Epic Game Store Improvements Planned, Including Cloud Saves & More

Epic Games is setting its sights even higher. After snatching the much coveted Metro Exodus right out from under Steam’s nose, it now looks like some Epic Game Store improvements are on the horizon. Valve might want to keep itself on its toes with all these quality-of-life changes that are being shared by the Epic Games team.

After shaking up the ecosystem with a successful launch last year, as well as the myriad of issues surrounding both Valve and the Steam store that have been publicized, it looks like the Epic Game Store is looking to outdo its competition by adding a bunch of new features that users have been consistently requesting.

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In an unprecedented show of transparency, it appears that Epic Games has disclosed the team’s Trello board in an attempt to show consumers who use the store exactly what sort of quality-of-life changes they can expect. The team has mapped out multiple time-sensitive goals in their roadmap of the Epic Game Store, including changes like offline mode functionality, regional pricing, and a much-improved search engine for the store. A lot of the features are already ones that have been integrated into the Steam store for quite some time, so it’s more a matter of ensuring that the Epic Game Store improvements flesh out the problem areas that may have held it back from direct competition with Valve.

Ever since the launch of the Epic Game store back in December last year, there have been constant comparisons between the Unreal Engine maker’s product and the services already established by market giants like Valve and EA. Every time something new finds a home on the Epic Game store is a fresh chance for these comparisons, and with the store proving that it can net big titles and sustain sales even in its relatively skeletal form, what problems could that pose for competitors once all the bells and whistles are polished up?

These Epic Game Store improvements have the opportunity to ensure that Steam is left in the dust, especially with everything that could possibly go wrong with review bombing and store curation looking increasingly like a feature and not a bug with Valve. With a bunch of major releases still to come in 2019, a more fully-featured Epic Game Store could very well become more attractive to publishers than other alternatives.

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