KILLING EVE Season 2 Trailer (NEW 2019) Sandra Oh Series HD

KILLING EVE Season 2 Trailer (NEW 2019) Sandra Oh Series HD
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  1. Odile Jones
    Odile Jones says:

    Interesting it deliberately cuts every time before the song completes the phrase "addicted to love." If that underscores the theme of the season it's going to be Eve and Villianelle relationship is going to become more obsessive and dangerous and not in a good way. And people are going to notice. I know in today's world where people ship everything they want to see them ride off into the sunset together but I don't think that's going to happen. I mean the series is called Killing Eve. I think it's ultimately going to end with Villanelle killing Eve while killing herself/Eve killing her in the process. How dark and fitting for it to end with their increasing feelings/ toxic relationship then ending with them dying together.

  2. Sun&Rain
    Sun&Rain says:

    I really liked the first season for the most part. Eve's occasional overly hysterical moments were annoying (and so overplayed – haven't we gotten over this female stereotype yet? – no one screams when their arms fall asleep). Even if season 2 disappoints, I might watch it anyway just for Jodie Comer. Love her.

  3. HøwAbøutNø ?
    HøwAbøutNø ? says:

    Unpopular opinion: I really hope Eve and Villanelle don't become lovers. It just feels toxic, uncomfortable and is a very unhealthy relationship. Plus we still need justice for Bill idc. Also Nico (?) (Eve's husband) is such a nice guy he deserves so much better.

  4. Stephanie Ra-Ba
    Stephanie Ra-Ba says:

    For all of you who need more of this show, there's an edit made by Fluffer Nutter (I think that's the name of the channel). It's titled, Killing Eve: One Way Or Another. You are welcome. It is the best 🙂

  5. B.L Ward
    B.L Ward says:

    Lol, Villanelle and that outfit @ 0:24…it's so her, and whoever that was she was speaking to when asking why she's looking for a knife should run, because she's generally ended up doing the things she's said she was going to do, especially if it's killing someone. And just to piggyback on what many have said, I was glad to see the show being recognized for its brilliance, but was so disappointed when award season came around and didn't see Comer getting the mentions she so deserves. In that show, she and Oh/Eve are like yin and yang in that it would be hard not to recognize one without the other, because they compliment each other so well.


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