Dick Grayson Thinks Nightwing’s Costume is Coolest, Too

The Batman family may rely on capes, cowls, and gadgets, but Nightwing has relied on nothing but his signature suit and streak of blue to win fans. So it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that Nightwing himself, Dick Grayson, ranks his superhero suit as one of DC’s coolest.

Not that Dick Grayson would ever be the kind of superhero to brag about such a thing (there are too many… questionable Nightwing costumes in his past to get an ego). But now that he’s gotten some distance from the role, turning it over to DC’s new Nightwing, the former sidekick is finally able to see his threads with fresh eyes. Will acknowledging how good it looks to be Nightwing help lure him back into the role?

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After Nightwing took a bullet to the head, the status quo went out the window where Dick Grayson was concerned. He recovered, thankfully, but with his memories of everything past his circus upbringing wiped clean, he decided to embrace change. He was raised a nomad, and would become one again – even if it meant letting down Batman, Alfred, and even his undying love, Batgirl. Until now he’s managed to chart his own course as the Nightwing persona was adopted by a new vigilante. But in Nightwing #53, he finally ends up crossing paths with his replacement… and can’t help but take mental stock, seeing how everyone else sees Nightwing for the very first time.

Let’s cover the most obvious problem fans are going to have with Dick Grayson’s comments here: Yes, it IS hard to believe that any other human could fill out the Nightwing suit as well as the former Robin. That said, the appearance of Detective Alphonse Sapienza speaks for itself – proving the Blüdhaven police department demands the same level of athleticism as its rooftop vigilantes. Either way, Dick’s response shows that even for superheroes, they may not know how good they have it until passing on their name and costume to a successor.

What may get the Nightwing fans even more stirred up is the implication that Dick Grayson might be implying Detective Spaienza looks cooler than he did in his previous version. Since the most notable changes “Sap” made to the suit involve his handgun and holster, Dick noting his “cool” appearance may even prove controversial among those who believe guns and Bat-heroes don’t mix. But that was the old Dick Grayson – we’re looking at the brand new ‘Ric’ Grayson, now. Without the influence of his friends, who knows what he might be interested in these days (or how long before he comes to his senses)?

For the meantime, those interested in weighing in on the debate can check out the first pages of Nightwing #53 or pick up their own copy in physical and digital comic shops everywhere. And, of course, sound off in the comments as to whether or not you share Dick Grayson’s opinion that Nightwing’s uniform shines no matter who’s wearing it.

Nightwing #53 is available now from DC Comics.

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