Joker’s A Hit – Now A Seinfeld Star Wants To Do Egghead

Now that Joker has become a massive worldwide hit, Seinfeld star Jason Alexander wants to play Batman villain Egghead. Despite loads of controversy – or maybe in part because of the controversy – Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips’ Joker enjoyed a record-breaking first weekend at the box office, grossing $93.5 million to surpass Venom for the biggest October opening ever.

It is of course nothing new for a movie related to the Batman universe to enjoy huge box office numbers, but Joker is different because it doesn’t actually feature the Caped Crusader (except in pre-Batman form), and in fact does not draw upon comic book lore at all. It was indeed somewhat of a gamble for Phoenix and Phillips to stray from canon and craft their own completely new take on Joker, one more informed by the cinema of Martin Scorsese than DC Comics. But it’s safe to say the gamble paid off big time, as the film went over big with critics and even bigger with audiences.

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Now that Joker has become a huge hit, can fans expect a wave of Batman villain solo movies in the gritty style of Phillips’ film? Probably not. But that didn’t stop Seinfeld‘s George Costanza actor Alexander from proposing his own movie built around another bad guy from the Batman universe: Egghead. See Alexander’s Twitter post in the space below:

What makes Egghead unique among Batman villains of course is the fact that, unlike Joker, Riddler, Penguin and most others, he did not have his origins in the comic books, but instead was created for the 1960s Batman TV show. Horror superstar Vincent Price played Egghead, a self-professed genius criminal whose crimes always somehow involved eggs, and who spoke in egg-related puns. Though he probably wasn’t truly a genius, Egghead was one of only two villains to ever figure out Batman’s true identity. Despite Egghead’s lack of a huge profile in overall Batman lore – he’s only been featured a few times in the comics, for instance – Joel Schumacher says the character was considered to be the chief antagonist of the unmade fifth Batman movie set to come out after Batman & Robin.

Though Egghead can’t really be regarded as one of the main Batman villains, he clearly has a lot of fans, chief among them Alexander. Unfortunately, the chances of Egghead getting his own movie seem very slim, even with Joker seemingly opening the door for Batman villains to receive their own showcases. As of now, the notion of an Egghead solo movie sounds more like a crazy George Costanza idea than anything that could actually happen in reality. That being said, if there ever is an Egghead movie, or if Egghead just makes an appearance in a Batman film, Alexander is clearly the man to play him (perhaps Egghead could become a marine biologist).

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Source: Jason Alexander/Twitter

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