Henry Cavill Responds To Superman Exit Reports With Cryptic Instagram Post

Henry Cavill is making his future as the DCEU’s Superman even more confusing. The DC movie unniverse and its legion of fans exploded today when news surfaced that Cavill was looking to exit as Superman. He’s made three appearances since first debuting in Man of Steel, but a lack of movement on a true sequel and contract disputes looked to signal the end of his tenure as the Last Son of Krypton.

However, this report has only become more confusing as the hours have passed. Cavill’s manager teased that he may still have a future, while Warner Bros. official stance was that no decisions have been made. Well, now the Man of Steel himself is responding to the rumors in a very cryptic way – but it may point to good news.

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Cavill posted a video on his Instagram just moments ago that held the caption, “Today was exciting #Superman.” The video itself, which you can see below, shows him wearing a shirt that reads Krypton Lifting Team as he slowly holds up an action figure of him as Superman. All the Superman references and the excitement Cavill has after a long day may just point to his future as Superman significantly changing.

While Cavill may just be excited to receive this new Superman action figure, that is almost certainly not what is happening with this post. This instead further points to the likelihood that he is not done playing Superman as was previously reported. If that is the case, then the earlier reports may not have been necessarily false, but rather public negotiation tactics on the part of Cavill and his team. Fans have chimed in all day online showing their support for Cavill’s portrayal and frustration that WB and DC could let him walk away. If that’s what happened, then the studios may have finally agreed to Cavill’s terms and locked him in for a new, longer, and higher paying deal.

This is far from official, but unless this is Cavill’s way of saying he’s excited to be done playing Superman, it’s hard to take this as anything other than a sign that he’s returning. A new deal could mean that the once-planned Shazam! cameo actually does happen and is filmed before the movie’s April release date now. It could also point to a true Man of Steel sequel being announced in the near future. The exact plans for Cavill’s Superman still aren’t clear, but it seems that he may not be done with the character after all.

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