It’s Always Sunny: 10 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done


The gang of Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is filled with characters who are capable of pretty awful things. But the eldest of the group, Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) is by far the most disgusting of them all. Despite being a wealthy and successful businessman when he joins the gang, Frank soon embraces a dirty and depraved lifestyle, becoming worse with each new season.

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Those his antics are always hilarious, some of the things Frank does are so disturbing they can be hard to watch. With no signs of improving his lifestyle at all, we’re sure to get plenty more revolting acts from Frank in the future. Here are the 10 most disgusting things Frank Reynolds has done on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

10 Stuck In The Playground


At a certain age, it becomes weird to be playing on a playground. Frank passed that age decades ago, but that doesn’t seem to occur to him, or he just doesn’t care. What’s even more odd about it is that Frank seems to like going to the playground in the middle of the night.

After Charlie informs the gang that Frank has been missing for a couple of days, they find him in the playground stuck inside a coil wearing only a pair of underwear. Why he was dressed like this in a playground and how he managed to get stuck inside the coil are just some of the questions that come to mind.

9 Bedtime Routine

Although Frank is used to a life of luxury, he surprisingly finds himself drawn to Charlie’s lifestyle of living in filth and squalor. The two seem to be a perfect albeit odd couple and Charlie introduces Frank to his way of life, including his very unusual bedtime routine.

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In order to get a good night’s sleep over the sounds of dozens of cats outside their window, Charlie and Frank have devised the perfect system. Each night before bed, they eat a can of cat food, huff glue and drink a beer as the combination makes them feel sick and sleepy enough to pass out. This is not a doctor recommended sleeping technique.

8 Toe Knife

As horrible as the rest of the gang are, even they are disgusted by the way Frank and Charlie choose to live. But these two men do have their own specific way of life that others just don’t seem to understand. They even have a specific knife used exclusively for cleaning their filthy toes.

When Mac is staying at their apartment, he is horrified by the idea of the toe knife and the situation only gets more revolting when Frank accidentally cuts himself during his cleaning process. Instead of getting a bandage like a regular person, Frank chooses the clog the cut with trash.

7 Sex Life With Artemis

Despite his grotesque ways, Frank tries to maintain a pretty active dating life which mostly means he hires a lot of prostitutes. However, he also managed to form a relationship with Artemis, a much younger woman. Unfortunately, Artemis is pretty much as disgusting as Frank is and their relationship is really off-putting.

It seems that the two bonded over a shared food fetish in which they incorporate different foods into their sex life. This results in such disgusting acts and role-playing that they are in a salad together as well as having sex in the dumpster behind a fast-food restaurant.

6 Pooping The Bed

One of the greatest mysteries faced by the gang of Paddy’s Pub was discovering who pooped the bed. Charlie and Frank awake one morning to find human feces in the bed they share together. As the gang investigates how this could happen between two grown men, more and more poops begin appearing in the bed.

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The mystery leads to a vast conspiracy in which every member of the group is suspected as having taken part in the pooping. But then Frank admits it was him every time and his only defense for the vile act is that he thinks poop is funny.

5 Hiding In The Couch

The gang is known for their wacky and unusual plans, but Frank is especially fond of doing weird stuff for seemingly no reason. It’s hard to say where he gets his ideas, but once he decides he wants to do something, there’s no deterring him from that path.

When Dennis and Dee try to teach Frank a Christmas lesson by letting him know how much his ex-employees hate him, Frank loves the idea and insists on being sewed into a couch so he can eavesdrop on the trash-talking. Not only is it obvious that there is a man inside the couch, but when he gets too hot, Frank bursts out of the couch fully naked.

4 Rum Ham

With the cans of cat food and the weird food sex stuff with Artemis, it’s pretty clear that Frank does not have a healthy diet. However, he is a pretty creative person when it comes to food, even creating his own culinary dish which is, of course, incredibly disgusting.

Frank’s legendary “rum ham” is exactly what it sounds like. While vacationing in the Jersey Shore, Frank and Mac indulge in this giant ham soaked in rum. Not only would that probably taste awful, but the fact that they are eating a giant piece of meat that has been in the sun all day is not healthy.

3 Becoming “Pure”

Though Frank seems to have no problem living a disgusting lifestyle, he apparently becomes a bit of a germaphobe once there is a risk of illness. When the gang suspects a sickness is spreading through town, Frank insists they quarantine themselves in the bar for their own safety.

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As his paranoia grows, Frank begins taking extreme measures in keeping himself clean and “pure”. He starts with insisting on protected food but then starts obsessing over the unclean hair on his body. This eventually leads to the group finding a completely hairless Frank covered in hand sanitizer and crawling around the ground like a slug.

2 Cat Soup

Frank often brings up his traumatic time in Vietnam. Of course, he often fails to clarify that he did not fight in the war, but rather opened a sweatshop there in the 80s. Sweatshops are horrible places run by greedy people, but Frank seemed to be an especially cruel sweatshop owner.

He admits that feeding the workers became a problem, so he invented something called “cat soup”. Unfortunately, it is pretty much what it sounds like. He would put stray cats in the soup to add some meat to it. Even more horrific, he admits that if any of the workers complained, he’d put them in the soup as well.

1 Hooking Up With Gail The Snail

Frank does not seem like someone who fears death, but he is at least aware of his own mortality. Frank decides that since he doesn’t know how much more time he has left, he’s going to embrace his depraved tendencies and “get real weird with it”.

After failing to seduce his ex-sister-in-law, Frank decides to go for an even more depraved relationship and begins hooking up with his ex-sister-in-law’s adult daughter, Gail. Though they are not related by blood, that does nothing to make their affair any less revolting, especially since Gail (nicknamed Gail the Snail), is a pretty disgusting human being herself.

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