Happy Death Day 2U Trailer: Tree is So Done With Time Loops

Tree is so done with time loops in the trailer for Blumhouse’s horror-comedy sequel, Happy Death Day 2U. Blumhouse has become one of the leading creative voices in horror filmmaking in recent years, between its acclaimed original projects like Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning Get Out and its popular franchises like Insidious and The Purge (not to mention, David Gordon Green’s much celebrated Halloween sequel/reboot). The studio landed yet another hit last year with the original Happy Death Day, a film that put a Groundhog Day-style spin on the typical slasher movie scenario.

Happy Death Day helmer Christopher Landon both wrote and called the shots on 2019’s sequel, which finds college student Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) stuck in a time loop and being relentlessly pursued by a masked killer… again. However, things are different this time around, as Tree gradually discovers the truth about how she got caught in a time loop to begin with, and learns that she’s not the only one (somewhat literally) stuck in a rut now. As the sequel’s trailer trailer reveals, Tree’s boyfriend Carter (Israel Broussard), Carter’s roommate Ryan (Phi Vu), and possibly even Tree’s homicidal roommate Lori (Ruby Modine) may be trapped in the loop with her.

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The Happy Death Day 2U trailer started playing in theaters with Halloween back in October, around the same time that the Happy Death Day sequel got an official poster hinting at the identity of a new (?) baby masked killer in the film. A recut version of that trailer has finally been released online for everyone to watch, as you can see in the space below.

Those who could use a recap of what happened in Happy Death Day are in luck; the Happy Death Day 2U trailer starts off with Tree recounting the major events of the original movie. The trailer shifts its focus to the sequel from there and hints that a mysterious college science experiment gone wrong (or something to that effect) is what’s really responsible for the franchise’s time loop madness. Beyond that, the trailer indicates that Happy Death Day 2U will follow in the footsteps of many horror sequels before it by going bigger and deadlier than the first installment, while at the same time carrying over its comedic elements.

In addition to being a box office success ($122 million worldwide on a $4.8 million budget), the original Happy Death Day was praised for being a funny and inventive sci-fi flavored slasher movie anchored by Rothe’s charismatic performance as Tree. The sequel won’t have the same element of surprise as far as its premise goes, but the trailer suggests that Landon’s approach to Happy Death Day 2U – namely, take the first movie’s premise and go crazy with it – might’ve been the right one. Indeed, Happy Death Day 2U looks gleefully more ridiculous than its predecessor (but still very self-aware) and may yet prove to be all the more entertaining for it.

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