Exclusive: CABLE #1 is a Fresh Start For The Son of Cyclops

There’s a new age dawning in Marvel’s Universe for the X-Men, as heroes, villains, and even dead mutants are getting a second chance. But no hero seems primed to make the most of his new beginning like Cable, the time-displaced Nate Summers who is literally getting a second chance at life in his brand new solo comic.

Unlike his fellow mutants who have been reborn in younger bodies, the young Cable now living on Krakoa isn’t technically the one fans have known. He’s the younger version that traveled back in time to kill the old, grizzled, original Nate Summers to save the timestream. Considering that complicated origin story, X-Men fans were pleased to learn that the new Cable comic series would be entrusted to Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto — a writer whose sense of humor has made Marauders a must-read book, and an artist Duggan credits for giving him his comic career in the first place. It’s a promising start to a book even fans are’t quite able to prepare for, so Screen Rant is pleased to offer a preview with Duggan himself, diving into the coming story (and secrets) of Cable #1 along with exclusive new pages.

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Once a grizzled old war veteran from an apocalyptic future, Cable has a new lease on life as a young mutant living on the mutant paradise Krakoa, but you can’t keep a good soldier down! Ready for adventure and looking for trouble, Nathan Summers will be headlining an all-new solo series this March that will take the son of Cyclops to places he’s never gone before. Cable has always been destined for greatness, whether that be saving mutantkind, sparking rebellion, or both! But why wait? That destiny starts right here, right now.

Screen Rant: It feels like yesterday that this new Cable came into Marvel’s Universe by killing the older, grizzled Cable. A lot of fans will hope to see that revisited or addressed. Is that a part of the plan, or is this more of a fresh start?

You can enjoy this comic without having read any other comic. Phil Noto is serving up every panel: pencils, inks and colors. I try not to give anything away for free, but I guess everyone is entitled to know that Cable’s arrival in this era will be… touched on.

You’re obviously no stranger to Cable, but this seems a rare case of time travel where you’re not actually writing ‘Cable as a young man.’ This Nate is already living a life completely different from the original, and the environment created by Jonathan Hickman in the House of X seems less likely to produce the same ‘serious’ soldier.

Jonathan’s story is both a gift to fans, and to the characters. Lots of them are living their best lives at the moment. Nobody more than Cable. He’s the son of Cyclops, great Captain of Krakoa… and he knows it. Inexperienced heroes are a true gift.

In terms of finding that alchemy between the Cable fans know (or think they want) and using this new version to find something new, how big a role is Phil Noto playing in finding that sweet spot?

Phil and I are on the phones like teenagers of decades gone by, so we might as well be making a comic. A mutual friend introduced us and sat us together at a dinner at San Diego Comic-Con in 2003? 2004? Our comic book The Infinite Horizon came out of that, and he’s been the best of friends and collaborators ever since. This Cable series is the Phil Noto show.

With your current work on Marauders you’re dealing, even indirectly, with several stories and plots that are tied into the larger X-Men universe. Is that the reality of the current X-Men landscape, or is this Cable series going to be more focused on Nate, and the characters that enter his circle or story?

Marauders finding its sea legs has been a joy to watch. Most everything we’re going to print through May or June was outlined in late 2018 and winter of 2019. It’s been a long time to keep all those secrets. The title had the advantage of my being in the editorial retreat and falling in love with Jonathan’s story from the pitch. I was coming off Guardians and wondering what to attempt next. Jonathan’s been the best collaborator any of us could ask for. Now the fun will really start in that book. You’re going to start to see classified covers, and some big surprises. Hold Fast. Cable is a solo book, but we’re juggling a bunch of co-stars, and several very big secrets.

It’s hard to say if the Summers family was more complicated before Dawn of X, or after. But now that Nate is actually at an age where he could Scott and Jean acting as parents makes sense – and considering his choice to date the Five-in-One – can readers look forward to a totally new kind of family dysfunction?

I figure so. It comes with the X gene. As with all stories, I am not interested in karaoke. Show up if you want to be thrilled by an important new era in Cable’s history. Or you get lost looking at Phil’s work. It’s his finest hour.

The preview pages confirm that warriors like Nate Summers and Wolverine don’t have to rely on Krakoan invasions to hone their skills, instead able to compete in what looks to be a fighting pit run by Silver Samurai. But is it really a fair fight if you’re crossing adamantium claws with the combined mutant abilities of Scott Summers AND Jean Grey? We’ll leave that up for the fans to debate, but readers can find the full solicitation details and plot synopsis below:

  • CABLE #1
  • Release Date: March 11th, 2020
  • Written by: Gerry Duggan
  • Art by: Phil Noto
  • THE DAWN OF REBELLION! Cable was a grizzled old veteran of the wars to save the future… and he will be again. But for now, he’s a young mutant living in paradise leading a life of adventure! Nathan Summers, son of two of the most powerful mutants on Krakoa, has a destiny leading the youth of mutantkind in rebellion… so why not start now? Gerry Duggan (MARAUDERS, DEADPOOL) and Phil Noto (STAR WARS, POE DAMERON) bring us young Cable as we’ve never seen him before!

Cable #1 arrives at your local comic book shop in March of 2020.

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