Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher Offers Hannah Brown Life Advice

Former star of The Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is one of many Bachelor Nation alums who have been in Hannah Brown’s corner since her season wrapped up, and she recently offered Brown life advice. Whether the journey ends as a single or engaged woman, Fletcher knows that navigating the post-Bachelorette world can be a tricky task, and she wants to see Brown continue to rise above any potential negative influences in her life.

After breaking off her engagement to Jed Wyatt and asking Tyler Cameron out for drinks, Brown is now happily single and stronger for the experience. Fletcher is fully aware of the tumult that is involved with being a contestant on The Bachelor and returning to become the lead as The Bachelorette a few months later. On Ben Higgins’ season, Fletcher received a confession of love before Higgins broke her heart at the final two when she expected him to propose. During her stint as The Bachelorette, Fletcher and current fiancé Jordan Rodgers had an instant connection that rarely wavered as the season rolled along. The two have said they plan to wed sometime in 2020. Brown, on the other hand, is enjoying the unattached life for a little while longer after an empowering journey as The Bachelorette.

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Fletcher recently offered some empowering words to Brown, Us Weekly reports. Following news of Cameron going on two dates with Gigi Hadid after meeting up with Brown in Los Angeles, Fletcher said of her advice to Brown, “Stay true to who you are. Don’t feel disrespected. If it’s not fulfilling you, find that fulfillment somewhere else. Just keep doing you. And she’s a single girl and she’s living her life.” She added that Brown shouldn’t “get caught up” in too much of the fame that comes with playing the main role in the most popular reality dating show in America.

Fletcher added, “If you start to feel like you’re losing yourself, come back and go back home and ground yourself – and that was a big thing for me. Listen, it’s crazy, the way that that show takes you to another level is wild.” For Brown’s part, she appears to be doing just that, not concerned with who Cameron dates so much as what her next moves will be as a single woman.

Though Brown may be satisfied to keep things casual and not enter into a serious relationship anytime soon, she will likely be hounded by the press about it until – and after – she does. Hopefully the frenzy around her dating life will start to subside as her season progresses further into the rearview mirror. Until then, she has people like Fletcher for support if she needs it.

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Source: Us Weekly

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