Harry Potter: 10 Worst Things Muggles in The Series Did

In the Harry Potter world, there are not that many Muggle characters. Almost all of the characters in the series are wizards or witches, but there are a few minor characters who are Muggles. Unfortunately, the main Muggles in the series are the Dursleys who weren’t very good people.

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There are also a few other Muggles throughout the series who do some unfortunate things. Overall, the Muggles from the Harry Potter world did a lot of bad things for such a small group of people.

10 Tom Riddle Sr. being a judgemental, self-righteous person

Tom Riddle, Senior was Voldemort’s father, and we don’t really learn that much about him. In many ways, he was a victim, as he lived under the effects of a love potion made by Voldemort’s mother, Merope Gaunt. This means he was forced against his will to fall in love and marry her. While this was not his fault and made him a victim, he didn’t seem like a very good person overall. He was a rather self-righteous and judgemental person who didn’t give people the time of day and abandoned his unborn son. This helped turn that boy into the Dark Lord Voldemort.

9 Hermione’s parents being rather absent

Hermione’s parents seem like some of the best Muggles in the series. While we don’t see much about them, Hermione does mention them at times in the books. While they seem like overall good people and parents, they are also strangely absent from Hermione’s life. While Hermione clearly doesn’t tell them a lot, the fact that they aren’t more interested in what goes on in the wizarding world and the possible dangers Hermione is facing makes them seem somewhere between absent and borderline negligent.

8 Dudley Dursely acting out when he didn’t get enough presents

Dudley Dursely was overall a spoiled and bratty child. While a lot of this isn’t exactly his fault, there is something to be said about him not being a kind-hearted person at his core. While his parents did raise him to get everything he wanted and get away with everything, he was particularly cruel. His spoiled nature led to him throwing a fit when he didn’t get enough presents for his birthday. This is one of the most blatant examples of him manipulating his parents to get his way. Of course, he did all of this in front of his cousin Harry, knowing Harry had never even had a birthday party.

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He treated other children around him cruelly and would bully anyone who was weaker than him. He would also lash out when he didn’t get his way. His parties were just another method of bullying for him.

7 Argus Filch wanting to bring back torture

Argus Filch isn’t exactly a Muggle. He’s a Squib, a wizard with no innate magic, and so not very different from the Muggles who know about the wizarding world. Filch is a really cruel person who takes his frustrations about his lack of magical power out on the students at Hogwarts. He is always looking to catch them and get them in trouble, and one of his deepest wishes is to be able to bring back physical torture as a method of punishment. He is a rather gross person who wants to hurt other people and children in particular.

6 The muggle Prime Minister being rather avoidant about the wizarding world

One of the few Muggle characters that show up in the series is the Muggle Prime Minister. While he doesn’t ever get named and only really appears in one chapter, it’s still an appearance. He doesn’t seem like a horrible person all around, but he seems rather hesitant to accept the existence of the magical world. While this doesn’t make him evil, it does put his country in danger. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to the wizarding world. His reluctance to engage with the unfamiliar was cowardly. It put the Muggle world at even greater risk when Voldemort and his followers were targeting Muggles.

5 Dudley and his friends bullying Harry in school

The Dursley family is the most prominent Muggle family that is talked about in the series. Given that the books are told from Harry’s perspective, it makes sense that the family that raised him plays a role. Dudley spent most of his childhood bullying Harry. Dudley saw how his parents treated Harry and went along with their cruelty. He and his friends were particularly vicious to Harry during elementary school. Some of their tactics included physically beating Harry up if they could catch him.

4 Aunt Marge bullying Harry and having her dog chase him up a tree

While Petunia and Vernon might have been quite cruel to Harry, they weren’t the only ones. Aunt Marge was Vernon’s sister, and she was just as mean-hearted as him. She took joy in torturing Harry and went out of her way to verbally assault him and compare him (somehow negatively) to Dudley. One of the worst things she did to Harry was when she let her dogs chase him up a tree for hours. She thought a child’s misery was hilarious.

3 Vernon and Petunia keeping Harry under the stairs when he was a child

How Vernon and Petunia treated Harry was definitely abusive. They were neglectful and cruel to Harry from the beginning, even when he was a baby.

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They literally made him sleep in a closet under the stairs throughout his childhood, and this is just their day-to-day treatment of the boy they were supposed to be caring for. They were horrible guardians who treated Harry with contempt and disdain.

2 When Petunia lying to Harry about her knowledge of the wizarding world

One of the worst things that Petunia ever did to Harry was to hate him for being magical even though she herself knew a great deal about magic. She knew more about Voldemort and what Harry was facing than she ever let on, but she hated him all the same. Petunia let her own hangups with her sister, and her sister’s magic, affect how she felt about Harry. The fact that she treated him so poorly was the real problem, of course. If he’d had an ally his life would have been a lot easier and less dangerous.

1 Vernon often verbally, and sometimes physically, abusing Harry

Vernon Dursley was casually abusive to Harry throughout his childhood. At his best, he was gruff with Harry and belittled him. He made comments about Harry’s hair and how he wasn’t as big or strong as Dudley. There was even one occasion where he physically grabbed and assaulted Harry. He always thought Harry was basically good for nothing and let him know it. His overall judgemental nature and hateful actions make him one for the worst Muggles in the series… and make us wonder if Tom Riddle got off easy, given his father’s hatred of magic.

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