Disney Villains: 5 Reasons Why Scar Is The Most Evil (& 5 Reasons It’s Ursula)

When it comes to classic Disney movies, everyone looks to the incredible heroes that the company has created. Whether it be the amazing princesses such as Cinderella and Tiana, or the legendary heroes such as Aladdin and Simba.

However, the importance of a great villain can simply not be understated. Disney are amazing at creating characters that audiences simply detest from minute one, mainly because they often have horrible ideas in mind for the movie.

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Two of the very best are Scar and Ursula, which is why their respective movies (The Lion King and The Little Mermaid) are amongst the very best in Disney’s library. But, in this article, we will be trying to determine which one of them is the evilest.

10 Scar: He Achieves His Plan

While you can argue that Ursula does achieve her plan, she is only really in complete control for a few moments before Eric attacks her with his ship. Scar, on the other hand, does become the leader of the pride rock and under his rule, everything goes to hell.

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Animals that aren’t in his inner circle are simply left to starve as the water has run dry and everything simply turns to ash. He wasn’t to know that Simba was still around and had the potential to return and challenge him, because, without that, Scar would have remained in charge until he died.

9 Ursula: The Cackle

It might be something very simple, but the classic Ursula cackle is something that is incredibly unnerving and will strike fear into any young viewer. It’s something that became iconic with her character and is certainly one of her main traits, and it’s a great one.

She does it in such a way that makes Ursula seem friendly as she cackles along throughout a song, but in reality, it’s incredibly menacing. The fact that it’s essentially a laugh that is very creepy makes it even scarier than anything other people do.

8 Scar: “Be Prepared”

While Ursula is able to belt out an incredible tune with her very powerful and impressive voice, out of the two of them it is Scar who has the scarier song. Singing to the hyenas that they need to be prepared for what he has planned is incredibly creepy.

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The scene that comes with “Be Prepared” is also incredibly scary, with Scar stood up high as the hyenas walk around in order, in an almost creepy army fashion. Everything about it is scary and it just shows how easily Scar is able to convince people to follow his beliefs.

7 Ursula: Her Polyp Garden

While Scar can be very dangerous and does manage to kill Mufasa within the movie, he doesn’t then spend all of his time bragging about it or displaying his victory around for everyone to see. That is the complete opposite to Ursula and her incredibly creepy polyp garden of souls.

It showcases just how many people she has tricked before Ariel comes around, showing she has no remorse or will to actually help people. The fact she then keeps these little creatures is quite vile and shows just how scary she is.

6 Scar: Greater Sidekicks

While Flotsam and Jetsam are certainly effective eels that help Ursula get to Ariel, it is Scar who has the greatest sidekicks. Even though Ursula’s are certainly smarter, Scar’s three Hyena’s (Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed) are simply greater, mainly because they offer more to the movie.

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This trio is definitely scarier, their high pitched laugh and maniacal behavior is absolutely unsettling at times and the Hyena army that ends up being created is reminiscent of a war movie. They’re freaky and they certainly help make Scar more evil overall.

5 Ursula: Creating The Storm

When Ursula finally gets what she had hoped for and finally takes King Triton’s powers, she wastes no time in highlighting just what she can do with them. While Triton just focuses on keeping the peace under the sea, having musical performances from his daughters, Ursula does the total opposite.

She uses an insane amount of power that Ursula creates an incredible storm in the ocean, showing just how quick and easy she is able to take to power and responsibility. It’s a very scary climax to the movie, as she brings terror to everyone.

4 Scar: Murdering His Brother

Even though Ursula does succeed in taking Ariel’s voice and turns King Triton into a polyp, everything eventually turns back to normal. Ariel gets her wish and King Triton returns to power, whereas Scar actually does exactly what he sets out to do, which is murder.

While he doesn’t expect to deal with a young Simba again, believing he has dealt with him. He does know that Mufasa isn’t an issue because he is the person responsible for killing him. This is what makes him truly evil, as Scar actually murders someone within the film.

3 Ursula: Shape-Shifting

Ursula has many different powers due to the fact that she is a witch, and when she realizes Ariel and Eric are beginning to fall in love with each other, she busts one of them out. That is the ability to shape-shift as she transforms herself into an evil human.

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She pretends to be the person who sang and saved Eric during the ships crash which created their first encounter. It’s an incredibly underrated moment of the movie, but it also shows just how desperate she is to get what she wants.

2 Scar: He Betrays Family

While Ursula is clearly wicked and cruel, at least she spends her time attacking poor unfortunate souls who she doesn’t really know or have any personal connection with. Scar, on the other hand, has no problem in betraying and even killing his own family.

At the start of the film, even though it’s clear Scar is evil, young Simba just thinks he is his slightly grumpy uncle. He tries to spend time with him and looks up to him, which makes his actions even eviler. The fact he could turn on his family in the manner he does easily makes him a contender for Disney’s baddest villain.

1 Ursula: Pure Power

While Scar is sneaky and clever, he is forced to do so because he knows that he doesn’t have the power or the skills to actually take down Mufasa himself. He is far weaker and that means he isn’t that scary in that sense, which is where Ursula has the upper hand.

Ursula is incredibly powerful and that isn’t just because of her incredible size, especially when she gains the crown. But it’s because she is able to create potions to do a variety of things, always getting what she wants due to that, which makes her incredibly scary as she has untapped potential we don’t even see in the film.

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