Fast & Furious: 5 Fan Theories We Hope Are True (& 5 We Hope Aren’t)

Expecting the unexpected should be the mantra of The Fast Saga, as the series has taken to lengths nobody could have thought of in the past few years. These former small-time criminals have now become saviors of the world, and it’s led to some outrageous fan theories for future movies.

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They’re not all bad, though, and we could see some of them even coming true. In fact, the series might turn out to be better than before if we saw a few fan theories becoming canon, although certain others should never materialize. Here are five of each for you to come up with your own conclusion.

10 Want: Verone Coming After The Crew For Revenge

Being one of the villains who didn’t meet his end, Carter Verone promised he would seek vengeance on Brian and Roman one day at the end of 2 Fast 2 Furious. In this theory, the fan suggests that Verone might just make good on that promise.

While we’re 50/50 on the idea of Verone killing off Brian, we do like the idea of the villain returning and taking on Dom and the others as well this time. With the series being more serious these days, Verone could be set up to be more vicious than hammy this time.

9 Don’t Want: The Movie Universe Is Actually A Game

We realize we’ve speculated the D&D alignments of action heroes ourselves, but this theory is just too crazy to believe. Here, the idea is that the main characters have all been part of multiple D&D campaigns, which explains why each movie gets crazier than the last.

Since the characters have progressed further in the game, they’ve developed more “powers,” and that’s why they’ve been able to pull off the feats we’ve seen them achieve. While this theory is good for a laugh, we’d hate it if the series does make it true and make the heroes out to be actual game heroes.

8 Want: Parks & Recreation Shares The Fast Saga Universe

We’re not against outrageous theories coming to life if it’s all in the name of good fun, and Parks & Recreation being part of The Fast Saga does sound hilarious. According to the theory, one of the employees on the show, Perd Hapley, appeared in Fast Five as a newsman.

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Since Fast Five took place before 2006’s Tokyo Drift, the theory implies that Perd eventually quit this job and moved to Pawnee in the future. It seems irrelevant at large, but we’d love to see some Parks & Recreation characters have a cameo in F9 or a future movie just for the fun of it.

7 Don’t Want: Deckard Shaw Is The Transporter

It’s no secret that a running joke has been that Jason Statham plays pretty much the same role in all his movies, which has paved the way for this theory to combine the Transporter universe with The Fast Saga.

The implication here is that Deckard Shaw was once the Transporter and that Frank Martin was just his alias the whole time. We’re not fans of this theory since there’s nothing to suggest this past connection and the fact that Deckard’s family life is too fleshed out for the Transporter series to serve as his backstory.

6 Want: Fast & Furious Version Of Civil War

Now that we know that Han is still alive, there’s a chance he might bring up the fact that Dom became friends with Deckard Shaw even though the latter tried to kill him. This theory postulates that the situation could escalate into a civil war of sorts as two factions would form.

One would side with Shaw, arguing that he was only seeking retribution for what happened to his brother, while the others would be with Han. This sounds like a pretty sweet storyline, one that would acknowledge the “Justice for Han” movement among fans and could also end the series overall.

5 Don’t Want: The Character In F9 Is Han’s Twin

In a matter of taking things quite literally, the theory here suggests that “Justice” might not be the kind of justice we’ve been thinking of. Instead, Justice would actually be another character entirely, that being Han’s previously unknown twin.

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While this could serve as an explanation as to how Han could magically survive the car explosion, we don’t think it would go very well with the pacing of the film. This kind of reveal would, in turn, make The Fast Saga out to be like a soap opera, what with a twin suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

4 Want: A Big Time Skip Ahead

Another way to end the series would be by keeping the theme about family alive, even if that means it’s not the same people we’ve followed so far. This theory came up with a cool idea as to how this could be executed.

Here, the idea is that the final film in the main series would have the children of the main characters all grown up, and the audience would follow them as adults where they carry on their parents’ legacies. It could work well if the franchise wanted to have a soft reboot without having to come up with a totally new set of characters.

3 Don’t Want: Brian Was Always Undercover And Keeping Tabs On Dom

We do miss when the series was all about the cars rather than the action, but this would be a blast from the past that would damage Brian’s relationships with his friends. According to this theory, Brian would be revealed to have always been an undercover cop.

Him being on the run from 2 Fast 2 Furious and beyond would only be a further cover for Dom to trust him, as Brian would regularly be informing the authorities of Dom’s activities. We’d hate for this to be true, as it would make Brian out to be a traitor, and nobody wants to ruin their perception of him.

2 Want: Leo And Santos Worked For Shaw

The absence of these two comic reliefs didn’t go unnoticed by some fans in Fast & Furious 6, and they only returned for a cameo in The Fate of the Furious. Due to their absence, this theory came to the conclusion that Leo and Santos were spies for Owen Shaw all along.

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With Shaw coming to the fold himself in the sixth part, there was no more use for these two, which is why they were nowhere to be found. Before that, Shaw used the information of Dom they passed to him for his benefit. We do prefer this theory since it would give their characters some meaning, while also confirming that Shaw really was a mastermind.

1 Don’t Want: Gisele Is Alive As Well

Since the characters have survived situations that seem impossible for normal humans, this theory insists that Gisele managed to live through her fatal fall in Fast & Furious 6. The crazy thing is that Han has been revealed to be alive, meaning Gisele might be too.

However, while we acknowledge it would be in the realm of possibility to see Gisele again, we’re not excited about it since that would mean just about any deceased character could saunter back with a lazy excuse. Plus, falling from the height that Gisele did and still finding a way to survive would be the point where the series officially enters fantasy territory and leaves realism in the rearview mirror.

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