How Love is Blind Stacks Up Against Bachelor/Bachelorette in Rate of Successful Relationships

How do the relationships that were formed on Love Is Blind stack up against the romance that blossoms on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? After one season, it’s clear which social experiment is more successful.

The Bachelor has an awful track record of engagements leading to marriages. In 24 seasons, only one man – Sean Lowe – has married the woman he proposed at the final rose ceremony. Two others, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jason Mesnick, flipped on their initial decisions after the proposal and wound up marrying and having children with their respective runner-ups. Peter Weber tried to do the same thing on his season, but it…well, it didn’t work out so well. The Bachelorette has been a bit more successful at finding love. Three out of the last four Bachelorette’s are still with the man they chose at the end. The fourth, Hannah Brown, could potentially be back together with her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. Two other Bachelorette’s from early seasons, Desiree and Ashley, are still married to the men they selected at the final rose ceremony. All in all, however, the process has been proven to fail more times than it has worked.

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Love Is Blind, on the other hand, bore more fruit than the producers of the show were prepared for. An astounding eight couples got engaged to one another without seeing each other’s faces. Only six were featured due to time constraints. Out of those six, five couples made it to the altar, an incredible feat considering the abbreviated time span. Now, of course, there was some manipulation on the part of the show in making sure the breakups occurred on wedding day to increase the dramatic effect. Nonetheless, it is no small miracle that two couples are still married a year and a half after going through Love Is Blind.

Both shows have obvious faults. The couples spend no more than a month – or in the case of The Bachelor, two months – together before deciding whether to commit to forever. Love Is Blind offers couples more one-on-one time, while contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette have to split time with one another. As rushed as Love Is Blind seems, the potential future married couples at least get to experience what real life would look like before the show ends. That being said, Bachelor couples don’t have to get married in as short a time frame. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers were engaged at the end of her season in 2016 and have yet to say their I dos.

If you’re looking to find lasting love, the odds are more in your favor that you will find it on Love Is Blind than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. That being said, neither is a healthy way to go about finding someone to marry. We can’t all be like Lauren and Cameron, although deep down inside we all wish we were.

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