Game of Thrones: 10 Hilarious Cersei Lannister Memes That Will Have You Cry-Laughing

Cersei Lannister is probably one of the best television villains of all time. Of course, she certainly has quite the fan base, and it’s safe to say she’s also one of the most loved villains out there. While our favorite drama from HBO came to an end, we’re still laughing at all of the incredible memes that were created throughout the series.

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In case you need a reminder, and some laughs, here are 10 hilarious memes about Cersei Lannister for all the die-hard lion fans out there. Warning: spoilers ahead.

10 That Loving Look

Don’t we all wish someone would look at us this way? Cersei has that perfect longing gaze. The downside is that she usually uses it to watch things burn to a crisp. She feels great pride and pleasure in watching things explode at her own hands.

While she doesn’t look at any of her lovers this way, we wish that our boyfriend or girlfriend would give us such a longing look. That’s love right there.

9 Cersei as a Weekend Mood

Surprisingly, there are a lot of memes out there that let people relate to this wicked villain. Drinking wine is definitely one, and this weekly calendar of events is certainly something every wine lover can relate to.

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There’s a Cersei meme for everything, even if it’s her being shamed in the streets or trapped in a jail cell by a twisted religious man. Still, we’ve definitely all been the woman in this meme, and we all know we can become this icon with a bit, or a lot, of wine.

8 Some Writing Shade

This one will probably hurt all fans deep in their soul. While we all have our own complaints about the show’s ending, this was one that fans can probably all agree on. Cersei and Jamie met their demise in an unfortunate rock trampling, where they get trapped under the destroyed Red Keep.

This list points out a handful of other, way better, ways for this iconic villain to have met her end. And apparently, even getting pneumonia would have made fans happier. In fact, we agree.

7 The Next Move

This is probably the most wickedly funny meme on the list. Cersei literally has two goals, and one of them has sadly been taken away from her. There’s another version of this meme, where she’s “here to blow up all of her enemies”, too, which is a bit more cynical and violent.

Still, this Cersei meme encompasses every motivation of this wonderful villain, and we seriously wouldn’t want to get in her way.

6 The (Not So) Accurate Prophecy

We’ve all seen serious memes throughout the series with this iconic quote from Cersei’s prophecy, except it’s a picture of Sansa or Daenerys. This one is certainly the funniest, and after viewing the whole series, has a hilarious amount of truth to it.

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Clearly, not all of Cersei’s prophecies could come true, but fans still love to prove how ridiculous that is. Hey, Bran is pretty young and beautiful, isn’t he?

5 The Working Life

All workers everywhere can totally relate to this meme. When your boss asks you to complete a new task with one minute left of your shift, you really do feel Cersei Lannister’s pain of being shamed all the way up to the Red Keep.

It’s practically the same, isn’t it? For everyone with a job and a boss, we know you have felt this utter devastation and hopelessness. However, we hope that you don’t have to tap into your Cersei spirit animal at 5:59 pm.

4 Honest Last Words

All fans were all devastating and disappointed when the beautifully brilliant Missandei met her demise. If this meme had played out on the show, fans likely would’ve lost their minds. These were the last words that this icon definitely should’ve said.

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In any case, this meme is certainly hilarious, and we wish at least someone had told Cersei the truth about Jamie and Brienne. In any event, this meme has us laughing out loud, and we wish Missandei could’ve had a fiery quote like this in her final moments.

3 Elephants. That’s It.

There are many, many elephant memes floating around the endless depths of the internet. Cersei really wanted those elephants. However, every Dumbo related meme definitely has us all cry-laughing.

This image is probably a real inside look into Cersei’s brain, and things would’ve been a lot more interesting if this had played out on the series. We all wanted fire-breathing elephants, right? Unfortunately, fans will have to rely on elephant memes.

2 Soul Sisters

This one is definitely worthy of causing fans to shake their head, but we know it’s also impossible to laugh at least a little bit. One very large connection that these Queens never had the chance to make with each other!

People can bond over their enemies, right? Even more, these two both love burning their enemies to little crisps. Of course, the funniest part of this meme is definitely the bottom picture, and all of these should immediately become hashtags. Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey might be friends IRL, but it’s a shame these Queens couldn’t merge their firepower on the show.

1 Just Passing By

Another infamous scene is definitely the one where Cersei Lannister loses every ounce of her courage when the Hound and the Mountain meet face-to-face. Her sneaky fleeing from the stairwell had us all dying of laughter, but the memes keep this hilarity alive pretty well.

This Office-inspired meme is definitely one of our favorites and is certainly a spoiler without context. Honestly, we’d be doing exactly what Cersei did if we were in the same boat. Still, it certainly will always be meme-worthy.

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