Hannah Brown Has Mixed Feelings About Tyler Being the Next Bachelor

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown has mixed feelings about her ex, runner-up Tyler Cameron, potentially being the next star of The Bachelor. Brown is currently trying to reconnect with Cameron after things fell apart with The Bachelorette winner and her former fiancé Jed Wyatt.

Brown has had a rough go during her time as the Bachelorette. After accepting a proposal from Wyatt, she found out he’d been in a serious relationship with a woman up until filming for the show began. Despite telling Brown, before and after he proposed, that things weren’t serious between him and his ex, Haley Stevens, it was revealed via text messages that they’d exchanged “I love yous” days before Brown and Wyatt met. When Brown found out, she ended things with her then-fiancé on the two-part finale of The Bachelorette. Reports later proved their engagement was messy from the start. Following the dramatic split, Brown attempted to rekindle things with runner-up Cameron.

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Brown made it clear she’s leaving the door open for her and Cameron to reconnect after asking him out on a date during The Bachelorette finale. She later revealed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that it’d be “a little hard to see” Cameron as the next Bachelor because “there’s still feelings there.” But she’s not going to get in the way of him and his happiness. Brown said she’d support Cameron if he chose to go on the show, just like he supported her and Wyatt. When asked if she regrets not choosing him as the recipient of her final rose in the first place, Brown said she “can’t change it,” adding that she was “scared” to pick him, but that ultimately her feelings for him “were real and true.” 

Cameron also seems interested in reconnecting with Brown, but doesn’t want to rush anything. He recently said on The Viall Files, former Bachelor star Nick Viall’s podcast, that he was excited to hang out with Brown when there was “no pressure for anything.” He added that the two of them had a “friendship” he cherished and didn’t want to “cut off cold turkey because it didn’t work out,” implying he might not be ready for romance just yet. But the two will get a drink and “take it one step at a time,” Cameron said. Bachelor Nation can’t blame him for being skeptical since Brown did pick Wyatt first, even if it was the “safer” decision at the time, according to the former Bachelorette.

There are already rumors swirling that Brown and Cameron’s date has turned into something more, but neither of them have confirmed anything. The rumors could also be the result of Chris Harrison “shipping” them during the season finale. Fans will have to wait and see if it works out between the pair – or if Cameron is the next Bachelor. There are plenty of other former Bachelorette contestants rumored to be the next star, like fan favorite Mike Johnson and third-place finalist Peter Weber. Hopefully, during their seasons, they won’t have to worry about any secret boyfriends back home.

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Source: The Viall FilesJimmy Kimmel Live

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