FOLLOW THIS Official Trailer (2018) Netflix, Buzzfeed TV Series HD

FOLLOW THIS Official Trailer (2018) Netflix, Buzzfeed TV Series HD
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23 replies
    OG-SPANKYOURFACE -1776 says:

    FAKE NEWS!!!!! These are the people that are Banning Free Speech all over the web working with the liberal dirtbags and Washington to stop you from speaking your mind BuzzFeed is one of the biggest fake news networks there is these people are absolutely disgusting social justice Warrior Retards!!! And f*** Netflix they keep putting on these liberal stupid f**** shows for brain-dead idiots that don't have their own opinions and they have to follow everybody around like a bunch of little puppy dogs because they're too stupid to think for themselves so they have to listen to news networks sorry fake news networks like BuzzFeed lol

  2. liu travis
    liu travis says:

    Just a tip netflix, people hate buzzfeed, they are worse than mock journalism, because they actually pretend to be a real one and misdirect people with eye catching informations.

  3. SoCali
    SoCali says:

    This has got to be the most idiotic pretentious left-wing liberal garbage I have seen in my entire life. I actually feel sick to my stomach right now.

  4. XxoIVIoxX
    XxoIVIoxX says:

    Men's Rights don't think women are taking their rights away, they are just frustrated that feminism is only focusing on women's issues and criminalizing through legislation men's issues. Example: A man gets angry because his girlfriend/wife is cheating on him so she calls 911 and he gets arrested. A woman gets angry because her boyfriend/husband is cheating, throws plates at him, grabs his phone and throws it out the window, attacks him or bits him etc… then calls 911 and he gets arrested and she gets her revenge because the police state she was defending herself.

  5. Keith Yohai
    Keith Yohai says:

    No coincidence they got rid of the comments section on netflix before they start on the SJW campaign. Where's the fair representation? Is there a show on netflix like this that represents the other side of the argument or are we just supposed to watch and obey. They represent everything in this show as if their conclusions are the only ones.


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