

While the original DCeased seemed like a mostly self-contained story, it seems clear that Tom Taylor had bigger plans from the start. Just what were the various supervillains of the world doing after the Anti-Life Virus hit? Did they make it to the arks to escape? Or did they have a back-up plan all along? DCeased Unkillables certainly has plenty of ground to cover. Taylor has already shown he can write heroes and villains and all points in between in books like Injustice and previous DCeased saga. Hopefully, DCeased doesn’t meet the same fate as other horror franchises in delivering lackluster sequel after sequel. However, given that this new miniseries will feature a cast of some of the baddest villains in the DCU – and Tom Taylor’s impressive track record – that probably won’t be the case with DCeased Unkillables.

DCeased Unkillables #1 is on sale now.

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