DCEU: Justice League Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Although the future of the Justice League is currently unknown, we still hold the characters dear to our hearts and hopefully, the DCEU has good plans for them. From Wonder Woman’s inspiring confidence to Flash’s endearing awkwardness to Aquaman’s coolness, the members are unique and each likable in their own way. Fans are still hoping for the release of the Snyder Cut, something which would provide us with even more screentime of your favorite characters.

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Looking back at Justice League, it is clear that, despite their conspicuous differences, one thing the main characters have in common is that they are all incredibly smart. But the matter of who is the smartest is not as evident, so here we take a look at the characters of Justice League, ranked by intelligence.

10 Steppenwolf

If Zack Snyder’s words about his vision for Justice League and scenes that he shot and didn’t make the final cut are anything to go by, Steppenwolf was supposed to be significantly more developed. In the theatrical cut of Justice League, Steppenwolf appears as the typical bad guy from another world who wants to take over the Earth.

It is hard to judge his intelligence, as the reason he is so almost unstoppable is because of his immense army and his physical power, not because of a genius plan that he has devised. It makes sense, then, that the Justice League was eventually about to outsmart him and turn his own dogs on him.

9 Aquaman

Aquaman took the world by storm when Justice League came out. While he was always considered the least liked member of the Justice League in DC comics, the DCEU movie changed everyone’s opinion of the character thanks to Zack Snyder’s unique characterization and Jason Momoa’s badass performance.

Perhaps the best part about Aquaman is that he is not special because of his strength or his intellect: he is special because he is heir to the throne of Atlantis. As a half-Atlantean and half-human, he has knowledge of being a part of both worlds, and that makes him fit to both rule Atlantis but defend the Earth.

8 Superman

Part of Superman’s charm is that even though as a superhero he is an alien with inhuman powers, as Clark Kent he is just an average citizen whom we can relate to. He is not a genius; he makes mistakes, like all of us do, and he worries about the political and social state of the environment he lives in. 

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Nonetheless, he remains highly intelligent. Clark is passionate and the things he believes in and knows how to use his voice as a journalist to bring light to important issues. And although he mostly relies on his strength and flight when he is Superman, it is also his intelligent thinking that makes him a successful superhero.

7 Alfred Pennyworth

One thing is for sure: Bruce wouldn’t be where he is now – whether as Batman or as Bruce Wayne – if it weren’t for Alfred. Although his intelligence is not as evident as with the other characters – the fact that he works so well with Batman is a sign that he must somewhat be able to match the man intellectually.

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He is not just the voice in Batman’s ear that gives him navigation instructions, he also offers useful advice and issues warnings. More often than not, Alfred is right. He was right that about Superman not being Batman’s enemy, and he was right about the dangers of playing with science.

6 Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is one of those secondary characters that is impossible not to like. And with J. K. Simmons as the actor for the iconic commissioner in the DCEU, the greatness of the character is only intensified.

He is clearly one of the smartest people in his department – while most of the Gotham City Police Department does not trust Batman and seeks to arrest him, commissioner recognizes the good that Batman is trying to do and knows that working with Batman, even though he is an outlaw, is the most efficient way to decrease crime and guarantee a safer Gotham.

5 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is smart in a unique way. Over a hundred years on Earth, she has challenged her intellect and acquired immeasurable general knowledge, but most importantly, she has learned to think actions through completely and to be mindful of consequences. Tragically, she has learned to be realistic about ideals like world peace and love.

When she debates with Batman about the idea of resurrecting Superman with the motherbox; it is her emotional intelligence that clashes with Batman’s textbook intelligence. He believes in science, she believes in love and is able to examine the ethics of the situation and anticipate the psychological damage.

4 Lois Lane

The DCEU may have its flaws, but if there’s one thing they definitely got right, it’s Lois Lane’s character. She is often written as nothing more than a damsel in distress, but in the DCEU she has a crucial role in each movie she appears in, and her relationship with Superman is only a small part of her character. For her first appearance, it is clear that she is incredibly smart.

In Man Of Steel, despite being only a journalist, she helps Superman and the American army to save the world from Zod’s attack. In Batman v Superman, while Superman and Batman are busy trying to expose each other, she is the first one to figure out that Lex Luthor’s plan. 

3 Cyborg

Victor Stone was smart to begin with, but being turned into a cyborg allows him to have the technology on which to use his intelligence literally embedded in him. Although becoming a cyborg seemingly sacrifices a bit of his mental health, his technological tools, and his smart thinking combined together creates an unstoppable superhero.

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Although we didn’t get to see it in the theatrical cut, Zack Snyder has admitted that Cyborg was supposed to be the key to stopping Steppenwolf. We can still see hints of the cruciality of Cyborg’s character in Justice League; he is clearly a fast-learner and masters the ins and outs of his cyborg body.

2 The Flash

Due to his super-speed, Barry Allen is able to read, process, understand and therefore learn things inhumanly quickly. He has the potential to be the most knowledgeable man on the planet – but knowledge is not the defining feature of intelligence. Rather, it is his ability to correctly use that knowledge that makes him intelligent.

He is still young and slightly inexperienced with his powers in the movie, and Batman is the perfect mentor for him. Barry only needs a little training to reach his full potential but physically and intellectually. Working at S.T.A.R lab in Central City, he’s incredibly gifted in sciences and is on his way to becoming one of the best scientists out there.

1 Batman

As the smartest member of the Justice League, Batman is the one whom the task of devising a plan usually falls upon. He can perfect a plan for weeks just like he can come up with a miraculous solution on the spot during critical times.

His sharp thinking and his 20 years of experience in dealing with criminal allow him to anticipate dangers – which is why he builds the Justice League – and use science to bring Superman back from the dead. After all, he is a mere human who found a way to beat Superman single-handedly.

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