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The Celestials tower over a planet in the first piece of concept art for Eternals shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have long wondered what movies would come in Phase 4, but Marvel Studios has held off on revealing those plans. This changed at SDCC as Marvel returned to Hall H to announce their entire plans for Phase 4 of the MCU. Unlike past Phases, this one will only last for two years, but will contain five movies and TV shows apiece. One of the confirmed Phase 4 films is Eternals.

The Eternals, created by Jack Kirby, are humans experimented on by ancient cosmic beings known as Celestials in the lore of Marvel Comics. They feature some of the more powerful characters in the comics, and the MCU has already featured one of them: Thanos. But, the Mad Titan will not be a central figure in Eternals (though he should appear) and will instead focus on a group of characters like Richard Madden’s Ikaris and Angelina Jolie’s Thena. The entire cast for the Chloe Zhao-directed movie was confirmed during Marvel’s SDCC panel.

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Now, the first piece of concept art for Eternals appears to have been handed out at the convention as well. While the handout may be exclusive for SDCC attendees, photos of it quickly surfaced online, including from DiscussingFilm, who picked up one of the posters at the Marvel booth. The art shows the Celestials mentioned above and the incredible size of them as they walk through the clouds of an unknown planet.

As the creators of the Eternals, it was always expected that the Celestials would have a role to play in Eternals. What this concept art achieves more than anything else, though, is showing the full scale of them. Guardians of the Galaxy previously featured Eson the Searcher as part of The Collector’s explanation on the history of the Infinity Stones, while the location of Knowhere is a severed head of a Celestial. After only briefly seeing them in the MCU, this concept art is hopefully an indication that they will be prominently featured in Eternals.

While Marvel Studios can certainly take liberty with the designs of each Celestial, their looks in this concept art could give us an idea as to which ones will be included in the movie. The one farthest left may be One Above All, as noted by the similar gold lining in the chest, who is the leader of the entire race. The one next to him is more difficult to make out, but could be Nezarr the Calculator. The most forward one of the group might be Arishem the Judge, who is the leader of the Four Celestial Hosts on Earth. Lastly, the far right one may be Jemiah the Analyzer, who is essentially the Celestial’s scientist. All of this is just speculation at the moment, though, and hopefully, confirmations on which Celestials will appear in Eternals will happen soon.

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