HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6 “Claire Underwood Attempted Murder” Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix Series HD

HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6 “Death of Frank Underwood” Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix Series HD
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46 replies
  1. Ethan Barker
    Ethan Barker says:

    Honestly Claire was always the more interesting character and Wright was always the superior actor. I genuinely think Spacey, regardless of how despicable he is as a person, is overly hammy as an actor. After season 2 his character felt like a gimmick, always smug and snarky with little in the way of nuance.

  2. Ilias Houssni
    Ilias Houssni says:

    That middle aged white man line is super racist and sexist. Imagine a netflix series about criminals in Detroit and a white woman wanting to get into it and saying "the young black male age is over ". The whole of detroit would be on the streets demonstrating and shit.

  3. Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos says:

    And the show died! Cuz of allegations that never went to trial ffs. Sooo we quit listening to them now and finally started asking for evidence yet none of these ppl who were affected by them get a shot smh. We all knew some shit was fkd in Hollywood is a vey very sick place it had all been an "open secret" for yrs! Smh we NEED EVIDENCE facts etc before outrage n firing ppl. But the show is like watching iron man but with it having war machine replace him forever ugh that's how it is now lol.

  4. Andrew Maddox
    Andrew Maddox says:

    “The reign of the middle aged white man is over.” Yea… it’s times like these where I’m convinced feminism is about sticking it to men or getting “revenge” rather than actual equality. The way the left talks about white men is really gross and disturbing…

  5. Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis says:

    Wow, this was way worse than I thought it would be. Nothing good about it really, just beyond silly with insane amount of over the top feminism. Which that is in just about everything now but maybe this season was the crowning jewel for the, I woman I perfect crowd. Extremely boring and waste of time watching it. Without Kevin Spacey the show collapsed completely but it hadn't been very good in the last few years. But was way better than the mess they put up this year. Netflix should be embarrassed but I'm sure they are not. It was after all just about women mostly even though they tried to hide some of it behind her being such a terrible person.


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