Joker Movie Director Reveals New Image of Joaquin Phoenix

Director Todd Phillips has revealed a brand new image of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. One of the more surprising developments to come from Warner Bros. and DC Films over the last year or so was the idea that they’d start doing movies not set within a larger continuity. These have been compared to DC’s Elseworlds comics, and the studios are kicking off the concept with a highly anticipated package as the three time Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix will show the origin of the Clown Prince of Crime.

The movie generated plenty of attention throughout the filming process last year as Phoenix took to the streets of New York, often in creepy clown makeup, to film the movie. It was impossible to keep paparazzi away from the set and provided interested fans with plenty of looks at Phoenix’s portrayal of Batman’s greatest foe. To try and combat some of these leaks, Phillips has also been releasing official looks at Phoenix’s terrifying camera test, him in between takes, and now what looks to be a scene from the actual film.

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The director provided a small update on the status of Joker today on his Instagram. He is currently editing the film after production wrapped last December, and now was the appropriate time in his mind to share a new look at Phoenix. He is shown here without any clown makeup on, instead attentively staring at the TV in front of him as he watches VHS tapes.

While this isn’t the most revealing photo from Joker, it is still enough to put the film back at the forefront of the minds of fans after months of no updates. One potentially interesting aspect to the photo is the interior design of the house that Arthur Fleck (Joker’s real name in the movie) is stationed in. For a down on his luck and failing comic, the decorations look a bit nicer than some may expect. This could just be some of his prized possessions, but it could also be a hint that this is not Arthur’s house at all. Maybe this is him breaking into a house of an unsuspecting victim and watching their home videos to learn more about them.

This is just speculation for the time being, but set photos have also shown him stalking Zazie Beetz’s character, and there is always Joker’s crazy side to consider. Hopefully this won’t be the last thing we see from Joker for an extended amount of time again, as a trailer will hopefully be arriving soon. There’s still seven months to go before the film hits theaters, and the smaller budget and known entity means it doesn’t need a major marketing push, but with horror movies like Pet Sematary, fellow DC movie Shazam!, and a summer full of blockbusters right around the corner, the time to see more from Joker is rapidly approaching.

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