Game Of Thrones: 20 Things Wrong With Tyrion Lannister We All Choose To Ignore

Tyrion Lannister is a beloved character on Game of Thrones. He keeps the show interesting with his charm and wit. Yet, like all the other characters on Game of Thrones, he certainly isn’t perfect. Not only is he morally grey like most of the other characters, but there are things that are wrong with him that some fans just ignore. Whether it’s his lack of skill at diplomacy and battle strategy when it comes to advising Daenerys Targaryen or his outburst at his trial, there are some things about Tyrion that just don’t make sense.

Of course, this does not change how well-loved and interesting Tyrion’s character is. If anything, these inconsistencies just make fans more interested in his character. Yet it’s still worth it to examine them and to attempt to explain them. In a show as big as Game of Thrones is, with its many characters and plot lines, there are bound to be things that don’t make sense. Tyrion’s characterization at times just happens to be one of those things.

It would also be interesting to think of why fans ignore these inconsistencies when it comes to Tyrion’s character. Is it just because he’s so beloved? Or are there other reasons? Could it be that fans are willing to overlook inconsistencies in the show as a whole because of how entertaining it can be? That’s definitely a possibility. It’s also possible that fans do not want to look into inconsistencies when it comes to their favorite characters.

Here are: 20 Things Wrong With Tyrion Lannister We All Choose To Ignore. 

20 He’s Not A Good Hand To Daenerys

Tyrion Lannister is smart, capable, and clever. So why is it that his advice to Daenerys is so horrible? In fact, during season seven, she did better when she ignored his advice and did what she thought was best. With many fans theorizing that he is going to betray her in season eight anyway, it’s surprising that he hasn’t lost his position. At least, not yet. You never know what’s going to happen in the world of Game of Thrones. 

Just so everyone is on the same page, let’s go over some of Tyrion’s bad advice. He advised against attacking King’s Landing when Daenerys was at the height of her strength. He advised her to attack Casterly Rock, which ended up very badly. He advised against her going beyond the Wall, without which Jon Snow and the others would have been in big trouble. Overall, his advice hasn’t been good. And it might be better off for Daenerys to listen to someone else’s advice or do her own thing.

19 …But He Was A Pretty Good Hand To Joffrey

If there’s one ruler in the world of Game of Thrones who can’t inspire loyalty in their subjects, it’s Joffrey Baratheon. He’s a very unpleasant person, and that’s putting it mildly. So why was Tyrion such a good Hand to him? One possible reason is that Tyrion wasn’t doing it for Joffrey himself but for the good of Westeros in general. Yet that argument could also be used now in his duties as Hand to Daenerys. Yet he’s apparently lost his brains now and cannot give her good advice the way he once did for Joffrey.  So perhaps that’s not it. Perhaps Tyrion was a better Hand to Joffrey because he secretly cared for the horrible king. No? Too surprising?

18 His Age Is Different From The Books To The Show

One big difference between the books and the show is the age of the characters. All of the main characters in Game of Thrones are a lot older than their book counterparts. When it comes to Tyrion, though, fans tend to ignore this. One possible explanation is that since he is not a minor in the book, his aging up is not seen as significant. Though we would argue it still is. It’s still a huge change between the books and the show and those changes definitely matter. Another possible explanation is that some show fans haven’t read the books, and therefore don’t notice the changes made from them. The show is, for some, their first— and only— exposure to the world of Westeros.

17 He Isn’t As Smart As He Thinks He Is

Though he can play the game of thrones with some success, he is not as intelligent as he appears. During season one, he hints to his siblings that he knows they hurt Bran. Given the moral ambiguity of Jaime and especially Cersei, Tyrion should have known that wasn’t a smart move. Because of this action, he should have been on his guard but he wasn’t and was later set up by Petyr Baelish before being taken by Catelyn Stark.

During his tenure as Hand of the King to Joffrey, he manages to make a lot of enemies on the Small Council. Not to mention how he earns the hatred of his sister Cersei after he sends Myrcella to Dorne. This leads to him losing any power he had and ultimately, he should have been smarter. If he was as intelligent as he believes, he probably would not have made so many dire mistakes.

16 His Actions Are Whitewashed In The Show

Though Tyrion is morally grey, he is not as much of an anti-hero as his book counterpart. In the books, he is ordered by Tywin to participate in the humiliation of his wife, Tysha. This event occurs before the timeline of the story, but is a very important one for Tyrion. He even thinks of it when he gets rid of his father, Tywin. In fact, in the book, he asks Tywin where Tysha is before Tywin passes away. Given this event and how important it was to Tyrion, you would think it would shape his character. No. Not at all. While on the run in Essos, in the books, he abuses a slave girl. He feels bad about it afterwards, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it again before she is finally able to escape him.

15 His Outburst At His Trial Doesn’t Make Sense

When he is accused of eliminating Joffrey— which he didn’t do— he is offered a deal. He can spend his life at the Wall as a member of the Night’s Watch. Given that Tyrion is supposed to be very intelligent and know how to play the game of thrones, all he had to do was take the deal. Keep his cool and take the deal. Use his intellect to get out of it later. Instead, he doesn’t use his intellect at all and ends up throwing somewhat of a tantrum. Though his anger is understandable, he still shouldn’t have allowed it to overcome him. Ultimately, his anger leads to his downfall, which leads to him having to flee Westeros.

14 He’s In Love With Daenerys

Now we kind of understand why. Daenerys is an awesome woman, after all. But you’d think Tyrion would be smart enough to not mix business with pleasure. Apparently not. One possible reason for this is to show just how wonderful Daenerys is. If even Tyrion would fall for her, she must be something special. Poor Tyrion, though. He’s not very lucky in love, is he? First Shae betrays him, now Daenerys falls for someone else. It’s got to make you wonder why he doesn’t just give up on the whole thing entirely. Is Tyrion a secret romantic? Aaw, that’s sweet. Kind of. Though Westeros is not the place to have romantic dreams. They’ll just end up being crushed.

13 …Or At Least Thinks He Is

Wait, is he in love with Daenerys or isn’t he? According to Peter Dinklage himself, it’s complicated. Tyrion is definitely impressed by Daenerys and feels a connection with her. He feels as if they have a lot in common since both of them want to escape from their family’s past. He also is cautious, though, because of his past unluckiness in love. In addition to that, he is worried about Jon Snow and Daenerys getting involved. He knows that romance and politics don’t really work well together. Therefore, their relationship could be dangerous, not only for them but for all of Westeros. It is surprising, though, that Tyrion hasn’t been able to figure out if he just admires Daenerys or if it’s something more. For a man of his intelligence and experience, you would think that would be an easy enough thing to figure out.

12 He Is Accused Of A Crime He Didn’t Commit By Catelyn Stark

This happened all the way back in season one, so it’s no wonder some fans have forgotten about it.  Still, it’s important to remember little details like this. You never know what could end up being important in the world of Game of Thrones. Just to remind everyone, Tyrion is accused of trying to harm Bran Stark, which was actually done by his siblings Jaime and Cersei. He insists that he is innocent, but Catelyn doesn’t believe him. She takes him to her sister Lysa Arryn at the Eyrie. He is then accused not only of trying to harm Bran, but of  eliminating Lysa’s husband, Jon Arryn. Tyrion is also innocent of that crime.

He requests and is granted a trial by combat. Bronn fights for him against one of Lysa’s knights and Bronn wins. This means that Tyrion is innocent in the eyes of the gods. So he manages to get out of this situation. Still, if he had been more careful in the first place, he never would have gotten into a situation like this one.

11 …And Again By His Family

You’d think one time of being accused of a crime he didn’t commit would be enough for Tyrion. Apparently not. After Joffrey passes away, Tyrion is accused of getting rid of him. Of course, he didn’t do it. Yet since his sister and father already hate him, they are happy to believe that he did commit the crime. Luckily, his brother Jaime is on his side. And Tyrion ends up getting out of yet another sticky situation. Though this time, he owes it all to Jaime and Varys.

There are so many ways this could have been avoided, though. Of course, Joffrey was a horrible person and a terrible ruler. Yet Tyrion should have encouraged a less hostile relationship with him. Perhaps then he wouldn’t be accused of trying to get rid of him. If people believed Tyrion cared about Joffrey, it would be harder to accuse him of the crime of eliminating Joffrey.

10 He Didn’t Try To Stop Tywin From Hurting Tysha In The Show

You would think, with the way Tyrion is characterized on the show, that the writers would have given him a heroic moment during this important time. They could have easily shown that Tyrion had tried to stop his father, done everything he could even, only to be defeated by Tywin. This would have made Tyrion look great. Of course, he didn’t want these events to happen, but it looks a little bad that he didn’t try harder to stop his father. Tywin is used to getting his way, true, but Tyrion should have at least tried to outsmart him. Also, it’s amazing how easy it was for Tyrion to believe that Tysha wasn’t truly in love with him. He should have trusted her more.

9 He Stops At The Inn On The Way Home, When He Doesn’t Need To

This could be just bad luck on Tyrion’s part, but you’d think he’d do his best to avoid such situations. This is, of course, when he stops at the Crossroads Inn and is captured by Catelyn Stark. As is mentioned before, this whole situation could have been avoided if Tyrion was more careful. After suggesting to Jaime and Cersei that they were behind Bran’s injury, he should have known that Cersei would want revenge. So he absolutely should have been taking better care of himself and not easily fall into any traps. Instead, he is easily captured by Catelyn Stark and has to defend himself. Luckily, he gets out of it. But things could just as easily have gone the other way.

8 He Takes Shae To King’s Landing Even Though He Knows It’s Risky

This was definitely a mistake. During season two, Tyrion becomes Hand of the King to Joffrey. He is therefore needed in King’s Landing. Defying his father’s orders to leave her behind, he takes Shae to King’s Landing with him. Since Tyrion knows how dangerous everyone in King’s Landing can be, he really shouldn’t have done this. He even warns Shae of how dangerous it can be. Yet he didn’t think it was too dangerous to bring her in the first place? Yeah, that doesn’t fully make sense. Of course, love can make people do silly things. Yet you’d think Tyrion would be the exception to that rule. Given his intelligence, he would know when to take risks like that and when not to. This is a situation where he probably shouldn’t have taken the risk.

7 His Efforts In The Battle Of The Blackwater Are Ignored By Tywin

Now, Tywin does tend to ignore Tyrion’s accomplishments. That’s true. Yet if Tyrion was a bit better at the game of thrones, his father wouldn’t have been able to pull the rug out from under him the way he did. He should have used his intelligence and political savvy to gain allies in King’s Landing. Trustworthy allies. Instead, the only person who seems to acknowledge his efforts during the battle is Varys, who is not really what you would call trustworthy. One possible reason why this occurred was to show just how unfair Tywin Lannister can be. Even though the audience and Varys know what Tyrion did during the battle, since Tywin wasn’t there himself he prefers to ignore it.

6 He Chooses To Stay In King’s Landing, Even Though It’s Dangerous

This is another case where Tyrion should’ve known not to take the risk. He and Shae could have easily run away together, yet he decides to stay in King’s Landing. Why? The explanation he gives in the show is that standing up to the others in King’s Landing is what he is good at. Yet is it? Is it really? If he was really that good at standing up to people, he would know how to do it the right way. The way that would get you more allies rather than lose them. Instead, he makes many enemies on the Small Council and in King’s Landing as a whole during season two. What a shame.

5 Varys Betrays Him…. And Tyrion Should Have Seen It Coming

Tyrion is often acknowledged, both on the show and in the fan-base, as a very intelligent person. So why did he trust Varys? As is mentioned before, Varys is not exactly trustworthy. Tyrion should have known that he couldn’t trust The Spider— which is Varys’ ominous nickname— in the first place. Varys even warns Tyrion that he will not protect him. So why does Tyrion trust him so much? Why is he so shocked by his betrayal? If Tyrion is supposed to be intelligent, then he should have known that Varys would double-cross him eventually to save himself. For a clever person, Tyrion can be pretty stupid at times. He really should have seen this one coming.

4 He Should Have Known Oberyn Martell Would Lose The Fight

Though Oberyn is a good fighter, Tyrion should have known he wouldn’t win. Not only is it very hard to defeat Gregor Clegane— also known as The Mountain— but Oberyn’s appetite for revenge definitely affected his fighting skills. Tyrion should have known that. Oberyn even admits what he wants when he offers to be Tyrion’s champion. One possible reason for this inconsistency is that in this situation, Tyrion was desperate. He wanted someone to fight for him and he got Oberyn. So perhaps beggars can’t be choosers. Still, Tyrion should not have put all his hopes on Oberyn. He should have had several backup plans, just in case things didn’t work out his way. Though Tyrion does manage to escape Westeros, he wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Jaime and Varys.

3 He Meets With The Slavers While Daenerys Is Gone

Tyrion should have known this wouldn’t go well. First of all, they’re slavers. They enslave people for a living. That means they’re definitely not honorable people. He should have known that they wouldn’t honor any deal that they made with him. Second of all, in Daenerys’ absence, Tyrion should have listened to those closest to her, especially those who have a great deal of knowledge about slavery like Missandei and Grey Worm. Instead, he went ahead with his plan. Luckily for him, Daenerys eventually comes back and restores order. One possible reason for this inconsistency is to show that while Tyrion can give advice to rulers, he cannot rule himself. He just doesn’t have the talent for it.

2 He Tells Jon To Bend The Knee

During season seven, Tyrion tries to convince Jon to bend the knee to Daenerys. Knowing Jon as he does, Tyrion should have known that this wouldn’t work easily. Jon can be stubborn. He’s a lot like his Stark family in that way. Once he took up the title of King In The North, Tyrion should have known he wouldn’t relinquish it so easily. He would need a good reason. Jon would need to have a reason to believe in Daenerys. Tyrion should have, instead of just telling him to bend the knee, explained why he himself is following Daenerys. Instead, Jon finds out from others like Missandei and eventually accepts Daenerys as his queen after she saves his life.

1 He Could Be In Trouble— Serious Trouble— In Season Eight

“Say it isn’t so,” you may be thinking. Well, you know Game of Thrones. You never know who is going to survive and who is going to be eliminated. Tyrion could very well be in the latter group during season eight. Especially if, like many fans are theorizing, he betrays Daenerys. He could end up having an unpleasant interaction with one of her dragons and that would be the end of the fan favorite. Still, all hope is not lost. After all, Tyrion has survived this long. And though we’ve poked some fun at him in this piece and taunted him for not always being as intelligent as he says he is, we really love Tyrion. So of course we want him to survive.

Is there anything wrong with Tyrion in Game of Thrones that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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