Event Horizon TV Show In The Works At Amazon From Adam Wingard

Amazon Prime is developing a TV series adaptation of the 1997 cult classic sci-fi/horror film Event Horizon, in which a spaceship crew goes to hell. It’s safe to say that director Paul W.S. Anderson isn’t exactly the most acclaimed of filmmakers. His career has been decidedly uneven, but one project often cited as his best work is Event Horizon, actually only his second Hollywood feature film, following 1995’s Mortal Kombat. Oddly enough though, even those who love it tend to admit that Event Horizon isn’t all it could’ve been.

It’s well-known that Anderson’s original cut of Event Horizon was much longer, and was filled with both even more horrifying hell scenes and additional plot details. The theatrical, and to date only released cut of Event Horizon is certainly fast-paced, but to its detriment at times, as events and character motivations are quickly glossed over without time to explain or absorb them. Yet, what’s there has still managed to earn a legion of devoted followers.

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Now, it appears that the world will soon get a new take on the Event Horizon story. Variety reports that an Event Horizon TV series is in the works at Amazon Prime, one that will be produced and directed by Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs. Kong, You’re Next) should it get picked up. To ensure some creative continuity, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin are returning to help produce the series after working on the film. However, it doesn’t appear that Anderson himself is involved, and neither is original writer Philip Eisner.

While Event Horizon fans will continue to lament the fact that Anderson’s fabled director’s cut has never materialized, this TV series adaptation could conceivably be the next best thing. While the film boasted a cast full of talented performers, and incredible production design, the central concept is ripe for further exploration. For those unfamiliar, Event Horizon’s titular ship used an experimental tech to in essence create a man-made black hole that allowed it to jump from one end of space to the other. Unfortunately, things went awry when the vessel and its crew were instead sent to hell, or as it’s referred to in the film, a dimension of pure chaos.

At this early stage, it’s unclear if Event Horizon’s TV reincarnation will simply adapt and expand on the story and characters presented in the movie, or instead choose to send a new crew with new quirks to hell for bodily rearrangement. One also wonders if the TV show will delve further into how exactly the Event Horizon’s transport device essentially got infernally hijacked, as it’s mostly left up to the imagination in the film.

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Source: Variety

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