How the Love Is Blind Cast Handling Coronavirus Quarantine

Most of the world is on quarantine due to the widespread of the coronavirus epidemic. This means lots of time spent at home figuring out what to do or seeing how others are spending their time. Viewers have been checking in with the cast members of Love is Blind to see how they’re handing the boredom of social distancing.

With many people working from home or out of work because of the pandemic, it leaves lots of time to catch up on binge-worthy shows like Netflix’s Love is Blind. The reality series that pairs single people up without them ever seeing each other has become a viral hit with the cast of the show gradually becoming household names. In a short amount of time, they have seen an increase in their Instagram followers and made an appearance on The Ellen Show.

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If it were not for the quarantine these new reality stars would probably be making lots more television and press appearances. That’s not to say the COVID-19 has slowed them down, but it has changed their setting. One thing they all have taken to is Instagram, even commenting on each other’s posts. Whether is it’s through productivity, lounging around or Tik Tok videos these Love is Blind stars are making sure to keep busy and giving their fans something to talk about during this time of isolation.

This fan-favorite couple, who have been married since the show ended, have not only created their own YouTube Channel show, Hanging with the Hamiltons, they have also talked about the importance of positivity on Miley Cyrus’s IGTV show, Bright Minded. They are using this time to be productive while remembering to have fun. Keeping that fun-loving energy everyone loves them for, they have taken to creating TikTok videos via Instagram to pass the time, which has (not surprisingly) gone viral.

The only other couple of the six shown couples to get married, are also getting creative with their quarantine time. Based on their Instagram, it looks like partying is their pastime of choice. So far they have had a onesie party, a very green St. Patty’s Day celebration, and, of course, are drinking plenty of wine. To add to their fun and make some extra cash, they both have created Cameo accounts, where fans can request personalized video messages from the stars for a price.

Even though she didn’t end up married to Damian at the end of the Netflix show, they did confirm on the reunion show that they are still dating. During this time of self-isolation, Giannina is keeping her Instagram page “G-rated” with effortlessly hot pics of herself. She’s confirmed through her Instagram Stories that she is, in fact, spending her time in lockdown with boyfriend Damian.

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quarantine but make it g-rated

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He’s also confirmed that he’s living with Giannina during the lockdown, he’s shared a picture of himself looking sharp in a suit. The caption reads, “What is everyone doing while in Quarantine? Are you dressing up? Playing games? Watching @netflix? Comment below so we behave more ideas of what we can do!!” He was seen on Giannina’s Instagram Stories making smoothies and keeping her company in this lonely time.

Carlton posted a pic of himself drinking wine at a Love is Blind press event. However, he reassured his followers that this pic is “from weeks ago” and that he’s actually been staying inside. He said he’s living by the motto “A glass of wine a day keeps the rona away…or whatever sesame street said!” He also revealed on his Instagram Story that while he’s keeping calm by talking to co-star Damian, he’s starting to get cabin fever and is ready for the global epidemic to be over.

Mark has been keeping people fit by providing live fitness training to his followers, even shared an Instagram video of himself doing a cardio circuit that fans could follow along with at home. He shared a picture of himself looking off into the distance captioned: “Me trying to see how long this #coronavirus is going to last.” In a more recent photo and caption, he took the time to add share some of that positive energy he’s known for displaying on the show. While Mark is wondering what the rest of the word is, his ex-fianceé Jessica is hanging with friends.

The baby-voiced Love is Blind star has been inviting friends over in small gatherings, including Atlanta television reporter Ashley Thompson and actor Vince Vaughn (maybe not friends, but based off her caption in the post – they’re neighbors). She also mentioned to her followers to remember to shower and get dressed every day, even if you’re going to be alone and in quarantine.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s long time friend, Kelly is in full-on work mode, promoting her brand ChaseLife with Kelly. She’s been posting free training on how to create courses and programs for females. It seems Kelly is really thriving during this lockdown and enjoying the slower pace it has brought her.

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On the latter end of things, Kenny – Kelly’s ex-fiancé – is emphasizing the importance of sleep. In a video with a woman (who is assumed to be his new love interest), he shares his opening of the product OOLER by Chili technology. He also posted a motivational post about how during times of chaos, it’s best to step back and be present. He wrote on a picture of himself: “Cooler heads will prevail. Remain calm, stay safe and exercise caution in these next few weeks. This shall pass and we will strengthen as a society because of it.” Check out the post below:

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BE STILL – ESPECIALLY DURING TIMES WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH COMING AT US • Amidst the recent events that have elicited chaos, fear, concern and cause for preparation, I feel compelled to share a message from someone I deem to be a generational voice and inspirational leader, @stevenfurtick of @elevationchurch and @elevationworship . • Despite not having the pleasure to have met Pastor Steven in person, his message is as impactful, versatile and applicable to a multitude of subjects and situations • “We will all need to figure out what level of stillness we need to maintain a settled heart in such a fragmented world” – @stevenfurtick . • Cooler heads will prevail. Remain calm, stay safe and exercise caution in these next few weeks. This shall pass and we will strengthen as a society because of it 📸 @robyndawnphotos

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Diamond has still managed to jump in on the promo with her self-made ad to promote her partnership with Solstice Sunglasses. She’s also been partaking in podcasts to entertain herself and continuing to be that boss lady that fans know she is.

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Love is Blind season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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