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Before the 90s, Disney had a pretty good formula going for their heroes and princesses. Though the princess was often the main character, a hero came along to help her in her plight. In the 90s, Disney storytellers realized that their female characters didn’t always need a prince to save them, and a new kind of hero became the norm.

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Many of the Disney heroes of the 90s are still brave Gryffindors, like Harry Potter himself. Surprisingly, however, a lot of the heroes of the 90s aren’t men motivated by bravery, but by loyalty and fairness. A large number of the 90s heroes were actually Hufflepuffs.

10 Tarzan (Tarzan): Hufflepuff

Some Disney fans will argue that Tarzan belongs sorted into Gryffindor because of his bravery, or Ravenclaw for his observation and problem-solving skills. The truth, however, is that family, loyalty, and fairness, mean the most to Tarzan. 

Tarzan feels out of place as a child, but he tries his best to fit in with the gorillas that raise him. He longs to feel connected and works hard to learn how to act like a gorilla. All that hard work pays off while he lives amongst them. He has a keen sense of fairness, even taking the time to try to save his enemies as often as his new human friends and his gorilla family. Tarzan belongs in Hufflepuff.

9 Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas): Gryffindor

Jack Skellington has a good heart. He wants to do the right thing in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack, however, also loves the spotlight, which is why he ends up in the Hogwarts house known for its show-offs, Gryffindor.

Jack decides to make his vision of holidays last a little longer. He probably doesn’t consciously realize how selfish he’s being. After all, he tries to find ways to keep all of the residents in town happy and busy. Jack wants to do a good thing for his people. As the leader, he enjoys being the hero. 

8 Simba (The Lion King): Hufflepuff

Like Tarzan, Simba has traces of a Gryffindor in him, but he truly belongs sorted into Hufflepuff. Everything he does is for his family.

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Simba is an impulsive and naive young cub when The Lion King begins, like most young Disney heroes. He believes that everyone is inherently good, which is why he doesn’t realize that Scar has it out for his father. It’s also why he believes Scar when he’s told his father’s death will be blamed on him. Simba initially runs away out of fear, but he stays because he believes his mother (and the rest of the pride) is better off without him causing trouble. Once he learns the truth about everything, he returns home to face his past and make things right.

7 Flik (A Bug’s Life): Ravenclaw

The only Ravenclaw to make the list is from the Disney-Pixar project A Bug’s Life. It would be impossible to sort Flik into any other house.

Though Flik commits several brave acts in the film, like standing up to the grasshoppers and saving Princess Dot, his brave acts don’t define him. His keen mind does. Flik invents machines with the idea of making the lives of the ants easier. He comes up with plans to defeat the grasshoppers, though accidents happen and things get in the way of almost every single one of his carefully thought out plans. His need to put together puzzles and solve problems are truly that of a Ravenclaw.

6 Woody (Toy Story): Hufflepuff

There are times where Woody attempts to be sneaky in Toy Story, but he just doesn’t have it in him to be a Slytherin. Likewise, though he’s brave in times of stress, Gryffindor doesn’t exactly fit him either. Instead, Hufflepuff is where he belongs.

Woody’s love for the child he belongs to surpasses all else. It’s Woody who takes charge of the other toys as Andy ages, and it’s Woody who understands that Andy’s happiness is more important than his own. Andy is the reason Woody finally decides Buzz isn’t so terrible and welcomes him to the family.

5 John Smith (Pocahontas): Gryffindor

John Smith begins the movie as an overconfident adventurer. Before ever meeting Pocahontas, he’s a legend among his fellow explorers. He’s also sure that his views are the right views, but his stubborn attitude is changed as he meets Pocahontas and her people.

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His sorting into Gryffindor comes from his bravery at exploring new places. While he is initially close-minded about the “savages” he encounters in new places, he grows from his experiences in the film. He becomes less violent, but still willing to stand up in the middle of a fight. 

4 Quasimodo (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame): Hufflepuff

Quasimodo, for better or worse, is one of the utmost depictions of loyalty in Disney animation. Despite the cruelty Frollo demonstrates toward him, Quasimodo remains his loyal servant throughout much of the film.

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He’s a dreamer and wants to see the world outside his bell tower, but he’s also devoted to his work. Quasimodo even remains as the bell ringer after he’s ventured out and become a true member of his community. He maintains a friendship with the woman he thought he loved and the man she loves, and protects them both from outside hostilities. Quasimodo is a Hufflepuff through and through.

3 Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story): Gryffindor

Most of the toys in Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story would slot neatly into Hufflepuff, just like Woody. Buzz Lightyear is not one of them. Instead, he gets sorted into Gryffindor.

Buzz doesn’t initially realize that he’s a toy, which is part of where his Gryffindor bravado comes from. Because he believes himself to be a real spaceman, he’s adventurous and always anticipating an attack. He’s also a bit of a show off, boasting about his many features to any new toy he meets.

2 Kovu (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride): Hufflepuff

The Lion King sequel reveals that all of Scar’s followers have been exiled by Simba as he tries to keep his lions safe. Kovu is the child of one of those Outsiders, and he’s put in a very difficult situation.

As a cub, Kovu befriends Kiara, Simba’s daughter. His mother, however, plots revenge against Simba for taking out Scar, and she uses her son to do it. Kovu’s loyalty to his family prevents him from coming forward with his mother’s plans, but his feelings for Kiara also stop him from completely enacting them. Kovu tries his best to find a way to bring peace between the two groups of lions, though it costs him dearly. He’s definitely a Hufflepuff.

1 Gaston (Beauty And The Beast): Slytherin

To be completely fair to Beauty And The Beast, Gaston is most definitely not the hero of the film. Both Belle and Prince Adam (also known as the beast for most of the film), are the heroes. Gaston, however, truly believes himself to be the hero of his village because he can’t see past his own self-interest.

Gaston’s boasting and willingness to put himself in dangerous situations could make him a Gryffindor, but his motivation makes him a Slytherin. Gaston definitely has great ambition. He wants Belle for his wife, but he also wants to maintain the adulation of his village. Gaston can’t fathom the idea that a beast could be kind, so he continually manipulates events to his advantage to maintain his hero status.

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