Indiana Jones 5: Karen Allen Hoping To Return As Marion

Karen Allen is hoping to return as Marion Ravenwood in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5, but she hasn’t heard anything about the project yet. While Lucasfilm has spent the past several years bringing back the Star Wars franchise to the limelight, they’ve also been piecing together another adventure for world-famous archeologist Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Unfortunately, that project’s encountered numerous hurdles through development. Star Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg have been attached since the official announcement in 2016, but Indiana Jones 5’s release keeps getting pushed back. It’s now targeting a July 2021 premiere, meaning it’ll reach theaters to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The most recent delay was due to concerns over the script, as Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasdan was brought in to give Indy 5 a proper rewrite. As a result, it’s anyone’s best guess what historical artifact Dr. Jones will pursue this time around, and which allies will be joining him for the ride. But if one franchise veteran gets her wish, Indy could be going on another quest with the love of his life.

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In an interview with Cinema Blend, Allen discussed her potential involvement with Indiana Jones 5, admitting she hasn’t been contacted by Lucasfilm about it. She chalked that up to the fact the studio’s still figuring out the narrative in an attempt to make the sequel as strong as it can be:

“I’m patiently waiting, no they haven’t [called]. I’m very much hoping that I will be a part of it and I think, from my understanding, they are creatively working away on a script that they will be happy enough with. They don’t want to rush into it If they’re going to do this they want it to be wonderful.”

Allen, of course, first appeared as Marion in Raiders, where she won the hearts of viewers (and Dr. Jones) with her feisty tenacity. But, in keeping with the Indiana Jones films’ James Bond influences, the next two installments gave the daring hero a new romanic interest, and Marion wasn’t even mentioned. Allen came back for 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which ended with Marion and Indy tying the knot. With that in mind, it’ll be interesting to see how the fifth movie handles her. Of course, if there’s a natural place for Marion in the story, the filmmakers and fans would enjoy seeing her return. There’s no denying Marion has a great dynamic with Indiana, with Allen and Ford’s chemistry lighting up the screen for several memorable scenes.

At the same time, it’s far from a guarantee the new movie includes Indiana’s family. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had the rather infamous inclusion of Shia LaBeouf as Indy and Marion’s son Mutt, and based on comments by the actor himself and former Indy 5 writer David Koepp, that character will be absent from the forthcoming sequel. What that means for Marion remains to be seen, but it’s a distinct possibility Lucasfilm tries to minimize any direct connections to Crystal Skull and have Indiana Jones 5 operate more as a standalone adventure to send Ford off on a high note. If that’s the case, hopefully Marion and Mutt’s absence is explained in some dialogue.

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