Friends: 10 Best Dates In The Whole Series, Ranked By How Romantic They Were

One of the key themes throughout Friends is romance. All of the main characters are looking for love in their lives, and several of them find that within the group itself. It leads to some of the funniest, heartbreaking, and touching moments throughout the entire series. While some of the relationships throughout the show aren’t featured too heavily outside of them just being together, others are. Some couples are given great detail and story and we get to see what they’re like away from the main group.

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Some of the most romantic times are when couples are shown on a date during the show. There have been some funny and silly ones, but there have also been some very romantic dates as well, proving the show knows how to touch on the romance when needed.

10 David’s Goodbye

David (the scientist guy) and Phoebe are absolutely perfect for each other. Throughout Friends, they have a series of romantic dates, from their initial romances to when he returns and she opts to meet him instead of keeping her dinner date with Joey.

But the most romantic, and heartbreaking moment between them is when she says goodbye. Leaving him with “And then you say that it’s almost midnight and you have to go because you don’t wanna start the new year with me if you can’t finish it. I’m gonna miss you. You scientist guy.” Which is one of the most romantic moments of the entire series.

9 Goodbye Kiss

Whether this is officially a ‘date’ is debatable, after all it is just Rachel going around to Ross’ apartment to say goodbye to him properly. After she can’t give him a goodbye speech because of how much he means to her, Rachel goes around to prove that.

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She tells him clearly how much Ross means to her and they end up making out, having one more romantic moment before she gets on the plane. It’s an incredibly emotional one with the thought that this could be the end being tough for fans to take.

8 Prom

This technically doesn’t end up being a date, which is why it has to rank further down on the list. Despite that fact, it is still one of the most romantic moments that happen throughout the entire series as a young Ross Geller prepares to be a knight in shining armor.

When Rachel’s date doesn’t show up on the night of her prom, Ross steps in with his father’s tux to try and save the day. However, when he gets downstairs he is left heartbroken as Rachel’s original date turns up. Luckily for Ross, this moment sets up a major kiss in adult life as Rachel sees the tape and realises what he did for her.

7 Groovy, Baby

In the end, this date just so happened to be incredibly embarrassing for Ross Geller and ended up being a hilarious moment from the show. Having whitened his teeth, Ross took things too far with his teeth absolutely gleaming which he had to hide during his date.

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However, despite that issue, the date actually went well and the two of them were having a fantastic and romantic time during the meal. Even though when the lights were turned down, his teeth were put on show due to all the UV lighting, bringing an end to the moment.

6 The First Kiss

Does this class as a date? Who knows. It isn’t an organized meal or a trip out, but the first kiss between Ross and Rachel is one of the most iconic moments in the history of Friends, and it certainly led to a romantic moment between them.

With Ross and Rachel alone in Central Perk, there was only one thing that was going to happen. Eventually, it did as they kissed in the rain in what has become one of the most well-known moments from the show.

5 Age Difference

Even though Monica’s relationship with Chandler turns out to be the perfect one, that doesn’t mean that what she had with Richard wasn’t special. Sure, there was a big age gap between them but it was obvious that they loved each other a lot, and their relationship remains one that fans look back on fondly.

They had many romantic moments, but their first date certainly tops them all. Starting off as an eye appointment, the two quickly end up back at Monica’s apartment. While they’re not sure if they should continue due to the age gap, love ends up shining through and they decide to go for it, creating a very romantic moment in Friends‘ history.

4 Mrs. No-Balls

Phoebe is a character that many fans never expected to end up tied down and married, mainly because she was such a free spirit. However, when Mike stepped into the situation it became clear that they were meant for each other, which is what made this particular date so special.

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While things don’t go to plan at the Knicks game earlier in the day when Phoebe tries to propose, during the evening when they have dinner, they do. Mike steps up and proposes this time and it creates an incredibly romantic and comedic moment between the two of them which works perfectly.

3 Unexpected Romance

Few would expect a date with Joey to be incredibly romantic, especially one that is technically supposed to just be between friends. However, when he takes Rachel out to cheer her up, the two end up having an incredible time that leads to Joey starting to have feelings for her.

Starting the date by picking her up and bringing flowers, despite living together, things start well. However when at the restaurant, they really kick into another gear as they show each other their flirtatious moves. The fact they are just friends allows them to let their guards down and ends up creating a very real and romantic evening.

2 The One With The Proposal

Chandler and Monica really are the absolute sweetest couple on the entire show, and fans fell in love with them being together as soon as it happened. Their most special moment came when they finally took their relationship to the next stage and agreed to get married.

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While Chandler’s hopes of an enjoyable romantic dinner are ruined when Richard reappears, the moment isn’t spoiled. Entering their apartment which is covered in candles creates one of the most romantic moments in the entire show.

1 The Planetarium

When it comes to the most romantic date on the show, it had to be between Ross and Rachel. The dream couple from the show that is arguably the main storyline thread from the start to the end, and their moment where they finally do ‘it,’ is a romantic one indeed.

This is early on in their relationship and Ross is really laying on the charm here. Taking Rachel to the planetarium to gaze up at the stars with a picnic, the duo has an amazing time together. It’s an incredibly romantic moment and not even a squashed juice box can get in the way of that.

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