Game of Thrones: Myers-Briggs® Types Of The Starks

“Winter is coming,” has long been the slogan of House Stark, and fans will finally see these words come to full fruition after Game of Thrones final season later this year. The Starks have been the family to root for since the very beginning; with their noble sense of honor and proud history, they have quite a bit going for them, and fans have become invested in the family’s survival. Given their positions as Warden/King of the North though, one might be mistaken in thinking that they’re all the same.

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While it’s true many of them are similar, each Stark has a unique personality that can be mapped using the Myers-Briggs test. As such, let’s use our Tyrion-esque minds to see what each of the Starks MBTI test results would be.

8 Eddard Stark – ISTJ

We all remember the Stark patriarch, who unfortunately lost his life to the political machinations of the Iron Throne in season one. Ned Stark was a man of honor, duty, and loyalty above all. He was a determined leader who would never ask anyone to do something that he himself was not willing to do. Never one to mince words, Ned perfectly fits the profile for the ISTJ personality type.

ISTJ’s are all about practicality, and make the most informed decisions they can given all the information available to them. They value traditions and loyalty above all else, traits that have come to define the Stark family. They are thorough and occasionally stubborn in their line of thinking, but always know how to get their point across.

7 Catelyn Stark – INFP

Lady Catelyn Stark may not have been born a Stark, but she was instrumental in shaping the members of the House into the people they are today. Caring and fiercely loyal about her children (with the exception of Jon), there is nothing Cat wouldn’t do to protect her family. She is quick to council and quick to sense the true motives of those around her. As such, Catelyn Stark makes for a perfect INFP personality type.

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If you’re an INFP like Catelyn Stark, you’re known for your idealistic hope and your ability to inspire the best in others. Those with an INFP personality are adaptable to most situations, and can overlook most shortcomings. But when those shortcomings threaten the people or things they care about, then you would be hard pressed to find someone who would fight harder for them than an INFP like Lady Catelyn Stark.

6 Robb Stark – ENTP

The first King of the North in hundreds of years, the Young Wolf Robb Stark proved himself on and off the battlefield. From his decisive victories over the Lannister’s to foregoing his vows in order to marry for love, Robb was a man of principle and action. Were it not for the betrayal of the Frey’s, Robb could have easily taken the Iron Throne from the Lannisters. Charming, resourceful, clever, and quick to action, Robb is quite clearly the ENTP (or “Visionary”) personality type.

Because he is an ENTP, Robb is considered by many to be a born leader. With the help of his upbringing, Robb displays all the best of an ENTP with his quick wit, resourcefulness, and ability to rally the people behind him. He also displays many of the negative traits, such as impulsiveness and an inability to sometimes see the bigger picture. Still, one can’t have the good without the bad, and Robb displayed many good qualities before his death. Long live the King of the North!

5 Jon Snow – ISFJ

While recent revelations about Jon’s parentage have blown fans away, the fact remains that he is still a member of the Stark family. A bit outside the norm from the rest of his siblings, Jon still displays the trademark Stark stoicism, loyalty, and bravery. He has shown himself capable of taking command, and listening when the time calls for it. He is quiet, an excellent judge of character, and can always be counted on to do what’s right. In other words, Jon Snow may not know much, but he knows enough to be an ISFJ personality type.

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ISFJ’s like Jon are referred to as “Nurturers”, which may seem like an odd personality type for Jon. But looking how far characters like Sam and the rest of the Night’s Watch have come under his command shows that the title fits. He is perceptive to the feelings of others, and is interested in serving a cause greater than himself. While he may be limited to what he does (and doesn’t) know about the world, a personality like Jon’s would make for a fitting ruler of the Iron Throne.

4 Sansa Stark – ISFP

Sansa Stark is a character whose growth over the course of the series is truly remarkable to look at. From a selfish and self-indulgent child to a confident and cool-headed young woman, Sansa was forced to do a lot of growing up in a very short amount of time. This abrupt change forced her to adapt quickly to new environments, as well as wait for the right moment to strike instead of lashing out. Given her interest in maintaining the status quo of Winterfell and bringing order back to her life, Sansa makes for a fascinating ISFP personality type.

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ISFP’s are quiet, serious, and appreciate the beauty in the world around them. This very much echoes the Sansa we see in the beginning of the series. While she has certainly grown more aggressive than most ISFP’s are comfortable being, she’s still very much dedicated to the beautiful things in her life. In this case, maintaining and protecting the family she has left.

3 Brandon Stark – INFJ

Bran Stark has been having his own individual adventure for quite some time now. As the new Three Eyed Raven, Bran’s journey has forced him to learn more about himself and the world around him. This determined nature to see his journey through to the end and to do the right thing makes Bran a clear-cut INFJ (or “Protector”) personality type.

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While Bran may be forced to rely on others to help him out, at his core Bran is an individualistic person. Like other INFJ’s, he would much rather go down this path alone. Still, INFJ’s like Bran will see a job through until it’s done, and care about the feelings of others. They always care about ultimately doing the right thing, something Bran cares deeply about. While his journey may have had its bumps in the road, it made him the man he is today, and cemented his INFJ personality type.

2 Arya Stark – ESTP

A fan favorite, Arya Stark’s journey has been a roller coaster ride from beginning to (nearly) the end. She has managed to outwit and outlast nearly all of her enemies, with only a few left on her infamous list. From going out on her own and learning the skills necessary to be an assassin, Arya hasn’t shied away from much. Her impulsive and action-driven personality makes her the easiest to categorize for a personality type as an ESTP.

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ESTP’s are more commonly known as “Doer’s”, which sums up Arya rather perfectly. ESTP’s sometimes show a blatant disregard for rules or authority figures that get in the way of what they want. They live in the moment, and don’t think too far ahead beyond what’s directly in front of them. Risk takers and ne’er do wells like Arya may have trouble settling down for long, but when they do it’s for an important reason. In Arya’s case, seeing the rest of her family protected in safe has become her life’s mission, and she’ll be damned if anything else tries to get in her way.

1 Rickon Stark – ESFP

Rickon Stark may be the hardest to categorize. The youngest of the Starks was most certainly the runt of the litter, earning little screen time and even fewer lines of dialogue. But from what we saw, he enjoyed simple pleasures like food, his direwolf Shaggydog, and playing with his siblings. He enjoyed making others happy, and was adaptable to the horrific situations he frequently found himself in. As such, with a small degree of certainty, it can be determined that Rickon was an ESFP personality type.

ESFP’s are known for their sense of play and optimism. Performers and people pleasers, they love new experiences and thrive off of meeting new people. Rickon may have been too young to show more of the traits like common sense (zig-zag Rickon, zig-zag), but these things would have undoubtedly come in time. In the meantime, the youngest of the Stark clan will be remembered fondly by those who survived him as a source of joy and happiness.

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