Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Death Eater Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

The wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter is a fictional universe that it seems like everyone in the world loves to inhabit and explore. These characters, places, and ideas inspired the imaginations of children and adults all over the globe, and even though the original Harry Potter series has been over for years now the popularity of the film and book franchise has barely waned at all.

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And like any super popular film and book franchise, the Harry Potter series has become the subject of many an internet meme. Everything that has ever appeared in the Harry Potter universe seems to have been memed at one point or another, and the Death Eaters are no exception. For those who aren’t familiar, the Death Eaters were a squad of dark wizards who followed Lord Voldemort and were hoping to achieve wizarding world domination alongside him. And here are the 10 funniest memes on the internet about them.

10 Avengers Assemble

Seriously though, how hyped do you think all of the Death Eaters were when their dark marks started tingling and they knew that Voldemort was back? It doesn’t seem like the vast majority of Death Eaters actually have a personal investment in Voldemort as a person or leader, it looks like most of them were just dark wizards who were waiting for someone bigger and tougher than they were to come in and tell them it was okay to be complete monsters. And everyone saw that the entire Death Eater squad was fully decked out in their cloaks and monster masks as soon as Voldemort called on them in Goblet of Fire, so just dying for the old gang to get back together.

9 Always Go For The Nose

Voldemort is an undeniably physically repulsive person, and although everything about his appearance is striking in the worst way, clearly the most noticeable thing about him (or I guess lack of a thing) is his missing nose. It’s an easy insult to volley his way, but this meme has the right take on the whole situation.

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Sure, having a nose is great, but having a bunch of dark wizards at your beck and call who are ready and willing to commit murder on your behalf probably comes in a lot handier in general. Death Eaters aren’t exactly the first-string team of the wizarding world, but they’re better than nothing.

8 Yeahhh, Not A Great Call Albus

In retrospect, it’s actually pretty weird that Albus Dumbledore was such a prominent wizard in the global wizarding community. I mean yes, he was singularly gifted with magic and an absolutely brilliant mind, but his track record was more than sketchy for pretty much his entire life. He had family drama that was kept very hush-hush, he was apparently best friends and possibly lovers with the wizarding world’s version of Hitler, and after the fall of Voldemort it seemed that Dumbledore had no problem hiring former Death Eaters to instruct and care for children. It’s good to let things go and move on after tragedy, but this seems like a step too far.

7 He Never Had A Chance

To be fair to Draco Malfoy, becoming a whiny pale emo Death Eater was pretty much a dream come true for Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, at least until his new induction into their gang of dark wizards put him in serious mortal danger. But it’s also undeniably true that if his parents had possibly shown him the most basic human affection instead of showing Draco their love in the most toxic way imaginable, then he probably wouldn’t have wound up as one of the dark lord’s unwilling acolytes. Plus, this is just a good life lesson for everyone, caring for your children is good.

6 Snitches Get Stitches

For real though, if Tekashi 6ix9ine had joined the Death Eater squad in the first or second wizarding wars then those wars would have been over in about six weeks flat.

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Harry Potter wouldn’t have even gotten the chance to tell the world that Voldemort was back, Tekashi would have been straight to the Wizengamot and throwing himself on the mercy of the court while throwing every single dark wizard he knew under the bus. There’s nothing wrong with ratting out people who have done horrendous things, but it’s still hilarious to see how many supposed tough guys absolutely fall apart at the first inkling of trouble.

5 A Crossover We Can Get Behind

Well to be fair to the career pack in The Hunger Games, they can at least say that they’re a bit tougher than the Death Eaters in the Harry Potter universe. Yes, they got all of their stuff destroyed by two girls, but they were at least of similar ages and the girls in question were very talented and skilled. On the other hand, you have the Death Eaters. A squad of adults who fancy themselves as the baddest dark wizards of all time, and they were all single-handedly defeated by one literal baby. It’s mystifying how anyone could even be afraid of a Death Eater knowing that they were beaten by an infant.

4 We’re Crying Too

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling sure loves to hit her audience members where it hurts. Losing every one of the characters in the Harry Potter series was devastating in its own way, but anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet was absolutely gutted when Harry’s owl Hedwig was killed. Hedwig was a true ride or die for Harry Potter, and she loved him when he had no one else who could even be there for him. She loved him because of the person he was, and not just because he was the boy who lived. And when she died, pretty much every HP fan was more than fine if every Death Eater in the series died too.

3 Not A Great Advertising Campaign

See, this is how you know that everyone who joined the Death Eater gang was truly evil. Because any person with a normal human soul would think about the possibility of Voldemort laying one hand on them and immediately flee for their lives.

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Voldemort hugs people like he learned how to hug from a step-by-step instruction booklet with no visual references, and if Draco Malfoy didn’t look like he wished he was dead before Voldemort gave him his loving embrace then he certainly looked ready to die afterward. The Ministry of Magic should have run an opposing advertising campaign exalting the fact that if you didn’t turn to the dark side then at least you don’t have to touch Voldy.

2 Hard Pass

Lucius Malfoy and the rest of the Death Eaters may make the life of a dark wizard devoted to Voldemort look glamorous, but don’t let the (admittedly on point) fashion sense fool you. Most Death Eaters ultimately became Death Eaters because no normal person would actually willingly spend time with them. I mean, Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, and the rest of them aren’t exactly going to make friends or form bonds with anyone unless those bonds are forged over their shared evil values, and even if they have values in common they’re not the kind of people that anyone else wants to be around unless they have no other choice.

1 Voldemort Would Not Approve

You know, although most of us grew up in generations that graduated the D.A.R.E. program I think we’d have to admit that this is actually a much better use of Death Eater time. Granted, they would almost certainly be kicked out of the Death Eater squad if they were ever caught playing like muggles, but getting high and playing on a playground is a much safer and less harmful way of wasting their time. Plus, as bona fide muggle haters, they would still be able to get their muggle-hating jollies by scaring the ever-living crap out of any man, woman, or child who saw them playing on a jungle gym.

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