Game of Thrones: 10 Biggest Ways Arya Changed From Season 1 To The Finale

Fans first meet Arya in Season 1 of Game Of Thrones as the youngest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark. Arya grew up in Winterfell with her family in a loving and supportive environment. She travels to King’s Landing with Ned and Sansa in the show’s first season and her life changes dramatically after Joffrey Baratheon executes her father.

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House Lannister declares war on House Stark and Arya has to adapt to a harsh and unforgiving life as she travels across a wartorn country. The Northern lady trains with the Faceless Men and becomes one of the most dangerous people in Westeros. Her character arc is intense and she is almost unrecognizable from the girl she once was in the series finale…

10 She Loses Her Family

Arya flees the Red Keep during Ned’s arrest and is separated from her family for most of the series. Her father Ned, mother Catelyn, and brother Robb die during the War of the Five Kings and Arya journeys alone throughout Westeros and Braavos.

The Starks are scattered throughout the majority of Game Of Thrones. Arya eventually reunites with her family but can never go back to who she used to be in Season 1 after the horrors she has endured.

9 She Loses Her Home

The Starks suffer several devastating blows during the War of the Five Kings. Ned, Catelyn, and Robb Stark are killed and Winterfell is sacked by Theon Greyjoy and the Ironborn before being taken over by the Boltons.

Arya loses her family and her home during the series. This encourages her to abandon her identity as a Stark and travel to Braavos to become a Faceless Man. Arya goes home after the Starks retake Winterfell but doesn’t stay there, setting sail for the lands west of Westeros in the series finale.

8 She Becomes A Faceless Man

Arya travels through the Riverlands trying to reunite with her family until their shocking deaths at the Red Wedding. After that, she travels with the Hound before leaving Westeros and setting sail for Braavos to train at the House of Black and White.

Arya becomes a Faceless Man with the ability to change her appearance. She becomes one of the most powerful people in Game Of Thrones due to her mysterious, intensive training.

7 She Traveled Across The World

Arya leaves Winterfell for the first time in “The Kingsroad” and doesn’t return until Season 7’s “The Spoils of War.” She travels across the world whilst estranged from her home, leaving her country to sail to Braavos and immersing herself in another culture.

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Arya has traveled more and experienced other cultures in the series finale. She has journeyed further than the other Stark children who have never left Westeros and is no longer the naive young child she used to be.

6 She’s Seen The Horrors Of War

Arya endures unimaginable horrors throughout her journey in Game Of Thrones. She is captured by Lannister forces and held hostage in Harrenhal, where the young Stark is forced to witness torture daily. Arya becomes desensitized to death and eventually joins the Faceless Men, a death-worshiping cult of assassins.

Arya is an innocent child in Season 1 but an experienced killer in the series finale. She is forced to grow up and mature in a harsh and unforgiving world without the support of her family and her experiences irrevocably change her.

5 She’s Killed A Lot Of People

Arya trained with the Faceless Men at the House of Black and White, who honor the god of death with every assassination. Before that, she killed people to survive and developed a list of names of people who she swore one day she would kill.

Arya kills for the first time in Season 1 whilst fleeing the Red Keep and kills countless more people throughout the series. She murders Walder Frey and slaughters the Freys in vengeance for the deaths of her family at the Red Wedding.

4 She Saved Westeros

Arya Stark saved the Seven Kingdoms and possibly the rest of the world in Season 8’s “The Long Night.” The Night King and his army of wights decimate the forces gathered to defend Winterfell. All hope seems lost when the Night King approaches Bran but Arya appears out of nowhere and stabs him with Littlefinger’s dagger, defeating the White Walkers for good.

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The White Walkers would have destroyed the world if somebody hadn’t stopped them. Arya becomes a hero and saves the lives of thousands of innocent people.

3 She’s Not A Lady

Arya was a hesitant lady in Season 1 as the trueborn daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She tells her father that being a lady isn’t for her, something she repeats to Gendry in Season 8. Although she was born a noblewoman, Arya has no desire to be the Lady of Winterfell and is happy to leave politics to Sansa.

One of the biggest differences between Arya and Sansa is their attitude towards status and traditionally feminine roles. Arya never wanted to be a lady and she rejects Gendry’s offer to rule Storm’s End together to explore the lands west of Westeros.

2 She Has A Brief Fling With Gendry

Arya first meets Gendry whilst journeying from King’s Landing to the Wall with Yoren and the Night’s Watch recruits. The two remain friends until Gendry is taken by Melisandre in Season 3. They reunite in Season 8 and give in to their feelings before the Battle of Winterfell.

Gendry asks Arya to rule Storm’s End with him after Daenerys Targaryen legitimizes him as the new Lord Baratheon. Arya rejects his offer, preferring to keep their passionate night a brief tryst rather than the beginning of a relationship.

1 She Learns To Fight

Arya Stark was one of the greatest fighters in the Seven Kingdoms by the time Game Of Thrones concluded. Syrio Forel initially teaches her water dancing in Season 1. She trains with the Faceless Men and hones her combat skills throughout her many adventures in the series.

Arya’s martial arts skills make her one of the most formidable warriors in Westeros. She killed countless people including the Night King and is a dangerous threat not to be taken lightly.

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