Keanu Reeves Gave Stranded Plane Passengers A Tour Of Bakersfield – Seriously

Keanu Reeves gave stranded plane passengers a tour of Bakersfield – seriously. At age 54, Reeves arguably remains one of the most versatile and in-demand actors in his field, juggling action adventure roles in films such as the John Wick franchise, voicing a new animated character in the upcoming Toy Story 4, and returning to his beloved role of Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan in the third Bill and Ted film.

It was the latter role in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure that made the easy-going star a household name, however, and since the release of that time-traveling cult favorite, Reeves has watched his career explode – particularly throughout the 1990s with the release of the game-changing Matrix films. Like any star, Reeves has had his share of ups and downs throughout his career, but regardless of what he’s faced, he’s always managed to keep right on going and still come out on top. This never-say-die-attitude has been on display throughout the lengthy journey to get Bill and Ted Face the Music up and running, and most recently, Reeves took on another – albeit much smaller – challenge, and handled it like the consummate pro he is.

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Thanks to a report from Vulture, we’ve learned that during a domestic flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the plane Reeves was on was rerouted to Bakersfield, California, due to a mechanical issue. When Reeves and the other stranded passengers were told that their baggage would not be unloaded from the out-of-commission aircraft for another 3 hours, a van (which may or may not have been organized by Reeves) was procured to drive the remainder of the way to L.A. During the journey, Reeves took it upon himself to give a tour of sorts, reading out facts about Bakersfield from his phone as well as playing music by artists from the local area. Check out the video of some of the road trip below:

As previously mentioned, Reeves is on the verge of delivering a trio of highly anticipated titles. The third chapter of his successful action-thriller John Wick series will arrive in just under two months, followed by a summer release of one of the year’s most anticipated sequels – the fourth and final installment of Toy Story, in which Reeves voices the new character Duke Caboom. Last but certainly not least, Reeves will join longtime pal Alex Winter for a return to the Bill and Ted characters that played no small part in building their careers, with Bill and Ted Face the Music.

With a career that busy, it’s understandable why the internet has been set abuzz by Reeves’ calm behavior in the face of such an unexpected and inconvenient setback. At a time when some stars are criticized for their diva-esque public behavior, it’s indeed charming to see someone of Reeves’ stature not just roll with the punches, but also empathize with those around him. The situation wasn’t ideal for any of the passengers involved, and Reeves was able to use his celebrity status to entertain those affected, turning an otherwise frustrating situation into an event to remember.

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Source: Vulture

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