Grace And Frankie: 10 Things We Want To Happen In Season 6

For the past five seasons in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, we’ve seen Sol and Robert find love, Grace and Frankie become best friends, Brianna taking over Say Grace, Mallory becoming a single mother, Bud becoming a father (and getting married), and Coyote meeting his birth mother. It’s been a wild ride over there in California but we can’t get enough.

In the last episode of season five, we see what life would have been like if Grace and Frankie never became the besties that they’ve become. Grace was insanely vapid, Frankie was closer to Grace’s kids than she was, and there was still a lot of anger directed towards Sol and Robert. Luckily, it was all a daydream and Grace and Frankie realized how lucky they were to have one another.

However, as great as season five was, it ended with a ton of questions. Here are 10 things we hope to find out come season six.

10 For Coyote To Reunite With His ‘Other’ Family

For the time being, Coyote has met his birth mother after he decided he wanted to look for her. And while his birth mother did take a trip out to the West Coast to meet her son, that’s all she wanted from the relationship. After realizing he couldn’t have a full relationship with his mom, that was where the series left it. That is until last season in an episode called “The Pharmacy.”

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In the episode, Coyote is attacked by a 17-year-old boy who thinks he’s having an affair with his mom. In reality though, they’re step-brothers, sharing the same mom. Fans of the show would love to see if anything more comes from this connection.

9 An Appearance From Dolly Parton

Grace and Frankie has a full cast of amazing stars, however, there are rumors that Dolly Parton may be popping up in season six! Appearing on the 1980s TV show together, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin have known each other for decades. They loved working together then so why wouldn’t they love working together now?

8  For Mallory To Keep Dating Around

Many Grace and Frankie fans saw Mallory struggle with her relationship with her children’s father. And over time, their connection kept dwindling. Now a single mother of four, we see Mallory try to find herself again. She starts working (for free, mind you) with her sister at Say Grace and she begins to juggle life as a single mother. Eventually, she Brianna does force her to date again but she ultimately found a connection with her kids’ principal, Nick.

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Fans are happy Mallory feels comfortable with Nick (especially since she brought him to Bud’s wedding), but most think she needs more time to date around instead of settling down so quickly.

7 What’s Going On With Barry And His Potential Child?

There’s something so rare and sweet about the relationship between Brianna and Barry. They’re both so scared of their relationship and yet are so committed to one another. Interestingly enough, Barry was given the chance to have a child with a pair of women who can’t have children themselves. While they both thought the concept was a little weird, they eventually went along with it since Brianna isn’t a “kid” kind of person. In season six, we’re hoping to find out more about Barry’s child and how they’re navigating this new addition (if successful).

6 Grace Can’t Live Without Frankie, Can She?

Now that Grace is legally married to Nick (per the last episode in season five), where does that leave Grace and Frankie? Will Grace move out of their La Jolla home and into Nick’s place, or perhaps Nick moves into their beach house with Frankie?

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With the separation of Grace and Frankie, is there even a show? Fans need to know how these two can function without one another after becoming so dependent on each other.

5 And What Does This Mean For Nick And Grace?

Now that Grace and Nick are legally married, Frankie was taken back by this revelation. The women realized they simply cannot live without each other and yet Nick is kind of in the middle of their relationship. In season six, it’s going to be interesting to see the relationship between Grace, Nick, and Frankie evolve. Nick is a busy businessman, and Grace is an independent woman, maybe she can spend a few nights with Frankie and a few nights at Nick’s? Time will tell.

4 For Brianna To Keep Say Grace Thriving Without Grace

It’s been empowering watching Brianna take Say Grace from the bottom and bring it to the top. However, somewhere down the line, Say Grace took a hit and Brianna needed help to bring it back to life. The only woman made for the job was Say Grace creator (and Brianna’s mom), Grace.

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The problem with this is that Grace loves to work, so she took the reigns and kind of threw her daughters under the bus. Now that Brianna seems to have a handle on the business model, it would be amazing to see her take full control and keep climbing to the top — without the help of her mother. It would also be great to see her pay Mallory for all her hard work…

3 Sol And Robert Need A Reset Button

Most fans didn’t know how to feel about the relationship between Sol and Robert in the beginning, but over time, we all knew it was love. We saw them fight for their rights, fight for their love, and fight for their health, but in season five? They kind of fell off track. The pair dealt with downsizing, fighting families, a third partner in the bedroom, Robert’s failing health… Did these two lose their way? There seems to be more arguments and drama between the two than loving hugs like the first season. It would be great for fans to see these two to fall in love again.

2 For Vybrant To Continue Serving The Older Community

After Frankie promised free vibrators and donuts online to their visitors, Frankie needed to clean up her own mess. Grace, of course, wanted to do a PR video to clean up the spilled milk but Frankie wasn’t a fan of her idea. After a few days of brainstorming, Frankie makes an entire graph directed towards fixing her issue. Focusing on the older generations, they wanted to give their free vibrators to the older community first and then the younger community when they’re “old enough.”

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Knowing that Vybrant’s main focus is still the older community is a main centerpiece of the show, and to see that continue would be huge in season six.

1 Will Vybrant Start Bedazzling Canes?

We see Frankie and Grace get closer and closer to their friend (and assistant) Joan Margaret throughout season five. By the time Bud’s wedding came around we see Joan selling her cane for $50 — which she bedazzled for fun.

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Frankie and Joan seem to love the idea of adding a sassy cane line to their Vybrant brand, but we need to wait and see if Grace is on board in season six!

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