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The R-rated comedy Good Boys tells the story of a group of tweens, but does it have an after-credits scene teasing a sequel or adding an extra joke? Written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg with Stupnitsky also directing, Good Boys follows three childhood friends as they enter sixth grade and get invited to their first kissing party. The boys are Max (Jacob Tremblay), who’s in love with their classmate Brixlee (Millie Davis); Thor (Brady Noon), who wants to sing in the school musical; and Lucas (Keith L. Williams), who just wants to keep the group together and keep playing their trading card game.

The Good Boys trailers have teased a raunchy comedy in the vein of Superbad, which makes sense considering Seth Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg are producers on the movie. The story follows the boys as they attempt to learn how to kiss before their party, but their mission takes them on a journey to replace Max’s dad’s drone and they tangle with a duo of older teenage girls whose purse they stole. Good Boys held its world premiere earlier this year at South by Southwest and is now hitting theaters around the world.

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Those checking out Good Boys in theaters may be wondering if there’s anything after the credits they should stick around for. However, Good Boys does NOT have a post-credits scene. While it’s always good to watch the credits to get an idea of all the people who had a hand in making the film, those seeing Good Boys shouldn’t expect anything after the credits.

Of course, Good Boys isn’t the kind of movie that typically includes post-credits scenes since they’re usually reserved for franchise films setting up sequels and future installments. It remains to be seen if Good Boys will receive a sequel, so a post-credits scene setting one up wouldn’t make much sense. Good Boys reviews have been largely positive, though, so it’s entirely possible the movie could receive some kind of follow-up if it’s a box office hit, but it’s not guaranteed.

That said, a Good Boys post-credits scene could’ve simply been an extra joke included for those that stuck around until the very end. With the rise in popularity of post-credits scenes, it’s become more common for films to have extra scenes even if they’re not setting up sequels. Since Good Boys is a comedy, they certainly could have used a credits scene to add one more joke to the movie’s 90-minute runtime. But director Stupnitsky seemingly decided against it. So anyone heading to the theater to see the R-rated tween comedy should know not to expect a Good Boys after-credits scene.

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