Hobbs & Shaw: Every Awesome Cameo In The Fast & Furious Movie

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Hobbs and Shaw

There are a ton of awesome cameos in Hobbs & Shaw. The Fast & Furious spinoff is also the ninth film in the franchise, with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprising their roles as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. Newcomers to the franchise Vanessa Kirby and Idris Elba play Hattie Shaw and Brixton Lore, respectively.

Hobbs & Shaw marks the first time in the Fast & Furious franchise where uneasy allies Hobbs and Shaw are forced to work together to save the day. The two are recruited to locate the person believed to have stolen a deadly virus, which could wipe out humanity if it was released. The men soon learn the person who took the virus was Shaw’s sister, Hattie. The trio are pursued by a cybergenetically-enhanced criminal known as Brixton, who is laser-focused on getting the virus back so that the organization he works for can release it. Throughout their mission, Hobbs, Shaw, and Hattie encounter some interesting characters played by famous faces audiences.

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In between all of the action and banter in Hobbs & Shaw, there are some very fun and surprising cameos to help liven things up even more. Here are all of the cameos we spotted while watching.

Ryan Reynolds is the first cameo in Hobbs & Shaw as C.I.A. Agent Locke, a former colleague of Hobbs’. Reynolds previously worked with director David Leitch on Deadpool 2 and he’s about to appear alongside Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice.

Locke shows up at a diner where Hobbs and his daughter, Sam (Eliana Sua) are having breakfast. Over the course of the scene, Locke explains the ins and outs of the deadly Snowflake virus to Hobbs and tells him he’s needed to find the stolen capsules containing the virus. In addition to giving Hobbs his next assignment, Locke also makes it clear he has nothing but love for Hobbs, reminiscing on their work history and even revealing he has a tattoo similar to the one Hobbs has on his right arm. Locke continues to show up throughout the film.

When Hobbs goes on his mission, he tasks Locke with listening in on his calls to Sam as well as working to protect her from any harm. He also appears in the two of the three mid-credits scenes to confirm to Hobbs the Snowflake virus is secure. Also shown in the mid-credits scenes is Locke recovering from a fight where he took on several armed guards.

Rob Delaney appears as Agent Loeb in Hobbs & Shaw. Delaney has worked with Leitch in the past on Deadpool 2. Delaney was likely cast based on both his comedic chops and his connection to the director.

Loeb is tasked with recruiting Shaw for the mission to track down the stolen Snowflake capsules. Shaw is initially resistant to Loeb until he learns via the agent that his younger sister is the one believed to have taken them. Loeb is later seen on a call with Locke, confirming he’s convinced Shaw to join the mission.

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Kevin Hart has a cameo as a Federal Air Marshal named Dinkley in Hobbs & Shaw. Hart and Johnson repeatedly work together, with past credits including Central Intelligence and Jumanji. They also seemingly have a strong friendship which has been cultivated from working together frequently. As such, it’s not too surprising Hart has nabbed a cameo in one of Johnson’s films.

Dinkley intervenes during a particularly heated exchange between Hobbs and Shaw while they’re on a flight to Moscow to meet with Shaw’s contact, Madam M (Eiza Gonzalez). The pair quickly out Dinkley as the Air Marshal, coloring him very impressed and spurring him on to offer his services in the future. Dinkley reveals he has connections to any kind of military-grade tech, weaponry, or vehicles Hobbs or Shaw may need. He comes in handy later when he’s able to secure a plane for Hobbs, Shaw, and Hattie so they can get out of Russia and buy some time as they regroup in Samoa.

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WWE wrestler Roman Reigns (listed in the credits by his real name, John Anoa’i) appears at the end of Hobbs & Shaw as Mateo, one of Hobbs’ brothers. Mateo doesn’t have any lines but he proves to be a useful addition to Hobbs and Shaw’s team. Mateo is part of the group of Samoans who help Hobbs and Shaw prepare for the final battle against Brixton and his men. Mateo is also seen fighting side-by-side with Hobbs briefly during this close-range battle.

Chances are good Reigns got a role in Hobbs & Shaw thanks to his shared WWE history with Johnson. Reigns has been a wrestler with the organization since 2010, just a few years after John retired in 2004. Like Johnson, Reigns was able to honor his Samoan heritage through his role in Hobbs & Shaw, making it a more meaningful part to the wrestler.

Helen Mirren appears in Hobbs & Shaw as Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw. Queenie appears in a handful of scenes, including an end credits sequence. She is incarcerated in Hobbs & Shaw but it’s unclear how she ended up there. She is first visited by Shaw and she tells him she’s enjoying prison and likens it to retirement. Queenie also encourages Shaw to reach out to Hattie, reminding him they use to be really close as kids. Shaw and Hattie later visit Queenie together and bring her a cake the seems to have a weapon baked into it so they can help break their mom out of prison.

This is Mirren’s second time playing Queenie. She was first introduced in The Fate of the Furious. It’s implied she is a powerful woman and might have ties to London’s criminal underworld. She’ll be seen next in Fast & Furious 9.

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