Easy Ways The Avengers Could Have Beaten Thanos In Infinity War

Thanos ended Avengers: Infinity War as the clear cut winner, but the Avengers missed a few golden opportunities to stop him. Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan finally got a proper introduction in Infinity War after being teased in The Avengers and appearing in a brief role in Guardians of the Galaxy. He ultimately succeeded in wiping out half of the universe’s population, leaving the remaining MCU heroes mourning the heavy losses.

In Infinity War, several heroes made the choices they deemed to be their best chance at stopping Thanos. Doctor Strange agreed to go to Titan, per Iron Man’s request. Spider-Man elected to stay aboard the Q-Ship despite Tony telling him to go home. Black Panther decided to open up Wakanda’s protective dome. Hulk decided not to come out. Thor famously aimed for Thanos’ chest, instead of his head or arm. Strange even decided to give up the Time Stone to Thanos after seeing 14,000,605 possibilities, with only one resulting in their victory.

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No matter what decision was made by the various heroes, Thanos’ goals were still achieved. This will lead to the surviving heroes trying to figure out the best course of action to reverse the snap in Avengers 4. But, if they had tried some alternative plans, they may not even be in this position. Here’s a few ways the Avengers could (theoretically) have stopped Thanos in Infinity War.

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Heimdall Sends Thanos Into Deep Space

If a quick defeat was going to come Thanos’ way, there’s a chance Idris Elba’s Heimdall could’ve been the key to it all. When Infinity War opens, Thanos and the Black Order have already taken command of the Asgardian refugee ship. Only Thor, Loki, Hulk, and a wounded Heimdall remain to try and combat the Mad Titan and his comrades. Thanos’ power is put on display quickly as he beats down Hulk without even needing to use the Power Stone, but it’s what happens almost immediately after Hulk’s defeat that could have been used as a way to take down Thanos.

Heimdall uses dark magic to open the bifrost and transport to Hulk to Earth. This was Heimdall’s last act before dying, but he could have made it out alive if only he had used the same tactic to remove Thanos from the vessel. Transporting Thanos off the ship alone may not have been enough to truly defeat him, as he could theoretically still find a way to return from wherever Heimdall sent him. But Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and a later moment in Infinity War all show how quick death can come to those who are exposed to open space.

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If Heimdall sent Thanos out into space instead of a specific location, he may have died in the same way that Ebony Maw did. It is possible the Power Stone would’ve been able to possibly save his life somehow, but death by space maybe should’ve been attempted. However, even if Thanos can survive in true space, it may have still been worth a shot to at least buy more time – while finally giving Heimdall a major MCU moment, instead of a quick death.

Chop Thanos’ Arm Off With Magic

Not many have had any luck fighting Thanos one on one, but Doctor Strange did hold his own. The Sorcerer Supreme used his magical skills to combat the various threats Thanos sent his way, but Thanos was also able to do the same with the power of the Infinity Stones. Strange may not have used the Time Stone to actually fight Thanos (as far as we know), but one of the other spells he did looks to hold plenty of potential to take down the Mad Titan.

The first spell Strange is able to conjure with his sling ring in Doctor Strange is opening a portal that rescues him from the freezing temperatures of Mount Everest. The portals can do more than just transport people though, and Infinity War was sure to remind viewers of this early on. When Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, Spider-Man, and Bruce Banner fought Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian in New York, Wong opened up a portal to transport Obsidian away from battle. But, when the giant child of Thanos attempted to jump back through, Wong closed the portal and cut off Obsidian’s hand in the process.

This appeared to be major set up to many, but it isn’t a move that the Avengers even consider. If Wong can do this, than surely Doctor Strange can as well. We’ll never know exactly why this action wasn’t taken, but on paper cutting Thanos’ arm off with one of these portals would instantly make it impossible for him to proceed properly. We do see how difficult it is even draw a drop of Thanos’ blood, so it is possible that his alien skin is so tough that the portal wouldn’t cut through it – but that seems like a stretch. Perhaps Wong (if he’s still alive) can try this in Avengers 4.

Page 2: Just Don’t Go To Titan!

Don’t Go To Titan

If chopping off Thanos’ arm wouldn’t work, then what about just not going to him at all? It is Iron Man’s idea after defeating Ebony Maw and taking control of the Q-Ship to let the ship take him, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man to Titan to meet Thanos. It is only then that they meet up with the Guardians and come close ripping the Infinity Gauntlet off of Thanos’ hand. However, not going to Thanos’ home turf and instead forcing him to come to them may have been the better play.

Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man making the decision to go back to Earth and meet up with the rest of the heroes would have significantly increased the power levels in Wakanda. This trio going to Black Panther’s nation would force Thanos to come to Earth even sooner. Yes, it would also mean Thanos would be there to add even more firepower on the evil side, but the heroes would be united as one unit – and if the Avengers movies have taught us anything, it’s that superheroes working together as a team can overcome even the most impossible odds.

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With all of the MCU heroes together, they could even have gone on the offensive. Thanos would still have four Infinity Stones, but the Avengers would also have two with Strange and Vision. The full forces of the MCU’s bravest, boldest, and most powerful could even change the strategy – not trying to destroy the Mind Stone, but instead actually using Vision in battle. The powers of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and the rest would be a mighty force, and could just be enough to defeat Thanos.

Let Vision Fight In The Battle Of Wakanda

Even if Iron Man, Strange, and Spidey met up with the Guardians on Titan, the battle of Wakanda still may have had enough to come out on top if Vision had taken part in the fray. Since Vision is powered by the Mind Stone, he is an early target of the Black Order. After he gets stabbed in the abdomen with Corvus Glaive’s spear, he is unable to fully control his abilities. Scarlet Witch hexes him back together enough to help, but he’s incapacitated for the rest of Infinity War. This is because of the overall plan to try and destroy the Mind Stone, but perhaps the Avengers actually should have used one of their most powerful heroes instead.

Vision has shown incredible strength in the past – vaporizing Ultron instantly, slicing a tower in half, and disabling War Machine’s suit from a great distance (though admittedly that last one was an accident). Instead of trying to remove the Mind Stone, the team may have been better off trying to completely heal Vision and use the Mind Stone against Thanos. Nobody faced Thanos with the help of an Infinity Stone, as even Doctor Strange chose to try and hide the Time Stone rather than use it. The power of the Mind Stone and Vision would have provided the team with some much needed additional firepower. The combination of Thor and Vision alone may have been enough to truly challenge the Mad Titan, and with Scarlet Witch also around, that’s a powerful trio that may have stood a chance.

Even though each of these suggestions are possible ways that the Avengers could’ve taken down Thanos, Marvel was smart enough to proof Infinity War against such criticisms. With Strange’s vision of 14,000,605 possible outcomes, all of the events in the movie had to unfold as they did so the one outcome where Thanos is defeated comes to be. So, no matter what we or anyone else think, all of these other suggestions would be one of the possibilities that Thanos still won… somehow. Still, perhaps there are some lessons to be learned here for Round Two, and perhaps with the original Avengers finally reunited, they’ll have a shot at undoing Thanos’ “perfect balance.”

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