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Frasier is a sitcom about a radio show psychiatrist who spends as much time helping those around him as he does making things worse due to his tendency toward overanalysis. At first, it’s hard to believe Frasier and his brother Niles, also a psychiatrist, are the sons of former cop Martin Crane, but as the show progresses, it’s obvious they’re all peas in a neurotic pod.

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The characters on Frasier are equal parts lovable and annoying. Considering it’s a show about mental health specialists, it does a good job of highlighting each characters’ traumas, afflictions, and compulsions. From Niles using a kerchief to wipe down every surface he interacts with to Frasier going on long, drawn-out monologues in order to give his ego a boost, these manic tendencies start with the main characters and spread to everyone around them.

The supporting characters below, while the most hated, are also some of the most entertaining from Frasier‘s 11 season run.

10 Bebe Glazer

Frasier’s on-again/off-again agent, Bebe Glazer is far more arrogant and dramatic than her client. This cut-throat, chain-smoking woman is always hatching a new plan to launch Frasier’s career into the national arena.

While prone to outbursts, violence, and breakdowns, Bebe is a bit of a stereotypical celebrity pusher. “All he needs is someone to suck up to him, laugh at his jokes, pretend to listen to his stories,” she shares about her managing technique. “I’m his agent, for God’s sakes, that’s what I do!”

9 Maris Crane

The elusive Maris is Niles’ first wife, a vain, hysterical woman whose appearance is only hinted at during the show. The running joke about Maris is that she never makes an appearance on screen.

Cruel and vindictive, Frasier describes his sister-in-law as “like the sun, except without the warmth.” A wealthy socialite, Maris is obsessed with her physical looks. She goes from a rail-thin plastic surgery disaster to an obese, depressed mess. Fortunately, Niles eventually ditches Maris.

8 Simon Moon

Simon Moon, Daphne’s daft brother from Manchester, England, is a greedy, crude bloke who doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. His famous line is, “I hate to drink alone. Can I have a sandwich with that?”

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He treats the women around him like objects or servants, and he has cruel nicknames for his sister. Simon constantly consumes: beer, food, and even Frasier’s face cream, which he thinks is marmalade. Quite the freeloader, Simon ends up squatting in Martin’s RV during his stay across the pond.

7 Julia Wilcox

Another of Frasier’s girlfriends, Julia is KACL’s financial reporter. Her cold and distant nature makes her unpopular among KACL staff, and Frasier discovers she’s having an affair with his accountant, Avery.

Through a series of strange events, Julia and Frasier enter a short-lived romance. She treats Frasier’s family poorly, and her choices are completely irredeemable. There is absolutely nothing charming or heart-warming about her. Frasier, after some overanalyzing, decides to end his relationship with Julia.

6 Noel Shempsky

This creepy Trekkie who works at the KACL radio station with Frasier tries his best to woo the ladies, but he comes across as a wriggling lurk, not a charming nerd. Noel is in love with Frasier’s on-air sidekick Roz, but she constantly rejects his advances. He never stops trying, though.

Fluent in Klingon, Noel is prone to jump between languages at the drop of a hat. While not the worst supporting character on Frasier, Noel is such a dark that it’s painful to watch. The photo of Captain Kirk he carries around with pride doesn’t help.

5 Gertrude Moon

Daphne’s selfish mother is overbearing and negative, especially as it pertains to her only daughter. After she leaves Daphne’s father, she surprises Daphne and the Cranes by moving to Seattle.

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Gertrude’s domineering personality is disliked by many around her. When she gets a job at Cafe Nervosa, the clientele dwindles. She attempts to guilt Daphne and the Cranes out of money, and she often makes uncouth advances toward Martin.

4 Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe

Frasier’s colleague at KACL is rude and crude. Bulldog hosts the sports show on KACL, and this ball of energy treats all the women in the world like they’re alive to serve him. Bulldog’s misogyny is flagrant, and it becomes clear as his character develops he’s really just a sad, insecure man who hides behind this macho persona.

Bulldog shows some signs of humility and respect, especially when he and Roz have a strange romance, but overall, he’s a loud, obnoxious jerk who doesn’t know when to calm down.

3 Lilith Sternin

Frasier’s infamous ex-wife and mother to his son Frederick, Lilith is also a psychiatrist who looks and acts like she’s got a stick up her butt. Lilith’s powers of persuasion and manipulation over Frasier are legendary, and she even seduces his brother Niles after he leaves his wife, Maris.

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While Lilith is a serious tightwad, she is also a good mother and, as the show evolves, a good co-parent alongside Frasier. Her strict, austere facade makes her very intimidating, and Martin Crane is terrified of her. Whenever she’s around, he always finds an excuse to get away.

2 Kate Costas

Kate Costas, who becomes station manager at KACL, mirror’s Frasier tendencies and behaviors. She is an egotistical businesswoman, vindictive and plotting. When she and Frasier develop a love-hate relationship, they really love and then really hate each other.

Frasier falls for this intense woman because she demeans and ridicules him. In turn, Kate falls for Frasier because he does the same to her. Talk about a toxic situation.

1 Cam Winston

Cam Winston is Frasier’s upstairs neighbor and his social doppelganger in many ways. Cam and Frasier soon enter an immature snubbing contest where they try to one-up each other with their knowledge and tastes.

Handsome and deep-voiced, Cam poses a major threat to Frasier’s ego, and he knows it. When Frasier accidentally gets an invitation to an exclusive day-spa addressed to Cam, instead of returning it, he decides to use it to gain access. He brings Niles along with him, and some serious hilarity ensues.

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