Game Of Thrones: 10 Must-Own Gifts For Supporters Of House Stark

House Stark has had a tough go at it for the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones, a series that will be coming to an end after the upcoming eighth. First (spoiler alert), the patriarch Ned is not only murdered but beheaded in the most brutal fashion, with his noggin paraded on a stick for all the see. From there, it just goes downhill for the remaining Starks who are plagued with death, assault, kidnapping, ambushes, and more.

So it’s no surprise that many fans of the series are fully on Team Stark, cheering for Arya to morph into someone more badass than she already is, for Sansa to show House Stark how a true lady runs things, and for Jon (who is or isn’t an official Stark?) to claim his seemingly rightful seat on the Iron Throne.

Ready to proudly showcase which side you’re on, or to help another fan of the show do so? Check out these must-own gifts for supporters of House Stark.

10 Game of Thrones House Stark Tournament Banner


Proudly showcase that you’re behind Sansa, Arya, Bran, and want to honour their departed family members with this 18 x 60” banner that can be hung in your home (say, on the door to the man cave?) or even from your car (honk if you love Stark!)

There are grommets in each corner so you can easily hang it just about anywhere. Hopefully, no one else passes on in season 8, or else you might have to hang this flag at half mast for a few days.

9 Game of Thrones: House Stark Deluxe Stationary Set


Take notes in class or at a work meeting with this stationery set that includes a 192-page rules journal, wax stamp, two wax sticks, and a paperweight. If you want to go fully old-school and mail actual letters to friends and family instead of e-mails, whether it be handwritten notes or birthday greetings, use the letter-writing paper and envelopes that are also included.

Of course, everything is themed House Stark, with each item bearing the signature sigil of a grey direwolf. All of the items are stored neatly away in the convenient storage box that you can proudly display on a nightstand or desk, or in your reading nook.

8 Game of Thrones House Stark Tankard


There’s no better way to indulge in a beer (er, ale) than by pouring it into this artfully-designed mug, which features the official House of Stark sigil of the ferocious yet protective grey direwolf, along with frost icicles hanging off the top, indicating that there’s an ice cold one inside, or maybe just that winter is coming.

Even the handle is cleverly designed with intricate, hand-painted details featuring another direwolf. Fully licensed, the tankard can hold about 620mL of liquid, or just under the equivalent of two beers, and it has a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning.

7 Funko Pop! Deluxe: Game of Thrones Jon Snow Sitting On the Iron Throne


OK, so the jury is still out on if Jon Snow should be considered a Stark, a Targaryen, or something else altogether. Nonetheless, when it comes to allegiances, he’s indeed a loyal supporter of House Stark, so other fellow supporters would be glad to see him sit upon the Iron Throne.

And you can with this collectible, at least in miniature format. It features a mini version of the much-sought-after throne with a little bearded Jon comfortably parked on the seat, sword in hand ready to battle anyone who wishes to challenge him. Display it on its own, or keep it in the window display box.

6 Hyp Game of Thrones Stark Pattern Men’s Crew Socks


Socks have become fashion statements, with funky designs that show off someone’s signature style, favorite TV series, movie, saying, or character. While these crew socks don’t make as bold a statement as some others we’ve seen, they do quietly showcase support for House Stark. One pair is black with images of the grey direwolf sigil littered throughout from ankle to toe, while the other is grey with a black heel, toe, and top band.

Lift your pants up a smidge, or let them raise naturally when you cross your legs or sit down, and a prominent black direwolf will reveal itself, growling at anyone from the opposing side. The socks come in packs with two pairs and can fit shoe sizes 6-12.

5 Game of Thrones House Stark Insignia Scarf


Whether to keep warm because winter is coming, or just spruce up an outfit, this poly-cotton blend scarf displays the name “Stark” on either side, along with two grey direwolves. Officially licensed, it’s soft, comfortable, and warm.

Drape the 11.7 x 8.7 x 1.7” scarf tightly around your neck to keep warm during the chilly winter months, or wear it as a shawl to showcase your fandom for the show. The muted black and grey colors mean it goes with every outfit, from a little black dress to jeans and a T-shirt, or a three-piece suit.

4 Pyramid International A5 Game of Thrones Stark Notebook


Jot down your most precious thoughts and theories about the series and each new episode in this notebook, which contains 110 sheets of lined paper. Measuring about 21.5 x 15 x 2 cm, it’s compact enough to throw into a backpack, purse, or briefcase, and bring along to school or work.

Etched into the front of the black book are the words “Winter Coming” and “Stark” along with the image of a direwolf sneaking up from the left side. Fully licensed, you can use it to write other things, too, like your daily to-do lists (watch GoT), grocery lists (blackberry wine and pigeon pies, of course), or maybe even as a personal diary to house your most intimate thoughts that only the Three-Eyed Raven can see.

3 Game of Thrones Dinner is Coming Laser Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board


Surprise and delight your family, or a fan of the series, with this hilarious cutting board that features the words “Game of Thrones” and “Dinner is Coming” along with the image of a direwolf.

As you chop away at vegetables and meats, you’ll have a hard time not thinking about how those swords slice just as easily through bodies and armor in the series. But don’t worry: the cutting board is durable enough to take even your strongest slices and dices. Yet it’s still also ultra-thin and light. Ned would be proud.

2 Wrebbit 3D Game of Thrones Winterfell 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


House Stark rules over Winterfell in the North, and you can create the beautiful castle with this 910-piece puzzle, with thick pieces made from unique foam backing technology. They fit snugly together so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart as you build. Plus, there’s no glue required.

Once assembled, it measures 17.75 x 12.25 x 10.25”, making it ideal to put on display on a shelf or piece of furniture in your living room, den, or home office. Rated for those aged 14+, it will keep you challenged but will be tons of fun to put together.

1 Eddard Game of Thrones Minifigure


Poor Ned met his end far too soon in the series. But you can honor his memory with this super-cute mini figure, which is made from high-quality interlocking building blocks and compatible parts.

The character comes with a cape, greatsword, and his very own iron throne. Because some of the weapons are sharp, this isn’t an appropriate gift for anyone under the age of 10. Complete with building instructions, it’s a limited edition piece that might be gone just as quickly as Ned was.

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