Kim Kardashian Thought She Miscarried During Pregnancy With North West

Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up with the Kardashians revealed that she believed she had miscarried during her pregnancy with her first child, North West. Kim has decided to open up about her scary moment and the troubles she faced while carrying her firstborn.

Kardashian first got her first look into fame by acting as Paris Hilton’s personal assistant. Now, the famous family has been known for its wildly popular reality television show that airs on E! network. The family has not only grown over the years in sucess and wealth but also with significant others and babies. After metting Kanye West, the couple welcomed their four children together, 6-year-old North, 4-year-old Saint, 2-year-old Chicago, and 7-month-old Psalm.

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Recently, Kardashian opened up to fans about how she had been told that she had miscarried North early on in her pregnancy according to E! The mother of four gave birth to her eldest child, North in June of 2013 and now is letting fans in about how her first pregnancy actually went. According to the reality star, while she was having a routine checkup, she was told the baby had no heartbeat. She spoke about the memory with her attorney, Laura Wasser for the All’s Fair podcast. The KKW Beauty founder told listeners that she had just stopped using birth control and was looking into freezing her eggs.

The reality star had originally gone to a fertility doctor with her sister, Khloé Kardashian, and learned that she did not have a high egg count which understandably upset her. During this time of uncertainty, she found out she was pregnant with North even though she planned to freeze her eggs as all her doctors were encouraging her to. Kardashian educated her fans by saying that when you are on the pill its purpose was to suppress the production of eggs which is why her count showed as so low. Kardashian also shared that at the time she became pregnant she was legally married to her ex-husband Kris Humphries. Due to the stress, Kardashian started to heavy bleed and feel intense pain were at the same time the doctor reported that she had miscarried. After she was sure that she had miscarried, she had a second visit on Thanksgiving 2012 and the doctors reexamined her and told her that they had found a heartbeat after all.

Fans will recall that Kardashian had a terrible pregnancy as she had preeclampsia and delivered North six weeks early. North weighed only four pounds and Kardashian also developed placenta accrete which is when the placenta grows inside the uterus. Many women have died from the same issue during childbirth as you can start to internally bleed. After going through a second rough pregnancy the lawyer to be was told she should look into surrogacy. Fans are thankful that Kardashian shared her traumatic story as it has already helped so many women who are currently going through the same issue. Fans can look forward to more of the famous family as Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 18 is expected to premiere later this month.

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