Jack Meets Rebecca’s Parents In This Is Us Season 4 Image

The latest This Is Us image features Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) first time meeting Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) parents. NBC’s hit family comedy-drama is set to return soon for its fourth season after it was awarded with a rare three-year renewal. The renewal followed its two-season order shortly after its debut in 2016, proving that interest in the Pearson family remains strong.

Season 3 of This Is Us gave fans a preview of what the future looks like with a significant flash forward. It’s uncertain what exact year it was set, but it seems like it was during the final days of Rebecca. The show won’t be back to the future for quite a while, keeping fans on their toes for what that sequence means for the Pearson clan. Instead, season 4 will open with a trip back in time during Jack and Rebecca’s early days of dating in the ’70s. And based on a new official promotional image, it appears that the couple will move forward with their relationship without any hesitation, as Rebecca goes ahead and takes her future husband to meet her folks.

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EW has shared said image of young Jack and Rebecca in a restaurant – both dressed formally for This Is Us season 4. Viewers know from the caption that this was during their dinner with the former’s parents, and based on the looks on their faces, it doesn’t seem like everything’s going as well as they would like it to be. The promo still was posted on the outlet’s official Instagram account, check it out below:

Fans met Rebecca’s mother early on in the series. She was a woman who was very snooty and high-brow, evidenced by her treatment of young Randall while the Pearsons visited them. Given this, viewers already have an inclination why this dinner doesn’t seem fun for the young couple. The bigger mystery here is Rebecca’s father –  a character that has yet to debut in This Is Us but is promised to make an appearance in season 4. If the public goes by the drama’s penchant for introducing great family men (except Jack’s own), chances are that he’ll be the opposite of his spouse, and will actually be supportive of his daughter’s new relationship. However, his involvement will pose new questions, particularly his whereabouts after Rebecca and Jack got married.

With This Is Us hitting its overall narrative midpoint in season 4, the show will shift focus from Jack to Rebecca. The Pearson patriarch remains to be the clan’s heart, but its matriarch is its backbone. The first three seasons of the show tackled Jack’s life, leading to his tragic demise. and it’s possible that from here on out, the story will be formatted the same way, setting up Rebecca’s death that was teased in that flash-forward sequence. On top of that, the Big Three – Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) all have their respective lives to live.

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Source: EW

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