INTENSIVE CARE Official Trailer (2018) Action Movie HD

INTENSIVE CARE Official Trailer (2018) Action Movie HD
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23 replies
  1. SquirrelKnight
    SquirrelKnight says:

    Will fail naturally…
    And yea, of course it is because the female lead.
    There is just no way you can write a believable 90 pound woman kicking the shit outta 200 pound men when no movie magic is involved…
    Hollywood should just give it up at this point. Not even women wanna see that shit!

  2. Sean Joyce
    Sean Joyce says:

    Looking like ‘Home Alone ‘violence for Adults(tongue in cheek).
    I know it’s entertainment,of sorts,but it’s sooo predictable.
    Enough of this crap before people start thinking they can hit someone in the head with a hammer and all that will happen is a clever retort.

  3. Rob Nurse
    Rob Nurse says:

    Now thats what I call a real nurse,who doesn't take any shit from anybody, and who apparently enjoys beating the crap,out of a few dirtbag idiots who really deserve it,and who will most likely end up in the intensive care unit,after getting therapy from her. Great trailer,and nurses rock,period!


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