Deadpool Saves Christmas… By Killing Santa Claus

Warning: SPOILERS for Deadpool #7

The time has come for Santa Claus to pop into the Marvel Universe, but with Deadpool determined to kill him for clients, Santa may not live to see another holiday.

Deadpool #7 is all about the trials and tribulations of running a toyshop at the North Pole, even before the threat of a contract killing stirs up trouble. It’s not the first time that Deadpool has tangled with Ol’ Saint Nick, either; in 2016, he teamed up with Spider-Man to save Christmas, and this year, it looks like he’s doing it again.

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Whether you love them for their holiday charm, or loathe them for being pointless seasonal filler, holiday comic book issues are back in town: and Deadpool is out to get none other than Santa Claus himself this year! The holiday special is something of a tradition in the Marvel Universe, even if the events of these specially themed comics don’t generally have anything to do with the larger events happening in this world. Deadpool #7 starts with the all-top-real heartbreak of a Christmas morning with no toys under the tree, and disappointed children all over the world. But this being 2018, these kids don’t take their lack of toys sitting down.

Instead, they start a GoFundMe (sorry, a ‘GoPayMe’), and use the funds to hire Deadpool to take out Santa Claus for his failure to deliver. Of course, when Wade gets to the workshop (having obviously accepted the contract to kill the deadbeat Santa) he discovers that all is not as it seems. Santa is now drunk, foul-mouthed and weirdly ripped – and has a pretty good excuse for not delivering the goods. As it turns out, an evil elf convinced all his helpers to abandon him, and now works them to the bone at a Roxxon toy factory. What’s a merc to do? He can’t kill Santa, so instead, he takes on the elf, brings back the toymakers, and saves Christmas!

Of course, this is the definition of a fluffy Christmas special, and we don’t expect to see any reference made to Deadpool’s latest holiday mission in the New Year. That said, this adventure does take the Merc with a Mouth past the home of the Avengers, so there is always room for them to comment on his attempts to kill Claus in the future! More likely, however, this is just a fun cameo from some other Marvel characters.

However, if Deadpool #7 has whetted your appetite for some holiday Deadpool, there’s always Once Upon A Deadpool to look forward to! This PG-13 rated version of the original Deadpool film comes with a frame story of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool telling his story (The Princess Bride style) to Fred Savage. Only in theaters from December 12 to Christmas Eve, this is all the Deadpool we’ll need for the holiday season.

Deadpool #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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