HUNTЕR KІLLЕR Official Trailer # 2 (2018) Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman Thriller Movie HD

HUNTЕR KІLLЕR Official Trailer (2018) Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman Thriller Movie HD
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26 replies
  1. Stojko Stojkovic
    Stojko Stojkovic says:

    Maybe are aliens, taken away US president and replace him with puppet. And in possibility from starting ww3 Putin give order's to specnaz to save US president from alien, reptile, iluminati invaders!!??Manny time better scenario for movie, and funny!!!!

  2. Craig Gibson
    Craig Gibson says:

    That looks like a 12 year old wrote it. I predict it will fly to the $5 Walmart cheapie bin in record time, to rest next to whatever Liam Neeson crap just came out last month.


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