Girl Meets World: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

This ditsy, lively, engaging show is actually the ‘sister’ show, if you will, of Boy Meets World. Remember this quirky sitcom from the 90s? Well, Girl Meets World is its sequel. More razzling and dazzling than ever, the series still focusses on classroom life and there is something in it for everyone, from teen to mom and dad (who might have been big fans of Boy Meets World).

Here are 10 hidden details about the main characters of Girl Meets World which viewers might not be aware of… which are good to know, as they make viewing even more exciting.

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10 Show meets show

The popular, beautiful Riley and Auggie Matthews are the children of Cory and Topanga Matthews. This might seem an arbitrary fact – unless of course, one was a fan of Boy Meets World of 1990’s fame. Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World’s main protagonists, eventually got married… The result… two children and a whole new drama series, Girl Meets World.

There are things similar to Cory and Topanga in both children which makes for some interesting viewing.

9 From the Hart

8 Songbird touches hearts

Maya Hart is played by American singer and actress Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter. The bright starlet is also signed to Hollywood Records, for singing, and was placed third in a competition run by the Miley Cyrus website.

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Not bad for someone who turned 20 years old on May 11 this year. She was chosen for the role Maya early on in auditions and while nationwide auditions continued, directors said they already knew she was perfect for the part.

7 Interesting as they come

6 What’s in a name?

Lucas Friar is both Riley’s friend and love interest. The handsome character comes from Austin, Texas, and is not just good looking, but is also popular and sporty. What is intriguing about the character is the scriptwriters’ choice of the surname ‘Friar’ which is reminiscent of the character Friar Lawrence of Romeo and Juliet fame.

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Reports state the show’s writers initially intended calling the character Tristan, or Iseult, but chose not to as both of these names alluded to tragedy in the great romances. Eventually ‘Lucas’ was selected and ‘Friar’ chosen, with its link to Topanga’s maiden name.

5 Clear casting

Casting the main characters was an easy call for directors. Directors knew straight away, after Rider Strong’s audition, that he would be Shawn. It was clear he would be the perfect match for the actor cast as Ben. This was the same for Sabrina and Rowan, who play Maya and Riley respectively.

Sabrina was quickly cast as Maya, and when Rowan walked into the audition, despite behind two young, she fitted the character perfectly. She walked into the audition, tripping over her feet and crashing into the wall, and directors knew straight away that she was the ‘it’ girl to play Riley.

4 Personal influences shift script decisions

Episode storylines have been influenced by the personal lives of those directing and writing the show. To give an example, Michael Jacobs’ daughter Rachel is the inspiration behind the character of Riley. Even when casting Rowan as Riley, he knew straight away she was the perfect fit, based on his daughter’s character traits and personality quirks.

In the same way, the name ‘Rachel’ (his daughter’s name) was used for the character of Rachel McGuire, the beauty who first appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of Boy Meets World.

3 From guest star to lead

While Farkle Minkus, the son of Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett from Boy Meets World, is clearly a main character in the series, he didn’t always start off as one. He was initially cast as a guest star, possibly likely to the Disney Channel’s rule of having only six members on the cast starring as lead roles simultaneously.

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The character, played by Corey Fogelmanis, was so well received, he was promoted to main character very quickly. Farkle exhibits character traits of both Stuart and Jennifer. Like Stuart, he is an absolute nerd – frightfully clever. Like Jennifer, he is confident.

2 What’s up with ‘Topanga’?

Topanga Matthews has touched hearts since she first debuted in Boy Meets World. Her beauty and unusual name made her somehow distinct in the script. In Girl Meets World, she is mom to two beautiful children and herself and husband Cory are living in New York.

Viewers might have wondered about how the delightful character got her first name. It is strongly implied in the series’ narrative that her name was the result of a journal entry made by Rose, her maternal grandmother.

1 A tongue twister worth saying

With a surname like Fogelmanis one can hardly blame Corey Fogelmanis from making the most of his quirky name. Entertainment reports state that the actor calls his fans, ‘Fogelmaniacs‘, and even has a cat called Fuglymonacles.

It all sounds like something straight out of a Roald Dahl book and maybe this intrigue is what the talented actor, who stars as Farkle Minkus, is going for. Even his screen name, a most unusual name, ‘Farkle Minkus’, sounds something like his surname, Fogelmanis.

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